Perfectly imperfect ♡ Life is wonderful!

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Grow the flowers, dry the flowers, bathe in the flowers 

We are still early enough in the season to romanticize the ways we cope with the cold weather. A good hot bath helps to keep the negative temperatures outside at bay. A little baking soda to detox and alkalize the body, epsom salt to ease tired and tight muscles, vitamin e oil to soothe dry skin, eucalyptus essential oil (mixed with a carrier oil for safety) to open up airways in the dry heat, and dried calendula petals from last years garden because it is good for the skin (and many other things) and it turns a bath into a luxurious experience. 

While the winter solstice is still over a week away, did you know that today is actually the earliest sunset of the year? After today we start to gain afternoon light back (little by very little). It takes the morning sun a little more time to begin rising earlier rather than later, which is why today is not the shortest day of the year. 

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