A glimmer of inspiration with the taste of temptation
Looking straight at the sun, with no need to run from the past but too fast into the future, pulling at sutures and opening up old wounds all too soon.
Do you believe in a life after that eternal sleep?
A place for your soul to keep sane when all the pain has scabbed into the scars of those whose knives stabbed you mercilessly in the back.
Do you lack the courage to be cut open, to be held accountable for what you have spoken?
For what is a life without a little risk, a mediocre excuse for bliss?
Something more then a series of consistent breaths, in and out of commonplace lungs that refuse to choose a life that they can truly call their own.
Because to be honest most of us are merely bags of bones, speaking in drones of dreams that have all been dreamt before.
All to lure in some gratification, searching for satisfaction while living without depth, simply put, you’re just breathing until death.
—  gg