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Fandom Loves Puerto Rico - Indexed Creator List!

So if you were intimidated by hearing that we have over THREE HUNDRED CREATORS signed up for the Fandom Loves Puerto Rico auction, WORRY NO MORE. I’m actually Amy Santiago in disguise and I love spreadsheets, so I put together something awesome for you, yes you: An indexed creator list, broken down by type of offering and fandom!  


The last thing we want is for anyone to get lost or distracted when looking for awesome things to help benefit Puerto Rico’s recover, so the link above has all offerings broken out as follows:

Fanfic (by fandom)
Fan Art (by fandom)
Donations by Professional Comics Creators - To be added shortly!
Writing Services (above and beyond writing help - including professional manuscript review, sensitivity reading, script doctoring, historical accuracy, etc)
Beta Services (your basic and indispensable spelling and grammar)
Physical Goods & Crafts

And because spreadsheets are awesome, I also have a masterlist of creators in this very post HELL YEAH, CLICK THROUGH THAT CUT TAG

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itsaskull-withbatwings  asked:

Imagine Steve Rogers listening to 50 Cent's 'Candy Shop' for the first time.

“I…. I have questions.”

Bucky snorts, but shakes his head. “Save them for the end. Keep listening.”

Steve frowned, but quietly turned his attention back to the earbuds Bucky forced on him thirty seconds ago. Where Steve has an entire notebook full of pop culture references to catch up on, Bucky seemed to have focused mostly on music to combat some of the lasting issues Hydra gave him as a lovely parting gift. Usually, he shares things he thinks Steve will like, but this time, it’s strictly for his own amusement.

It’s not that he thought Steve was naive or a prude or anything like that. In fact, he knows better. But he was also aware that Steve was still old fashioned, and he respected women fiercely. That was due in no small part to his mother. Besides, music in the 40′s… well, that was a much more innocent candy shop.

Steve finally takes the headphones out, handing them and the iPod back to Bucky, an almost disappointed look on his face.

“Your questions?” Bucky asked, grinning at Steve’s near wince.

“No… no, I think they were all answered.” Bucky roughly translated that to mean that Steve no longer wanted answers to his questions.

“It’s stuck in your head now, isn’t it?”

“Go away,” Steve answered, laughing lightly.

“Just be glad I didn’t show you the video,” Bucky replied, thinking particularly of the girl in pink holding a whip. He was sure Steve would have loved that.

so I decided to do my first follow forever basically because you guys are amazing and light up my dash every day <3 some of the guys i wrote down here I haven`t really talked to, some of you dont follow me back, but anyway I love your blogs and if you`re not mentioned i love you too, you`re all v important to me. the highlighted ones are absolute baes. here we go:


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