Akilah Hughes

Akilah Hughes is a vlogger, writer, and blogger. Her pieces have appeared on Refinery29 and HelloGiggles. Her YouTube channel (Smoothiefreak) features vlogs, beauty tutorials, cover songs, comedy, and a popular series of tipsy book reviews. She pulls off the broad range of content thanks to her sharp comedic timing and infectious good humor. She reminds me of a friend I would seek out at a party because I know she’d make me laugh. She cites Lucille Ball as an inspiration, and like the famous comedienne she’s not afraid of making herself ridiculous for the sake of comedy (try not to giggle when she’s dancing in footie pajamas or squealing for the Kardashians, I dare you). Maybe that’s why her collaboration videos are some of my favorites. A collab can feel like an awkward joint effort to generate YouTube views, but the collabs on Akilah’s channel feel genuinely fun.

Three of my favorites: 

“Cups” featuring Nicki Minaj

 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon Inflation 2013

20-Something Friday