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Super Hero Angels & Kanye West dedicates his performance of  “Stronger” to his “Super Angel” aka his Mom. <3

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Amber Rose is crying!! And I almost feel bad for the lil bald headed blond! =(

Here she gives an interview with Sway on “Rap Fix Live” and he brings up the taboo subject of Kanye West. *cue the tears*

So check it.

Think like a Man.... Duh Alicia!

HA! Well what goes around comes around!

Im not one to gossip, so you aint heard this from me.. BUT I hear that there is trouble brewing for Mrs. Keys-Beatz and her cheating ass hubby.

Rumor has it that Swizzy is sharing his swizzle stick with yet another woman that isnt his wife. Sound familiar? Remember Mashonda?

Apparently Swizz has been texting some lil 23 year old tenderoni he met at Solange’s birthday party. He’s promising to fly her out to his shows and telling her he wants to smash her cakes. Classy. Well Im not surprised… I wont even make a joke here. Ill just laugh to myself. (hahahaha)

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What the Holo-PAC batman!

Peep Tupac in his all of his hologram’d awesomeness perform with Snoop Dogg at this years Coachella festival.

I was in awe. Wow.

So check it.

OH BABY!! or NO BABY!!! …Yet??

Rumors are swirling that Beyonce has given birth to her first child, a girl, supposedly named Tiana-May Carter in NYC. Im not convinced  of this, but IF it is true…

1st: Lets hope that if she has given birth, that she didnt name her baby Tiana-May. I mean I dont think its a bad name, ok yes I do. They get paid MILLIONS to be creative, they better come up with something better that THAT!

2nd: Lets be serious here people, IF she has given birth, we will be the last to know!! This is the same couple that managed to keep their relationship as well as their marriage a secret for maddd long! So, if this baby is here, we will know on their time. Dont be expecting a People magazine spread with photos of them and shit cause it aint happening. I dont know what they will do to “debut” their lil seed, or IF they will ever even do it! I mean have we ever seen Alicia Key’s baby yet?  Hell, I think there is only one pic of Lil Wayne and Lauren London’s baby floating out there ( and we dont care bout her) so yeahhh good luck on the Baby Carter photos! hahaha

Anywhoo… Im not saying that the rumors are true, Im just doing my blogger duties and reporting to yall what I done heard! If I get more info, Ill be back!


Meet Daniel de Bourg. This dude sings Beyonce’s “1+1” and makes this song even more beautiful!! Love it! Do you?


“There’s no place like home!”

Especially when its Circle City Classic Weekend in my hometown, Indianapolis, IN!

This year Bow Wow makes an appearance at the parade as well as the game. 

External image

Photo courtesy of my lil girl who met him today! ;-)

According to parade attendees, things got a  lil crazy at the parade. But things got even crazier  at the game. In the video it shows Bow Wow giving the Lucas Oil security the verbal biz!

Thanks to @iamWhitney for the video and shout out to @Mr.Marcus from Hot 96.3- Indy for the news.


After Birth Grandma Knock Out!

If you are not hip to  the show “One Born Every Minute” on Lifetime then let me be the one to introduce you to your new guilty pleasure. Pregnant or not.. Man or not.. this show is a ratchet mess that you just cant help but watch! I cant explain it you have to watch for yourself. The show airs Tuesday nights @ 10/9 CST

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“It’s December 4th, do you know what today is?”

Its Jay-Z’s 42nd Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Hova!!!!!!!

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Im not a Gleek (is that what yall call it?) aka Glee fan, BUT this is totally worth the post! These ladies killed it!


Street Talk with Miss Ajisha! 

Can a girl get some jelly?