1. what is your greatest fear (was that too cliche?)? making bad decisions and then having to live with them :(
2. would you rather have a few really good friends or many friendly acquaintances? which do you think you currently have? that’s two questions. a few really good friends, and i think that’s what i have? i guess?

3. if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? golly i vacillate between like a million acres in montana and a tiny shitty dc apartment tbh
4. what do you consider your greatest achievement up to date? i guess college?
5. what’s your favorite season (as in spring or summer or fall or winter… i feel like there’s a text post joke about this)? (season 3 of the west wing.) spring!
6. who’s your favorite fancy “”literature”” author? all of them?!? how do you define fancy literature author? i like donna tartt and harper lee and john knowles and barbara kingsolver and idk fitzgerald? GINSBERG. they all fancy.
7. what would you do for the rest of your life if you didn’t have to worry about getting a job? read all the books.
8. when do you usually go to bed? (are you deliberately trying to embarrass me?) early to bed, early to rise, u know what they say.
9. what is the most interesting/surprising factoid about yourself (for ex: I used to roller skate competitively and not only is that not a thing that people do but it’s also not something that sounds like me hence the interesting/surprising factoid part) ummm.
10. what is your favorite nickname for yourself? dibs