its... sloppy


Clara Cakes: Sloppy Summer Crisp in Red, White & Blue

Since it’s officially summer I thought I’d break out a classic, easy recipe: mixed berry peach crisp. I made it with blackberries, blueberries, and white peaches to make it red, white, and blue in honor of 4th of July. It’s the perfect for bbqs, beach days, and picnics because you can throw it in tupperware and not worry about it being sloppy since the beauty of a crisp is its gorgeous, fruity, sloppiness, after all. —Clara

Clara wears: Freeze Up Dress; Authentic in Red

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forgive the sloppiness.  its been nearly 2 years since i’ve played guitar, but i picked up a new strat today and i’ve been really stoked to play on it.  recorded this little guy in about 10 minutes and wanted to show everyone.  yup.

Okay, so as an Audrey stan, I fully recognize that her gameplay is aggravating and she will be taken out sooner rather than later. However, that does not mean I will stop stanning for her as a person because without her, this season would not have been nearly as entertaining. 

R: Oi–! These Q&A kind of things are getting really popular nowadays, right? As an idol it’s my duty to entertain my fans, so feel free to ask as many things as you’d like ♪

And as for my adorable companion Lenkyun– he’s a bit shy, so please bare with his absence for now.