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Because people who struggle with mental illness are still people despite what they go through.
Please remember you’re not alone. You are loved, and someone really cares about you.
It’s okay to have bad days- just remember to keep going.
You’re worth it.
Stay strong. You’re not alone.

  • ANA // “Jack, where are you? The debriefing started ten minu–”
  • JM // “zzz”
  • GR // “WH–HE’S NOT–WHY ME–///”

I saw a headcanon somewhere that Jack can fall asleep anywhere I’m like “That’s some good shit. Good shit.”

I was trying to color my Shiro, but I’m struggling with that color palette and got a little overwhelmed with how slowly it’s coming along, and not really living up to the vision in my head blah blah blah. I decided it’s probably cause I’m adapting to new software with different brush settings, and so to get frustration out, I decided to freehand something else in one sitting. 

EDIT: OMG I was half asleep when I posted this. The whole reason I painted this was as a belated happy birthday for @steinbecks! Happy Birthday, Francesca!

anonymous asked:

McCree, Reinhardt and Hanzo react to accidentally hurting their partner in a battle?


- his body would feel like sudden dead weight and just feel everything drain from him even if it’s a scratch

- would rush over disregarding everything else that’s happening to see if they are ok

- might get a bit teary and demand a healer come over


- would be really worried him being so large and all and would feel his heart stop

- would drop everything and go over to them and kneel infront of them asking if they are ok and would apologize profusely and he honestly would be scared to touch them for a while thinking himself a danger to them


- if he accidentally hit them with his arrows even if it just grazes them he would be mortified and would get over there as soon as possible and grab them bringing them to a safe spot

- would access the damage and stay by them the rest of the battle and would be very angry with him self and argue that it could of been worse if not lethal

MikoChiyo Week 2016 - Day 7: Crossovers / Free Day

That concludes my contributions to MikoChiyo Week 2016!! I hope you all had fun~