i think whats kinda sad is that for some of us chubby people, the idea of being asked out for stuff like valentines day and dances and shit is so foreign than if we were asked, or given a card, or told we’re beautiful, we’d assume it’s a prank right off the bat. i think that kinda says something about our society. that we’ve been taught for so long that we’re something to be shunned that the very thought of someone wanting us is something we can’t process. 

I have never been beautiful,
and I am no one to judge;
but the girl peering out at you
through blood shot eyes and matted hair
is truly the ugliest I’ve ever seen.
Heaving through corrupted lungs,
clutching her broken ribs,
she falls to the ground.
I’ve never been much of a fortune teller
but this girl is dying.
Tears fall down her fragile porcelain face
like rain falling from a sad sky
and her heavy sobs are the thunder
that sends small children running for cover.
Yet there is no lightning.
No light left in her eyes.
Fading dye in her dead hair
and nails chewed to the cuticle
she shakes with anxiety.
Her hands shake as she pops pills
into her small pink mouth
greedily like candy.
This girl is dying.
Her small boney fist is raised
and with all the might left
in her emaciated
tortured body
She shatters the mirror.
My knuckles are bleeding.
—  I used to write love poems. How quickly things change.
Who The Signs Are More Like- Dan and Phil

ARIES: phil and they know it

TAURUS: phil lester

GEMINI: dan af

CANCER: looks a lil like both but is dan 100%

LEO: likes to think they’re dan but they’re phil af

VIRGO: 2009 dan

LIBRA: looks like they’re 2015 phil but they’re actually 2010 phil

SCORPIO: they’re dan so much it hurts

SAGITTARIUS: 50% dan 50% phil like jeSUS JUST PICK ONE

CAPRICORN: phil phil phil phil

AQUARIUS: phil af

PISCES: daniel howell

  • <p><b>Straight Girls:</b> Elise Bauman is beautiful.<p/><b>Gay Girls:</b> Elise Bauman is beautiful.<p/><b>Gay Guys:</b> Elise Bauman is beautiful.<p/><b>Straight Guys:</b> Elise Bauman is beautiful.<p/><b>Bisexuals:</b> Elise Bauman is beautiful.<p/><b>Obama:</b> Elise Bauman is beautiful.<p/><b>God:</b> Elise Bauman is beautiful.<p/><b>Elise Bauman:</b> Natasha Negovanlis though<p/></p>

do you ever get jealous when your fav took a selfie with a pretty fangirl and you feel like killing everyone or is it just me