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So somewhere least week I hit 250 followers (now I’m a bit past that), but I procrastinated so much that it took me this long to make a bias list, or follow forever. And as we do in these Oscar speeches I would like to thank everyone for following me, and be a little bit confused how you all got here, and apologise for the headcanon madness I’ve created on my blog, it’s a usual trait of mine. Anyway, thank you all so much! And even if you’re not on this list that doesn’t mean that I’m ignoring you or doesn’t care, it simply means that we haven’t spoken as much together or interacted much.

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One thing I didn’t like about Orihime was her love for Ichigo. I felt it was so…. unnecessary. She’s so much better as a character when she isn’t focused on him. She shows such strength and resilience when she’s put up against Ulquiorra. And when she’s with Uryuu, she’s so calm and observant. That’s the orihime I like.

It’s sad that the majority of her character arc was built around loving and protecting Ichigo when she had the potential to be so much more. Like that’s cute and all, but focus on yourself, girl. #JusticeForOrihime

When You Like One Of The Other Boys // NCT Dream

Scenario: When they know you like one of their friends/members.

A/N: I’m so excited for the NCT Dreams MV tonight!!!! Anyone else excited too??? :D!!

Mark would try so hard to not make it obvious. Every time Renjun appears, he just naturally looks over to you, He can’t help but smile every time Renjun talks to you or you talk to him, cause its just too cute for him. 

Renjun would offer to be the matchmaker, even if you deny his offer he still does it anyways cause he doesn’t need your permission when he can just go ahead and help you. Every time he goes out with Jeno he’ll make sure to drag you along too, sitting at the cafe he’ll purposely move over so there’s a huge gap for you to sit next to Jeno. When he notice the table getting quite he’ll nudge you to tell you to talk to Jeno a bit more.

Jeno: The spy, once he knows you like Donghyuk, he’ll be your spy. He’ll always wonder around Donghyuk to see if he mentions you at all or else in a random conversation with the boys, he’ll bring your name up to see how Donghyuk will react to it. Privately he’ll try to naturally ask Donghyuk about you, Probably gonna make all the boys confuse why he keeps bringing you up.

Haechan (Donghyuk): His the worst person you could actually let him know you have a crush on. He will blackmail you so much, He’ll use that to his advantage. Like he’ll ask you to do everything with him and if you don’t his always gonna say one thing “It’s Ok, I can always ask Jaemin to go with me… who knows what might just come up in our conversation” and he’ll walk always knowing fully well your gonna give in to him.

Jaemin: Your no.1 supporter, always teasing you but also looks for the chance to help you all the time. like he could be standing around talking to the group of boys all happy and playful and stuff, his arms could naturally be on Chenles shoulder and he’ll look over your direction smirking at you. Or else he could find the chance and ask you to give something to Chenle for him even if he basically sees Chanle everyday but he still tells you to do it, giving you a chance to talk to Chenle more.

Chanle: ‘Tries’ to be the matchmaker for you and Jisung but always fail, when he plans for you two to come out together it never happens for some reason, and even in the practice room he tries to put you and Jisung next to each other so you two can talk to each other more both of you just stay quite. His just gonna get frustrated trying to put you and Jisung together but then he won’t give up until he gets the result.

Jisung: Quite confuse on why don’t you just confess to Mark, he’ll question you a lot on stuff like 

“When did you like hyung?”
“Do you think hyung knows you like him?”
“Why don’t you tell him?”

Doesn’t really tease you or anything but he can’t help but feel awkward around you and Mark now cause he knows somethings up. It will make Mark worry cause his acting all weird and awkward, You probably always get a heart attack every time Mark questions Jisungs behaviour.

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idk how but everytime I scroll through my dash I end up scanning through your blog omg its too cute~

Aweeeeee that’s so sweet ( ;w;) Thank you for supporting my blog! 


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I added some screencaps of Waiter!Pearl to my Suit Pearl wallpaper folder (which my desktop cycles through as a slideshow for my desktop wallpaper). Now there’s 78 images it goes through!

I figured I’d share the folder for it on MediaFire, as well as the zip, in case anyone else is interested in it. Its 78 images in 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Here’s the folder

Here’s the zip