okay but guys look @ this;

imagine knocker-upper dave right?? who has his cute ugly hat and his charming little smirk and messy headed karkat who only just falls asleep as the sun comes up- and dave comes by. the first time its an accident, dave was meant to wake karkats neighboring window, but instead got an angry puff of curls and tired eyes and an angry frown poking out and shouting at him. its like instant heart eyes; look at that perfect puff of rage. every day thereafter he knocks first on karkats window, then on his neighbors. every day karkat shouts down at him and begins tossing things at him and shrieking to be left alone to get some sleep. dave keeps coming back if only for a glimpse of that cute kid in the nice apartment he, with his dirty shoes and dusty hat, could never have a chance to court.

jolteonlove asked:

What would you two do when you realize that you really are deeply in love with your lover? <3 (you are gorgeous, Carla)

Carla: Thank you Blood Bag. To answer your question, I would contemplate on the feeling I have for her and try to figure out if there’s another reason for the deep emotion. I would try being around her to see if it’s stronger just with her and also try staying away too in order to see if that effects this feeling. I would try to understand the point of this emotion and I will go through more thinking about whether or not I am a failure for falling for a human instead of someone somewhat like me. However, I know blaming myself will get me no where so I will be a man and take responsibility for this feeling if I do realize that I love her. I will then proceed to place her through a series of test to make sure she is faithful to me and returns such feelings. If she passes, then I will be sure to make her my one and only queen.

Shin: I’d deny it at first and wonder if I’m capable of such an emotion for her. I mean what if she leaves me for Nii-san or for someone better? What if I just end up disappointing her with these emotions and feelings because she doesn’t feel the same way? There’s so much to think about with this damn emotion. I would just still stay around her yes because you know, I don’t wanna seem too suspicious or anything by ignoring her but I would be thinking mostly on what to do with her and if I should even confess my feelings for her. I’d try to ask her if she understands this feeling and to tell me what it is without getting too frustrated or angry while asking her. It could be my luck that she feels this way for me and it’ll be easier to confess this feeling and understand it better. Once I come clean and she returns this feeling, I’ll make sure to give her the world and everything else she wants no matter the cost or time.

  • What they say:I'm okay
  • What they mean:Alex turner and Miles Kane have probably kissed and the universe is an amazing place to be

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Louis sometimes wears eyeshadow its so cute n no doubt he wears eyeliner too :')

Oh YESSS!!!!!! It looks so good on him? So so beautiful. Boys should shamelessly wear make up more often. I hate that both girls and boys and people in general are often judged for wearing/not wearing make up. ;-;

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ooh ya i can totally tell ur a leo rising. Leos always have a very specific Look to their cheeks and mouth and nose that just looks so cat like. Its the only sign that really look like their animal imo. So pretty. Venus in scorpio gals!! 😙🔥🌟👼🌹

Lol thats so true i kind of hate it and wish i didnt have leo face but its cute too ! Also yeah venus in scorpio is crazy!!!