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🚼 (you know how much we've spoken about them having children)

Send a symbol for your muse to receive a phone call just after my muse has…

🚼 … taken a pregnancy test

Aiko never thought she was going to feel so happy for looking at a positive pregnancy test. Right now she just couldn’t take the smile off her face as she dialed Demro’s number. The woman giggled to herself, waiting for him to answer it. “Deems!” She called, holding back another giggle as she looked at the test on her free hand as she sat down on the couch. She was still questioning herself how she would tell him that, though.

“I… I have something to tell you…” She started, “But I need you here to tell you this.” Aiko added as she bit her lip as another grin came to her face. She wanted to see his reaction when she told him that.

Im back from school and im so overwhelmed by nct dream i cant even reblog stuff its too cute like, compare this to that feeling when youre at the pet store and its puppy sales week and you go in there like “….. can i play with all of theeeeese puppies” and the person is like “yeahh” so you’re hust waiting there in the pin and then the worker opens the gate and they all come running up to you and you dont know what to do so u start crying because you love them so much and theyre so cute im crying

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idk how but everytime I scroll through my dash I end up scanning through your blog omg its too cute~

Aweeeeee that’s so sweet ( ;w;) Thank you for supporting my blog!