One of the reasons I was drawn into Aaron and Robert’s relationship was because they aren’t a typical ‘love story’. They were people before each other. They loved before each other. It’s realistic okay. They don’t end up with the first person they love or sleep with, they grow as people and then things happen. That’s why I love Aaron and Robert’s story, together and separately, and that’s why I love Emmerdale.

fahc mavinwood headcanon that both Gavin and Michael steal Ryan’s jacket all the time and constantly wear it regardless of Ryan always asking them not to (”I was fucking cold Ryan, be the good boyfriend and let me wear it.” “But Rye, its sooo warm and I’m soooo cold!”) And honestly it gets so ridiculous Ryan considers just locking it away or just buying a new one so they can’t get to it.

But then he comes into their living room to find the two boys asleep cuddled around each other, his jacket lazily thrown on top of them and he thinks, maybe it isn’t so bad that they take it

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bullshiiiiiiit. The only thing I will believe is that Lauren defended her CAUSE ITS SO CUTE AND I WANT TO but that is bullshit too

you don’t need a source to know lauren would defend camila anytime, lauren is super overprotective when it comes to camila lol

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just wanted to rec some precious underrated taegi fics- Not Even The Rain (mucha), Just Best Friends Or So We Believe (vgi), I Dont Believe In God I Believe In Us (9395), All Fall Down (sweetsyub). These are so good but i feel like they aren't that popularly recognized :( I hope more people will start sailing the taegi boat its so smol &cute ;;

Yees me too!! And Mucha & Sweetsyub are such amazing authors they deserve waaay more recognition imo if just more people read Taegi ;_;

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Arthur making gil some cute animal shaped foods, thinking it will help him eat and the hospital food is crap. Gilbert sobbing because he wants to eat the food Arthur lovingly made for him instead of the hospital food but he cant bc it has a face and its too cute.


  • Jensen:Mish and I will write a song for you real quick.
  • Misha:By the way I wanna go on the record and say that I feel like Jensen is painting us into a corner here.
  • Jensen:Nah, we're good, this is gonna be good.
  • Jensen:So the good news is, I have to put this down and play the guitar, so you're...
  • Misha:(DOES CRAZY LAUGH) I stand corrected, he's painting ME into a corner.
  • Jensen:You’re smart, you think on your feet, you make brilliant videos and put them on facebook, write amazing texts and tweets and stuff. Go ahead, spit out some lyrics.