Highlights of NCT Life Ep 1

(Or maybe just every moment I found cute/funny but hey!)

- EXO “Lucky One” playing at the beginning (sorry had to include it because I play that song basically every day it’s so good)

- Everyone gathering around Taeyong when they didn’t know what to do

- Haechan requesting fireworks for the middle of the day

- Jaehyun letting Winwin read the board (+ everyone’s reactions everyone is so supportive it’s great)

- Mark’s over the top reaction to being able to fill in the time table (+ Yuta judging and Jaehyun laughing)

- Everyone reminding each other that Haechan and Mark have a bedtime

- The skinship I live for skinship (shoutout to Yuta the mvp)

- “I’m a mountain type of guy” repeated I don’t know how many times (we get it Yuta 😆)

- Mark and Haechan way too excited for “equal time” (Taeyong look out)

- Erasing everything once they realize they actually have to do everything

- Yuta, Winwin, and Jaehyun’s cute head movements to show they wanted to play head table tennis again

- Putting games that Winwin wants and is confident in

- Taeyong wanting to play tag (cute!)

- Karaoke just for Haechan (I’d watch it though let’s be honest)

- All the glimpses of later episodes (shoutout for Taeil being Taeil; can’t wait for that!)

- “Do you want to hang out at night Mark?” + Mark’s reaction (what was he thinking? 😏)

- Reactions when the food they wanted was taken off the list

- Taeil making bad jokes (even if I didn’t understand a single one still funny)

- Winwin wanting ice cream and Taeyong making sure he can get it

- Taeyong acting cute to get food (again, thought no one’s complaining)

- Even entering the car is a show; today it featured Taeil’s weird faces, Winwin’s wiggle dance, screaming when they set off, and Jaehyun’s “YO!”

- Jaehyun helping Winwin with the words for the perfect pitch game (I HAVE A THING FOR NCT SUPPORTING WINWIN I’M SORRY)

- Mark struggling with the perfect pitch game and working hard until he finally gets it, even though the game had already ended + Jaehyun comforting him (Haechan is no help)

- Maroon 5’s “Lucky Strike” being the credits song (I love that song + memories of show choir)

So overall, we have learned that Yuta’s too sassy (savage), Taeil is a grandpa, Jaehyun is a sweetheart, Mark can get angry and it’s actually kinda cute even though I didn’t like him upset, Taeyong is a great leader, Winwin is too cute and has been working really hard to improve his Korean, and Haechan is going to be a devil maknae. I’m looking forward to the other episodes, especially the game ones!

Baekyeol.... it's a thing ok....

So I am not into this EXO ships much, like I appreciate them but I don’t take too much notice to them. BUT like can take a moment to notice Baekyeol…. I don’t think I have ever shipped anyone as hard as them…

They are together most of the time


Always in-sync with each other

Don’t forget flirtatious ;)

Just continue. Please Baekyeol. We ship it.

Credit to the gif owners!!


Suho on Happy Together (pt2) // He really is too perfect ❤


I went to the mall today to check out the Disney store and

ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

P.s: that spot used to be covered with Frozen merch, and now look at it!!!!


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