So we’re just never gonna see the full version of the Stay choreography, huh? 👀

DON’T HURT MY TRICO | The Last Guardian Part 3

This part… Oh man. This part had me cracking up so bad. My eyes were tearing and my abs were hurting… All because of this part.

I’ve watched it so many times, and its still as funny as the first time I saw it…

@therealjacksepticeye I have no words… I’m surprised you didn’t crack up after the initial shock.

my senior year of high school was so wild; the visual and performing arts kids had to all put on a play and i got to do most of the graphic design and marketing stuff so i had to make all the posters, etc.

i made this background texture entirely out of ewoks

then i used it on posters like this (old work dont judge)

and they got put up all over the school and nobody except the art kids knew that there were 1000000 ewoks providing texture to the background

Yeah I love bands especially My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and *looks at smudged writing on hand* Penis! And The Dicksquad