[[ yeah idk i woke up feeling sick af this morning but in my queasy haze i thought of this ENTIRE FUKKEN THING about cursive writing and then realized i can’t actually elucidate the fukken thing haha

like – watchin somebody write something down and callin shenanigans because that’s not what words look like and they say it’s cursive writing and yarrow gets real pissed about it because that’s just sHENANIGANS OKAY and what he has put together using his logical abilities is that you’re not allowed to write curse words in regular letters and you gotta do a stupid line of just loops

like as a censorship thing. this simultaneously seems to me like some perfectly reasonable logic AND also really funny because it hinges on a pun and on making fun of penmanship, so several hours later i feel up to sitting here and making an ooc post about it

In the end we’re all just naive beings high on pain killers and drunk on cheap liquor
No qualms about the world we may or may not actually exist in
Who knows
No one takes a long enough break from their futile wanderings
To appreciate the complex things
Why we’re here in the first damn place
Whatever it is I’d rather we abandon the hope of ever finding it out
Takes the creativity away
In the end