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In no way is this video of an adorable, fluffy calf related to my blog, but in case anyone needs something to cheer ‘em up please watch this video.

“lady and the tramp spaghetti scene,, SPAGETTTI” - @bunchofwildflowers


“Hey Ben! Pass one over here.” Richie yells, gesturing to the bag of sour-sugar coated gummy noodles Ben has sitting on his lap. Ben pinches the bag closed and tosses it over. Eddie rolls his eyes.

“What’s so appetizing about a floppy worm-noodle? Seriously, do you know how many health problems those could cause?”

Eddie watches disgustedly as Richie sucks one into his mouth, “Erectile Dysfunction?” He asks, cracking a grin.

Eddie rolls his eyes again. “C'mon, Eds. You promised all of us you were gonna do your best to stop with the whole health thing.” Richie dangles a gummy worm in front of Eddie’s eyes.

Eddie takes the candy from him, sighing and gingerly biting down. His taste buds go through a series of emotions before he puts the whole thing in his mouth.

“Well?” Beverly asks, leaning into the conversation.

“It’s fine.” Richie hands him another. Beverly laughs.

“Yeah cause you aren’t enjoying them at all.” She smirks, turning back to face Stan.

“You know,” Richie elbows Eddie’s side. Eddie yelps. “There’s nothing wrong in admitting you like candy. Especially the dangly sweet stuff.” He winks obnoxiously.

Eddie groans and reaches into the bag. Richie laughs.

Eddie doesn’t know how it happens. One moment he’s having a rivoting conversation with Bill, chowing down on gummy worms - stressing about how intensely he’s going to have to brush his teeth later - and the next, his lips are on Richie’s. They taste like sour sugar.

It isn’t much, just the corner’s of their mouths connected by an artificially colored sweet. Until Eddie turns to face Richie in confusion.

Beverly is laughing and Stan’s eyes are wide open. Eddie can feel his face heating up as Richie bites down on the gummy worm and pulls away.

Eddie frowns, he clutches the fabric of his pantleg. The sugar from his fingers rubbing off.

Richie narrows his eyes at a cackling Mike, “Hey! How were we supposed to know we were eating the same worm. Fuck you guys.”

Eddie sighs as Richie drags him away from the group, Bill whistling behind them. Ben shushes him.

After they’re safely behind an oak tree Eddie lets out the breath he didn’t know he’d been holding.

“I’m sorry.” Richie blurts.

“This is what I get for eating bug shaped type two diabetes.”

“Are worms bugs?” Richie asks. Eddie laughs.

Eddie watches as Richie kicks up clouds of dirt, “You know… I didn’t hate it.”

“Yeah?” Richie smiles, Eddie stares at the glint in his glasses. “Me neither.”


fluffy owl by coulportste
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