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My pic for Lauren is not awesome at all i look way more masculine than i want to and i cant find anyways to look feminine at the moment since i cant change my wardrobe or start wearing mass amounts of makeup... Anyways i think your cute and lots of other people have messaged you saying your cute so idk what its going to take to connivence you that your not ugly but damnit me and the other Tumblr people who messaged you are going to keep trying until you believe! Don't stop posting pics ever k ;)

Nu I’m like




and i don’t know why everyone insists i’m not because i amm

and your pic for lauren is stilll awesome

okay so of course women should be able to dress however they want without fear but also i see alot of people on this website acting like its fucking gross if a man stares at a woman whos wearing something revealing or sexy or whatever? and like??? its really not? i mean if the womans like “hey stop staring” and they dont then thats a problem but also like theres a difference between staring and leering? like seriously every day i see at least one post thats like “do you ever see someone so beautiful you just cant stop yourself from staring at them” or some shit and like its no different when men do that to good lookin’ women on the street. like its totally okay for them to just observe someone who looks fucking awesome and also its possible for them to do that without being creepy so like chill