Thanks for listening, everyone! Please remember this in the future!

(This applies to Sketchy, not the mod, but the mod is also gender neutral! I have Sketchy as my personal gender neutral representation, and it means a lot to me. So please remember this you guys!)

Why do people feel the need to post ship hate in the tag? It’s like purposely trying to start a fight.

 I mean, it’s childish, don’t you think? 

No one’s asking you to ship it, so why can’t you just respect the fact that people do and people will respect the fact that you don’t? 

That’s just  common sense. 

People don’t have to ship the things I like and vice verse - let’s not make people feel bad about how they pair fictional characters. Okay? 

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So P5 is coming out less than a week. My question is which romance is the most rewarding? (Both story wise and gameplay wise.)

Anne of course. 8U (there are times where I think the game kinda leans towards her tbh, not force as you can interpret it as either “Otp” or “brotp” but they give her moments). Like all the girls get a moment, but I dunno….Anne had a few that were like “Woah! The gave it to her?! O_O I’m mean I’m happy, but man…is this favoritism? I feel like it might be 8U” (I don’t think I’m too insane for thinking Atlus likes Anne, due to the fact she gets pretty much the same amount of promotion as the MC with crossover games and such, as well as the two very shippy stories in the anthology manga fan (?) created or not)

I’ve heard Haru’s is good too (very romance-y from what I hear). And Futaba (for people who could get over the “little sister” feel) is good too? I’ve heard good things about Sadayo, how it’s a nice and mature (or they go about it maturely) romance (I’m assuming this is basically means it’s not boiled down to “hur hur hur i’mma bang a teacher” but it’s like a down to earth romance).

I’ve heard from Makoto fans that they didn’t feel her CoOp was very rewarding (esp compared to the other girls), that being said, like the other’s the Christmas and Valentines day events were good (just not the CoOP). A lot seem to think it has to do with her arc vs the other’s teammates arcs, and that’s why her CoOp got a little shafted, I feel bad for her fans tbh. ;w;

Gameplay wise…hmmm….Anne and Futaba for combat, Sadayo for non-dungeon activities (when you can use it that is), I guess? :’D

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This is a sort of silly message, and a late one, but I wanted to say I appreciated a lot your answer about disliking Sauron/Morgoth because of negative characterization associations. This has nothing to do with that particular pairing, but I sometimes feel silly about really disliking certain headcanons or pairings simply because they put me in mind of fic or discourse I hate, but it's something really hard to get out of my head so I guess I'm glad I'm not alone.

Yeah, I get you anon, it feels annoying to find yourself being put off things for reasons that really have nothing to do with canon? But it’s hard to avoid, especially when the canon’s so open to interpretation - I have like 500% more feelings about some characters because other people were doing such cool things with them, so, like the inevitable inverse of that, I suppose.

…I have yet to feel as if fandom discourse has actually spoiled my enjoyment of anything important to me, but then spite is great motivation for making fanfic happen >_>

A few updates on that Bendy and the Ink Machine animation I’m working on!

-First two scenes are completley done!

-The entire thing is now sketched and has about 290 frames!

-The amount of movement in this animation will be much more than the movement in every single one of my other animations and it looks fantastic.

-All dialogue boxes and letters have been fully animated!

-White background is complete! (This is important because I had to copy and paste the BG over every. Single. Frame. And it kept crashing haha this app sucks)

So yup that’s how far along it is! If I mainly do the animation I could be done by the end of the week, but with all my other projects it may take two!



Papyrus’ concept of personal space is….peculiar.