Kyoukai no Kanata episode 11 preview

Episode 11: Black World

Script: Jukki Hanada

Storyboards/Direction: Ichirou Miyoshi (Yoshiji Kigami)

Animation Director: Nao Naitou


Akihito has recovered, and heard from Hiroomi how Mirai saved him by him by using all of her power and then disappearing. Akihito can not accept this reality. Izumi tells Akihito of Mirai’s intent. Even so, more than ever, Akihito is caught in unrelenting worry about Mirai. A mail comes to him…


Dude visited screw factory and he’s so excited and happy (clearly can be seen). Above are pictures of him when he’s visiting Nejikouba, the screw factory. The guy with him is Asai Hideo, the factory director. More pictures on Jungle Life site (link on source)

So you think you want a working breed…

Daenerys seems to have a sprain in her left forepaw. She’s SUPPOSEDDDD to be on bed rest until the vet checks up on her again. BUT SHE KEEPS TRYING TO LITERALLY SPRINT ON THREE LEGS.

TAKE A DAY OFF DAENERYS. Be a couch potato for a couple days. I promise it won’t kill you.

It’s taking ALL my sedentary puzzle games and bully sticks to keep her happy. She keeps begging at the door to go mouse hunting in the fields and she’s really upsetsies.

That being said, she is a REALLY impressive three legged sprinter. I mean, damn. Three legs and she still outran Memory.

Ok so my sister was looking for a female version of bros before hos right? So I sent her a list like “some of these insinuate all boys have penises which makes them inaccurate and the others are just bad” right? So she tries a couple out and settles on “dolls before balls” right? So I’m like “ok all men have balls I guess that’s not transphobic at all” right? So she goes “dolls before balls it is” and I just shrug because I’ve done all I can and if you’re going to willingly be transphobic I can’t save you when it’s your time to face jesus bye

interstellarisms asked:

keats, dickinson, dante

Keats: Are you arterial?

No. Not at all. I have no life blood; I am mute, I am muted. I am sinking into the seat of my seat without sinking. Currently I am limbless and made entirely out of space. Arteries escape me. I quit biology this year and regret that I do not regret it. Capillaries. Ventricles. Heart - a muscle that pounds. That is approximately all.

Dickinson: What puzzles you?

Answered here! (sorry Kwan Ann, you are too late)

Dante: Whom would you trust to guide you through hell, purgatory and heaven?

A large dog with many teeth and a good nose. Or: Percy Jackson. 

Actually, perhaps not Percy Jackson; he would attract nasty monsters/immortals/powers-that-be, and pick fights with them. 

So, just the dog. Dogs are alright.

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