honestly me if i was a bird


he makes me smile so much his laugh is the happiest sound i’ve ever heard


Imagine an AU where Oikawa had bad eyesight and crooked teeth when he was still a kid, so he had to wear glasses and braces:
— at first Iwaizumi laughed at Oikawa and teased him about it, but stopped once he realized that he was genuinely hurt by that;
— Oikawa wasn’t popular at school, students bullied him for being clumsy and looking kinda nerdy;
— Iwaizumi always ended up fighting to protect Oikawa, kept getting beaten and always had lots of plasters on his body;
— Oikawa didn’t like being protected and constantly asked Iwa to stop standing up for him;
— Iwaizumi couldn’t stand when something or someone made his friend cried, so he only protected him even more fiercely;
— when smoll Tooru was sad, Iwaizumi had to give him his rare beetles. Naturally, Oikawa let them all go instantly, but the fact that they were precious to his friend warmed his heart;
— when Oikawa got into volleyball, Iwaizumi supported him wholeheartedly, so that his friend would do something apart from studying;
— volleyball turned Oikawa’s life upside down;
— his senpais and couches were really kind to him and praised him a lot, claiming that the boy had quite some potential. Oikawa gained all the support and love that lacked from his peers from them;
— of course Iwa wasn’t as thrilled, since he couldn’t learn as quickly and was scolded more often, but he still never left, because Oikawa stopped crying and became more decisive, more confident;
— when they got a little older, Tooru was always upset because the girls wouldn’t pay any attention to him;
— Iwaizumi thought it was stupid;
— when Oikawa got rid of the sorry braces and started using contacts instead of glasses, his peers started treating him better;
— thanks to volleyball Tooru was in excellent shape and he wasn’t a scrawny nerd anymore;
— not much longer after that he was surrounded by flocks of girls and always found time for them and treated them well too, convincing himself that everything was different now;
— volleyball has completely changed the life of little Tooru, and Iwaizumi never stopped supporting and protecting him, even though it might not always be obvious.