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Probably one of my fave AUs right now. You should also check out her fic Claim a Warrior’s Heart on Ao3!!

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are you asexual?

I don’t identify as such, no. I used to, a couple of years ago - it used to be the only thing I could think of that fit me as a label, because whenever I thought about sex I wanted to be sick and maybe curl into a ball and have a little panic attack. It turns out that the reason for this is PTSD because I’m actually an abuse survivor. I was more surprised than anyone to hear that, but there you go. 

Long story short, I had realised for a while that asexuality didn’t really fit me all that well, and so I went to the ol’ GP and said ‘hello, what is wrong with me? I hate the idea of the sex thing,’ and they said ‘well, did anything happen to you that might explain why the sex thing terrifies you?’ and I said ‘I mean, yes, but it wasn’t like abuse or anything,’ and then I explained the thing, and then the GP said ‘oh. That’s abuse, really,’ and then I said ‘oh, OK,’ and then I went to a therapist and she said ‘yes, that is actually abuse, and have you heard of PTSD?’ and now I am reframing my entire teenage and YA sexual identity and it’s super.

(NB I absolutely 100% do not represent all asexual-identifying people, and just because I realised that I was essentially hiding behind the asexual label to avoid dealing with my actual problem, that is no reflection at all on anyone else who identifies that way. An asexual person may be an abuse survivor, or they may not. If they are, then they may ascribe their asexuality to this abuse, or they may not. Please don’t use my experiences to try and support any claim that asexuality is not valid, because it absolutely is and I will refuse to share my sandwiches with anyone who thinks it isn’t. They’re good sandwiches. You don’t want to miss out. Don’t be that person.)

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I heard conflicting things about Wentworth Miller's contract and was curious if you knew about it. After Legends episode 15, the news articles said he was always meant to be there as part of the main cast for only one season before becoming a regular on all the Arrowverse shows. Then I heard on Twitter that they begged him to stay on Legends full time but he refused. Have you heard anything about what really happened or when/why he decided to leave? Did he dislike the writing for his character?

I’ve been following some of that discussion myself. I can’t actually find a source that says it was his choice to leave or that he was begged to stay, but I also can’t say it’s untrue, and people in the industry might know more. Marc Guggenheim was certainly quick to point out that he’s still going to be part of the show, but of course that comes down to brass tax: having Cold brings viewership.

The official position has been restated on pretty much every website and it comes from Berlanti, who is a producer for the whole DCTV CW universe (the “Berlanti-verse”) and he maintains that it was always the intent to have Leonard for only one season, basically because he’s so awesome that they wanted to have him back on the Flash. (Source; the quote is the same on pretty much every website you can find).

To be totally honest though, I’m not 100% sure I buy ‘the official position’ in its entirety. Like I said, Cold = viewers, and because of that, I can imagine that at least someone on the production team must have been sad to relinquish him. Moreover, in early interviews, Wentworth mentioned that he signed onto the show without having read a single page, and his interviews implied he was already thinking about season 2 and what his role might potentially be on it. So I think that door was left open and that he was open to the idea of sticking around back then, and likely that the writers were too. If nothing else, Wentworth was definitely focused on Legends specifically when it first aired and certainly hadn’t been told he’d be around short term, though he always knew it was a possibility

What I suspect happened is that they kept everyone’s contracts short (i.e., a single season) because they weren’t fully sure what was going to happen with it when they started (we know lots of things changed, things we can guess about the plot from the promos, the episode number, plot holes, unplanned dynamics, etc). I think they had some notion that they didn’t want to steal him entirely from The Flash, because Captain Cold is a pretty major villain in the comics and a fan favorite, but weren’t sure how it would balance. They always planned to have somewhat rotating characters, but it’s unclear what their plans were for Leonard after the first season, whatever the producers might have been saying at the end of the season.

Beyond that, I suspect that Wentworth liked the idea of a 4-show contract more than being a series main on Legends toward the end of the season. He’s talked about the workload of being a series main and how busy filming was when he was temporarily filming for both shows (I think for The Flash 2x09 and the first episode or two of Legends). Further, he’s talked about the ‘expositional heavy lifting’ he does as Michael Scofield on Prison Break, and that he enjoys playing Captain Cold. In those interviews, he highlights the fun of the character and also the fun of coming in and doing his thing but not being the main character (he refers to Cold as a ‘spice character’, which I find amusing). So I think, after Legends, he was happy for the opportunity not to be in every episode but to keep playing the character. 

But I also think it’s possible that the writing choices on the show left Wentworth frustrated. He’s a private guy, so I obviously can’t confirm this, and it’s bad for him career-wise to bash the writing of a show he’s on and a universe he’s got a contract for, so obviously he’s not going to say anything about it. But I personally find it telling that he signed onto the show eagerly (like I said, without even reading a script) and was active in promoting it, but so quick to leave it and not really mention it again (there are other possible reasons for this, because he’s busy promoting Prison Break). And he said at the outset that he wanted Snart to remain an anti-hero, so I can see some level of frustration with the character’s rapid development toward being a team-player. He’s also talked about how likes the ‘mystique’ of Cold and the ‘edge’ to the character, and how he is true to himself. He also pushed for Leonard to be canonically pansexual, but obviously that we never actively explored in canon, and expressed hope for more scenes with Lisa, which we also know didn’t happen.

So that’s just conjecture and opinion, and it’s what fits my narrative because if I were him, that’s how I would feel: frustrated, and maybe a little disappointed. But Wentworth hasn’t said that himself, and very likely wouldn’t say that himself. I understand that Victor Garber has been a bit more blunt about some of the plot holes and such from the show, but Wentworth chooses his words very carefully. He also talks about how these things are always at the discretion of the writers, of course, so it’s entirely possible that he had no opinion really, and was just happy to be moving forward with the shows.

At the end of the day, I doubt he out-and-out hated Legends or was emphatically demanding to get out. He seems to enjoy the character a lot, and maybe doesn’t want to be a series main, especially given the time he’s had to spend on filming Prison Break this year too. But he’s always wanted to go back and “revisit the Flash / Captain Cold relationship” and likely, they offered him the opportunity to jump back to that show but stick around a bit, and he took it (and if some of the producers were reluctant to let him go off Legends full-time, who knows, but I wouldn’t blame them if they were).

That is pretty much all I can drum up on the subject, and it’s like 40% conjecture. If anyone has more sources, I’d be happy to read them :)  

you could have the most theoretically advanced bullshit stated in the simplest of terms and it might disadvantage the writer to try and be so creative but it would eliminate so many problems with comprehension because not only would it be in simpler terms but it would also not run the danger of being oversimplified, retaining all the depth that the writer struggles to portray, just bare and unraveled for the sake of the audience. everyone reading that piece would be able to get something out of it and that’s what we should strive for i think.

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━━ Full name: Ranulf
━━ Nicknames: I… can’t think of any serious ones, but someone somewhere has probably called him Kitty
━━ Age: according to the new artbook I believe he’s supposed to look 23, and if I had to guess he’s probably like 100-110 or so if birds and cats age similarly and janaff and ulki are around 100
━━ Gender: cis male, probably, though to be fair it usually takes me a lil to figure out gender
━━  Sexuality: ???? haha man that takes even longer
━━ Ethnicity & Species: Gallian, cat laguz
━━ Birthplace: Gallia, most likely
━━ Birthdate: nothing canon


  • Eating lots, like, not as much as lions and tigers maybe but I feel like stuffing yourself full of food is something Gallians enjoy often. The guilty part is afterwards when you can’t move
  • To be honest though I also get the feeling that Gallians tend to not really get ashamed about enjoying themselves, and Ranulf is probably no exception
  • Maybe letting beorc pet him, because it feels nice but also beorc touching him is not totally something he feels he should be comfortable with


  • Water, because even if it’s cliche there’s really no reason for Gallians to have learned to swim
  • Not much else tbh I mean you know he throws himself in front of the Black Knight and Skrimir like thinks he could win those fights, combat is not scary for him


  • One of Caineghis’ commanders
  • Skrimir’s right hand cat
  • Tbh that’s probably most of it but the famous/infamous bit depends on what side of the fight you’re on


  • Well, anyone on the opposing side of either war could arrest him for being an enemy combatant, or whatever, but it’s more likely they’d just kill him


  • Not really anyone at the moment, I honestly tend not to ship characters without a very good reason


  • The Black Knight, I mean, he got pretty close
  • Skrimir, potentially, though thankfully he seems to have gained some self-control by the end of RD


  • Books probably aren’t his thing honestly


  • Killing characters for shock value


  • Most notably, he can turn into a cat
  • A very large cat
  • With sharp claws
  • Also he’s pretty darn clever and is very good at keeping his cool for a Gallian


  • Fearless, loyal, earned his place as commander with his strength and wit
  • Does his best to avoid prejudice against beorc
  • Is likewise patient with prejudiced beorc and puts peace between the two races above his own wellbeing
  • Honestly he’s just very nice and chill


  • Enemy commander
  • If they really just don’t like laguz, which to be fair is kind of common 
  • It’s hard to hate him for his personality though

How they change:

  • He… really doesn’t change much. He was already a mature adult who sort of had the world figured out in PoR, so there wasn’t much of anywhere to go in that respect
  • The one thing I can think of is that he wasn’t completely comfortable with being close to beorc right off the bat, but it’s likely he got better about it once he had more of an opportunity to be around beorc instead of just laguz

Why you love them:

  • He is soft and warm like mash potato
  • He’s very sociable and generally cheery but can also be perfectly serious when the situation calls for it
  • His confidence

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Part 12- Carter Blake shows off his interrogation skills by bullying a mentally ill man and Norman Jayden puts that psychology degree to good use (with rather humorous results)

im sorry if i ever seem like i don’t care….the truth is i care so so much but i just don’t know how to show it and don’t know how to deal with feelings and am also scared of showing them and being vulnerable and getting hurt and sometimes it just seems easier to just detach from my messy emotional state before it gets too much,, i care i care i really really do care

A mix of things I love: summer, beaches and Lance ☆

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Okay, just imagine a strand of Draco's hair falling out of place, no one tells him and everything is fine because it's only a piece of hair. But then, Harry notices and he just gets so fucking flustered anytime he sees him because of that one little strand.

Harry loves Draco’s hair! He calls it sleek like what, fifteen times? Not to forget the whole sunlight gleaming on Malfoy’s white-blond head comment, or his extra interest in Pansy stroking Draco’s hair.
He already wants to touch Draco’s hair, to see if it’s as soft as it looks, yeah right Harry. Just imagine him watching Draco with a strand of hair untucked? Draco’s all concentrated in his report, so all he does is blow the hair away from his face, which of course comes back down almost immediately. Harry’s Suffering™. He’d probably have to sit on his hands to not reach out and tuck it back in.