hey hey hey hey i hit 6,000 followers a few days ago and i just wanted to say thanks (i hit 5k the week before but i was too lazy to make one of these soz). anyways i would just like to express my gratitude towards everyone that’s made my experience as a phan blog so enjoyable. everyone is really nice and i just . it makes my heart warm. so just thanks for reblogging my gifs and putting up with my weird posts. lov u all sm

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                            “Heaven and earth and the king on his throne”

Sigil created for restoring order and putting things in their place. Useful for when you feel unbalanced, when there has been a lot of change, and for a reminder that while you may be in new, uncharted waters, the world either is or shall return to its most optimal state of being. Can change gender/identifiers (queen, king, fae, god, his, hers, theirs, etc) depending on intent and comfort. 

It’s really weird for me to see how people can misinterpret the offer to help as being arrogant.

It’s not the first time it has happened to me that I offer help and get insulted for it, but it still goes over my head how people can be like that. Wouldn’t it make more sense for an arrogant person to laugh at someone “inferior” to them, rather than offer them help?

But meh. I tried, and if that person doesn’t want my help, there is nothing I can do, I guess. I only feel a little bad for not being able to help. ^^’

If you asked me about the possibility of a Malec kiss in 2x01 a couple of weeks ago I’d have said it’s MAYBE a 1% chance. 

But now, what with the latest spoilers/reviews, hints from Todd, Matthew’s…ahem…enthusiasm as well as certain fandom detectives 👀👀👀 I’d say the chances have increased to a solid 60% 

And we’re definitely getting a bunch of smooches throughout the season


12/5/16 Ripley’s first snow, Part 2

he uh……… he was emotionally scarred by a very scary mailbox a few walks ago, so now he tires of the outdoors much faster than his brother and wants to be carried around, instead. we’re working on it.

Tomorrow, after I come back from my last test, I’m going to treat myself and that is final. 2016 owes me and I owe it to myself.

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Happy one year anniversary UNDERTALE !

A mix of things I love: summer, beaches and Lance ☆


endless list of people I love (in no particular order) - [1/∞]
↳ Thomas Sanders - @thatsthat24

“If I am the main character of my own story… you’re going to have some chapters that are rough weather. And that’s great because it makes for a great story. You just have to know that you’re going to come out better on the other side of that storm - whatever it may be. And you’re gonna come out of it wiser than when you started.”

The Ravenclaw Tower is full of procrastinators.

Full of papers written at 2am, fueled by caffeine and questions that arise every time someone picks up a pen, full of perfectionists who cry because they don’t know to write down and organize all the thoughts that are in their heads, full of novels much more interesting than coursework, full of scribbles in margins and four open reference books, full of hurried answers and adderall. 

The Hufflepuffs don’t understand this. They work on schedules, plan out how much of a paper to write per day, and create study groups. They do the assignment without falling in love with obscure parts of the lore and getting distracted in the Restricted Section for a week. They try to nag their Ravenclaw friends into doing their work before the deadline, but it never works. 

Of course, there are exceptions in both Houses, but somehow, two exceptions are almost never friends with each other. Pairs of friends are always one procrastinator and one planner. It works better for everyone that way.