FINAGLC tomorrow

I really wanted to get chapter 21 out tonight, but I can already tell it’s just not gonna happen. I had to work late a few days this week, and I’m really trying to get this one just right. I still have some recording to do, and this one was going to require even more editing than usual. Thanks for being patient as always <3

I love editing and I’m perfectly happy to do it on its own but it kinda sucks that it’s one of the few creative endeavors that you can’t listen to music during

i have the majority of my drafts done and queued to post over the next few days !! i will be updating my thread tracker tomorrow + gathering lost replies, so i apologize ahead of time if i’ve been neglecting our thread !!

i’m currently working on my follow forever since i passed 100 followers a few days ago – something i want to thank you all for !! <3