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Hi! I saw you did sone recommendations and im still new to shoujo and you seem like the perfect person to come to! I realllyyyyy love kamisama kiss, maid sama, yona of the dawn, snow white with read hair and kamigami no asobi, do you have any recommendations along these lines, or anything different that its just generally good?? thanks love x


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Kimi Ni Todoke

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Your Lie in April

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Golden Time

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Wolf Girl Black Prince

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Ouran High School Host Club

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Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!

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The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

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Lovely Complex

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Here’s a few that I think you’ll really like! Let me know which one you decide to watch and if you like it! Also if you want a summary of each one you can always go on MAL and read the descriptions! Enjoy love ❤️❤️❤️

*Edit - I didn’t mention Kamisama Kiss, Maid Sama, Yona of the Dawn or Snow White with the Red Hair because the anon said they already watched them but those are allllll amazing anime as well!!

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Now the grade system has been scrapped the show has become more enjoyable to watch. It's so nice seeing the trainees working in teams. It seems like a fairer way of judging the contestants as well. I'm really proud of our Nu'est boys too, they had a rough start but they've seemed to pick themselves up and have been interacting with the other trainees instead of just sticking to themselves. JR was so worried about being leader but everyone encouraged him. Continued.

Cont. It feels like they had lost all of their confidence in the beginning but it makes me so happy that the other trainees are actually supporting them and I was so happy Ren and Baekho were also picked for teams, I was scared they would be leftover but the other trainees do recognise their talent. There are so many talented guys in this show, it sucks we can’t vote, but I’m cheering on more contestants every week not just nu'est. I have so much respect for how hard everyone is working.

Oh, I’ve definitely picked up a few of my own favorites (including spiderboy, he won my heart over pretty quickly just by being so quirky in his introduction clip). A good chunk of these kids are total sweethearts and I hope they all meet with success by the end of the show. 

The grading system is really there just to divide them all and humiliate them. If there’s one thing Korea is super good at, it’s competitive culture and making people constantly compare themselves to their peers. It’s one of the few aspects of the culture I don’t care for in the slightest (but also don’t misunderstand me, I love Korea and respect their culture, but every culture also has its flaws). Though that aspect of the show is basically gone now, that doesn’t mean things will get easier. It just means now everything will be based on Korean voting rank, unfortunately. 

It also doesn’t mean Mnet isn’t going to edit the show in very deliberate ways to try to undermine certain trainees or bring advantage to their favorites. What’s important is that the audience is vigilant in paying attention to what’s going on and that we continue to support our boys until the end. 


30 DAYS OF KBRITCHIE » day 5 | favourite aerial ethereal relationships

“I like your sister,” I tell him first. “She’s sweet.” He’s taken aback, like no one has ever called Katya sweet before. “She’s still figuring things out,” he says.“I get it,” I breathe. She’s trying to find herself.

Timo licks his bottom lip and laughs. “You want me to be single, John?” This took a turn. I stare between them, my eyes pinging back and forth with intrigue. John puts the beer to his lips. “I’m out of your league, Timo.”  “If you say so.“

Luka’s gaze lands on Nikolai, and that regret floods his features again. “Don’t break up with him because of me, okay?” The panic in his tone actually freezes my muscles. I swallow a rock. “I won’t,” I assure him. He nods a couple times, trying to believe me.


nikolina network challenge: week 1 - word

redamancy [red-uh-muhn-see] — (noun) Although an obsolete and antiquated word, redamancy brings forth nostalgia of the purity of love’s nature. It is defined as the act of loving the one who loves you, therefore it is a reciprocal affection. It is applicable across all spectrums of love, from friendship, romantic relationships, family bonds, and more. Redamancy’s beauty lies in its rarity and discontinuity, few words in the English vocabulary encompass loving or being loved in return. 

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Do you ever change your clothes or do you just happen to have many identical ones? You always wear that Game Boy T-shirt whenever I see you...

Of course I change clothes! What kind of trail captain wears the same outfit till it stinks? In fact-

I have quite a few. 
Don’t get me wrong, I love my Gameboy-T, it’s a GameFreak limited edition that’s usually found horribly over priced online. You guys tend come around when I’ve already gone through my closet. I’ll try and wear more of a variety, but I won’t make any promises.

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“Jimin I have a surprise for you.” “What baby?” “You’ll see. I just have one rule. You’re not allowed to touch me until I say so.”


In a place far away from everything and everyone, you are the one I want to be with forever.

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Headcanons of the Aphrodite cabin, please

  • They fight primarily  with magic. They have charmspeak, and many can change their appearance at will. They also have a collection of magic lipsticks, each one with its own power when you wear it and kiss someone. 
  • If they change their appearance to look like someone else to trick another person they call it “black swanning a person”
  • Seriously one of the most dangerous and underestimated cabins. 
  • They have huge collections of poetry, Austin novels, and classic Vogue editions. 
  • 90% of them are bi/pansexual.  There are always a few monsexual and asexual people in the cabin too. There is no shame in sexuality in the cabin. The asexual campers focus heavily on the power of familial and platonic love. 

The first drawing for Inktober, and it’s Gengar! Sadly I don’t have the time to draw something every day, but I have a few more ink pieces planned for the rest of Inktober c:

I know I’ve said I wasn’t going to create any more pokemon in the same style as the Gilded Eeveelutions, but a close friend of mine wanted to see Gengar in that black and gold style (and I’m sure some other people have mentioned they’ve wanted to see other pokemon in black and gold as well), so I figured “eh, why not?” I may choose to do another one in the near future if I feel inspired!

As this Gengar is pretty special, he’ll be up as a limited edition, 5x7 metallic print on my Etsy; there will only ever be 30 copies of this Gengar printed! A small number will be written on the back of each print to denote its uniqueness - for example, the 6th print will have “6/30″ in the bottom corner, along with my signature.

I’m really excited to be participating in Inktober this year, even if it’s only a few pieces that I’ll be able to draw. Ink is lovely <3

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endless list of characters→ emma bloom

“To some it might’ve seemed callous, the way she boxed up her pain and set it aside, but I knew her well enough now to understand. She had a heart the size of France, and the lucky few whom she loved with it were loved with every square inch—but its size made it dangerous, too. If she let it feel everything, she’d be wrecked. So she had to tame it, shush it, shut it up. Float the worst pains off to an island that was quickly filling with them, where she would go to live one day.”


still not sleeping and thinking about tom cruise and how hot he is sometimes xD mmm still my fav movie with tom and aksjfkadfkj i love lestat! - also no one giffed me tom cruise today so i giffed tom myself lol you are welcome 


Walking in a Straight Line by @msgenevieve447

A loving study on Mary Margaret & David and Emma  & Killian

summary: It’s one of the oldest stories in the book.  Two old friends have a few too many drinks, two old friends share a kiss.  Happens all the time, right?  But what happens when only one of them actually remembers it? 

Fanfics that deserve to be movies [4/?] [1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 1213, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19,


Requested by @Randomvlogstuff.  I hope that you like it love and I’m sorry it took so long.  I tried a new editing process and would love to have feedback on it!  Does it read better this way or the way I used to write it?  Please let me know what you think!

You and Dean had known each other for long.  In the short time you did know him your world toppled on its head.  One night, months ago, you’d run into each other at a bar.  It was almost closing time, meaning that the bar patrons were more drunk than sober.  Of course, you started arguing with a few of the guys hanging around.  Being sober and coherent you put them on their asses without much of a fight.  The group slunk out of the bar as Dean took up the empty barstool next to you.   He trapped you into a conversation and you two talked until closing.  After more run-ins he introduced you to his lifestyle and trained you to become a hunter.  Soon afterwards Dean brought you on real hunts.

Dean wasn’t one to open up about his problems, so you couldn’t be sure what had happened to his brother.  You knew the stories from other hunters told, of course.  Until you heard it out of Dean’s mouth you refused to believe any of the gossip.  You owed him that much.  

     Because of that you never broached the subject until it was staring you in the face.  Sam came right up knocking on your motel doorstep.  Dean answered the door while you were sitting cross-legged on the bed, reading up on local lore.

“Sam?”  Dean asked, disbelief evident in his voice.  That caught your attention, causing you to jump up to stand next to Dean.  You knew that Sam was the name of Dean’s brother, but the guy in front of you looked nothing like Dean.  This man was much taller, and his shaggy hair brown instead of blonde.

“Yeah Dean.  It’s me.”  The man replied, only to be greeted with a splash of holy water to his face.  When that proved to do nothing, Dean grabbed Sam by the shirt collar and yanked him into the room.

     “Y/N shut the door.”  Dean directed, shoving Sam up against one of the walls.  Sam just seemed to let Dean throw him around, holding his hands up in mock surrender.  You shut the door and locked it, turning back around to see Dean wielding a knife against Sam’s hand.  Sam remained still, wincing when the blade sliced against the skin of his palm.

     “Dean, it’s me.  Really me.  I got out.”  Sam stated, balling his bleeding hand into his dirty shirt when Dean released him.  He took a step backward, glancing at you out of the corner of his eye before setting his knife down and sighing.

     “Welcome home Sammy.”  He smiled, engulfing the taller man in a hug, much to your surprise.  You had never seen Dean display so much happiness.  It was a pleasant change in pace compared to his usual angry stupor.


     Dean and Sam catching up made up the majority of your night.  Occasionally they invited you into the conversation, but you gave them time to catch up.  As the night wore on you noticed an awkwardness creep into the atmosphere.  Neither Dean nor Sam seemed to acknowledge it, but you felt it in your bones.  Sam was Dean’s hunting partner.  Dean took you on as a replacement for him, to fill the void his disappearance left.  With Sam back in the picture, where did that leave you?  Your heart ached at the thought of being cast away with Sam being back around.

     A few months after you started hunting with Dean you started to grow feelings for him.  Not thinking Dean would reciprocate them you kept your feelings to yourself.  The first rule of hunting that Dean taught you was this life didn’t leave a lot of room for a permanent romance.  That didn’t help quench your feelings, however.  Now with Sam back in the picture, you didn’t want to be elbowed out of what had been a good thing.

        With that in mind, you decided to take matters into your own hands.  Before you got pushed out, you decided to leave of your own free accord.  You hoped this way your leaving would be less painful.  Dean and Sam had gotten a different motel room so no one would have to share a bed.  This made leaving without saying goodbye a little easier.  You wrote out a note goodbye that you attached to the Impala’s front windshield.

“Going somewhere?”  Dean’s voice came from behind you, causing you to straighten up.

     “Now that Sam’s back I thought we would go our separate ways.”  You replied, squaring off your shoulders before turning around to face Dean.  “Your hunting partner is back, figured it was better for me to duck out early on before you had to ask me to leave.”

     “You thought I would ask you to leave?”  Dean asked, hurt flashing across his facial features.  You hadn’t bet on that emotion, and it made your sureness falter.

     “Wouldn’t you have?”  You asked, nervousness seeping into your voice.  Dean adamantly shook his head, moving to lean against the hood beside you.

     “You’re as much my hunting partner as Sam is.  Sure it’ll take some adjustment for all of us, but I would never ask you to leave.  Unless you want to leave.”  He offered, uncertainty now seeping into his own voice.  “Do you want to leave?  Go hunting on your own for a little while?”

     “No.”  You answered, studying to stone parking lot at the toes of your shoes.  “I wouldn’t even know where else to go.”  You offered, earning a slight chuckle from the body besides you.

     “If you ever do decide to leave, a note on the hood of my car doesn’t suffice as a ‘goodbye’.”  Dean pointed out, leaning behind you to pick up the hand scrawled note and glancing over it.  “You’re going to have to tell me goodbye in person, sweetheart.”  He folded the paper once more and stuffed it into his pants pocket.

     “I didn’t think I’d be able to say goodbye to your face.”  You confessed, focusing on anything besides Dean in a vain attempt to hide the blush that was creeping across your face.

     “Why not?”  He asked, noticing your avoidance in eye contact.  You paused to think about your phrasing before answering.

     “After spending all this time together I didn’t think I would be able to say goodbye to your face.  I care about you Dean.”  You answered, glancing up at him and being trapped by his green piercing eyes.

     “I care about you too.  I wouldn’t have pulled you along with this if I didn’t.  If I had woken up tomorrow with you gone I would’ve been pissed.  No phone number, no idea where you were going or if you were ok.”  Dean sighed, pulling his gaze away from you and instead towards the motel.  “I don’t know what I would’ve done.”  He added after a long pause.  You studied the side of his face, how his jaw clenched and unclenched as he fought with something inside of himself.

     “I’m sorry.”  You offered, earning his attention once more.  He smiled softly at you before leaning in and pressing his lips against the side of your mouth, just enough to leave you wanting more.

     “Come on.”  He said, pulling away and straightening up.  He looped his left arm around your shoulders, pulling you into him and tossing your duffle bag over his other shoulder.  Tucking yourself away into Dean’s side, you let him lead you back towards your conjoining motel rooms, smiling like an idiot.  Dean cared about you, and what’s more was that he wanted you to stick around.  You could live with knowing that for now.

That other thing I just drew reminded me of Mcsiggys dance au

Its the best au tbh, go check it out.