4x06 “Yellow Fever”
The Colour Yellow or: “The Eye of the Tiger”

This is one of those “I can’t believe it took me this long to realize this”-posts, because while skipping through this episode looking for pretty moments to edit. I happened to re-watch this moment in its entirety, because frankly it is one of the best scenes of the show imo: This small moment where for just a few seconds Sam’s eyes flash yellow. It is of course connected to and a sort of flashback to Dean’s experiences and hallucinations prior in the episode where he saw Sam with yellow eyes taunting him that he’d have to go back to Hell.

Without taking anything else into account, I always found this moment extremely powerful as it shows so clearly how scared Dean isn’t just for Sam, but actually of Sam. What I never had connected before when watching this episode however is how the title and Dean jamming out to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” (and the band name actually speaks volumes in relation to Dean being fresh out of Hell) relate to this scene in particular.

I am of course aware that some people may think that I am totally reading too much into this, but well: Can’t unsee what I can’t unsee.

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“Jimin I have a surprise for you.” “What baby?” “You’ll see. I just have one rule. You’re not allowed to touch me until I say so.”


30 DAYS OF KBRITCHIE » day 5 | favourite aerial ethereal relationships

“I like your sister,” I tell him first. “She’s sweet.” He’s taken aback, like no one has ever called Katya sweet before. “She’s still figuring things out,” he says.“I get it,” I breathe. She’s trying to find herself.

Timo licks his bottom lip and laughs. “You want me to be single, John?” This took a turn. I stare between them, my eyes pinging back and forth with intrigue. John puts the beer to his lips. “I’m out of your league, Timo.”  “If you say so.“

Luka’s gaze lands on Nikolai, and that regret floods his features again. “Don’t break up with him because of me, okay?” The panic in his tone actually freezes my muscles. I swallow a rock. “I won’t,” I assure him. He nods a couple times, trying to believe me.


5/10 lyrics: 
but wouldn’t it be fine to share
the weather in her eyes, her hair,
her footsteps as she climbs the stair,
the shadow in her light?


Fav Exo Fics: A Beast In Repose

Author: thesockmonster

A modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast. And by modern I mean no magic or curses or castles, so bear that in mind please.

Absolutely love @elixerofalchemists‘s Bill from Fractured Falls. To be honest, I screamed when he finally got a form of his own. A PRETTY HANDSOM ONE TOO! <3

Made this one a transparent picture. Hope you like it~


“The power of the ice sculpture is in forgetting that the ice sculpture is even there.”

Happy 42nd birthday, Christian Borle!! (October 1, 1973)

These are a few pictures I photoshopped that show off Christian’s personality/interests. This was fun to make and it was good practice for my photoshopping skills. I think I did pretty well.

Please don’t remove my credit on this post. I worked hard on these.

Weekend Giveaway - Carnivale Edition! - Finished!

Hello hello! Busy times this week - gearing up to help run some panels at Pi-Con in Windsor Locks, CT tomorrow! I’ve still had time to grind, though, which means the usual holiday giveaway.;)

That’s one each of of the chests, one each of the skins/accents that can’t be found in chests, one each of the apparel, and the familiar.:)

Rules are the same as always. Reblog once with your FR username and ID # to enter - likes makes me feel loved but don’t count as an entry. You can enter multiple names/IDs in one reblog, so long as they’re only entered ONCE - if they show up in another post I’ll ignore both entries. (So enter your friends if you like, but make sure no one else is entering them as well!) You don’t have to be following me to enter.:) Giveaway ends sometime Sunday, August 2, 2015, before rollover; I’ll update this post when it’s done so be sure to check back here.

Good luck, and have a great weekend!:)

*edit* And done! (A little late…it’s only just after rollover though!) Congratulations allthesepixeldergs - hope you like it all!:)

‘What is it with Adele? Why does everyone like her?' 

Well, I’ll tell you 'what’s with Adele’. She is one of these few people that I believe come once or twice in a generation. The kind of people that actually make music for its beauty and for the love of it rather than for what goes with it. It is hard today to find someone who only makes art because it is what they love, though much easier to bump into fame lovers and people in pursuit of power that like to go by the status of ’artists’. Adele is not a recording-moneymaking machine. Adele comes back and the next second, like the smoke of a cigarette, disappears. Adele doesn’t really show any love for her fans, but it’s alright and has always been, because she is who she is and as she blesses the world with every single word she sings, we forgive. Adele doesn’t show off. Adele is quiet. Adele doesn’t need to make the music world revolve around her, it does by itself. People don’t talk about the last guy she fucked, or the clothes she last wore. They talk about the music she makes. Sad to admit it is, but it’s only rare to find a musician today who actually tends to be known for their music. So yeah, Adele is depressing. Adele is fat. Adele is annoying. Adele is ugly. Adele is overrated. Adele is boring. Adele is this and Adele is that. But Adele, my boy, Adele is everything music needs right now.

'Adele’s soul comes through her eyes’

it’s been awhile since i did my last follow forever (fuck its been over a year how did that happen?? ) anywAYY i’ve found lots of wonderful new blogs/friends since then and i want u all t know i love u sOOO much, you make tumblr enjoyable and keep my dash filled with niall, just how i like it! so im gonna start off w/ a few of my closest and best friends (u all mean very much to me bc i have no real life friends u guys r all i got i lOVE U)

trina, holly, gulcan, mia

and now for all the blogs i love (most are mutuals and im very honored to be able t say that!) 











also i kno it’s all spaced weird but tumblr’s so weird like?? so sorry bout that just trying to make it readable!! but yah hope u all kno that you’re wonderful blogs/people i love u all!! 

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I hit 500!! holy shit! i want to preface this with Just How Much I love every single one of u and how grateful I am for everyone. Even if we aren’t mutuals, I love you and I’m so glad. This is my follow forever, and it’s made entirely of mutuals because- mostly because I’m too lazy

Some people might have been missed and if so I am,, so sorry I love you anyway

favourites are in bold (note: there aren’t many because its mostly just for a few people )


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To celebrate school hopefully being cancelled tomorrow (its supposed to be -40°??) 


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— “If the right one came up then i’d love to play music with people. music. .especially writing stuff has always been quite uhm.. i don’t know fairly protective about it. i’ve tried co-writing once a few years ago and it was the most horrible experience in my life . . like ”you can’t do that, that doesn’t make sense! “ but yeah i’d love to do collaborations with people, you sort of can’t plan these things, its never something i’d want to do where its  like the label pushes for it or someone managing is pushing for it… its like if you meet some cool people and they play good music that you like and then it works like that.”