so this might be Too Angsty for this blog sorry but like

Maybe we should stop telling young LGBT+ kids who have come out their family and faced horrible rejection and hatred that their family will “come around eventually.” Maybe we should stop encouraging them to continue to picture their parents as some sort of Wise Beings who will Learn Someday and No Longer Hate Them.

Because not everybody’s parents “come around,” and not everyone wants their parents to come around. Parents are regular people who are capable of just as much evil as any other person, even if it’s directed at their own children. Parents are no magically enlightened people who will slowly come to understand homophobia/transphobia from their child’s struggles.

And telling some vulnerable child who has just been told by their parents that they’re going to hell, sinning, a freak, unloved, hated, or a mistake or whatever else that “Don’t worry!! Your parents hate you now and want you dead but someday maybe they won’t think you’re the scum of the Earth and everything will be hunky dory :)” isn’t going to help that child.

When you’re grieving the loss of your parents’ love, the last thing you need to be told is to “be patient.” Any parent who tells their child that they are unwanted and unloved has forfeited their right to patience.

Especially because what if the child’s parents don’t come around? What if the 13 year old who came out to his parents as a trans boy waits and waits for his parents to decide to help him pay for surgery, for years, thinking that they’ll “come around” because “no parent could hate their kid that much” realizes that his parents won’t help him with hormones, won’t help him with surgery, won’t call him by his real name, won’t use the right pronouns, and continue to misgender him? What happens when he has to come to terms with the fact that his parents won’t “come around,” that he’ll have to find a job and move out if he wants to be himself, that his parents won’t want to see him get married or keep updated with his life. Do you just tell him to keep hoping? Hoping that one day his parents will say “sorry we’ve been transphobic shits all these years. Buy you a beer to make up for it?”

Because I know I don’t want my parents to come around anymore. There isn’t anything they can do to me to make me want to forgive them, to make me want to have them in my life any more than I absolutely have to for my own survival. And if they did “come around” and try to apologize, I wouldn’t want it.

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“We are the faceless
We are the nameless
We are the hopeless
Until we have faces”

~Faceless by Red

That song has been on loop when I was making this.


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When the Sorting Hat told Lily he wanted to put her in Slytherin, her first impulse was to beg fot it to sort her into Gryffindor instead. After all, that was what her father had done, so why shouldn’t it work for her as well?
But then she had seen her brothers at the Gryffindor table. James and Albus, who she loved and looked up to. Who had spent the better part of the summer and the whole ride on the Hogwarts Expresstaunting her over “better being sorted into the right house”. And so she squared her shoulders, mouth set into a grim line and said nothing.


Elle Fanning as Lily Luna Potter asked by anonymus

Review on the Assassin's Creed movie

WARNING: Spoilers, me being a critic, my opinion.

Dont read if you dont want to know, please.

Recently, I have seen the Assassin’s Creed movie. I have also played most of the games as well. Now this is going to be my opinion on the movie and how it should have been rather than what it is now.

In my opinion, the movie is so inaccurate on many levels. The animus isnt right, the bleeding effect is super messed up and misused, the actual blood spill is never there, the time in the past is short lived, the way the man gets into the animus is totally wrong, and eagle vision isnt even used!

1} The Animus is now this robotic arm-thing that hooks onto a belt. The main charact (Cal) is given hidden blades on each arm and this big-looking machine coder thing is jabbed into the bottom of his head to get to his brain to get into his past and to show visual effects. Now they also took his blood ONCE. Anyways, the giant robo arm bends down and picks up Cal by the b e l t.

The arm is supposed to be this Animus that allows Cal to act like hes running, jumping, etc. on nothing instead of the traditional and original Animus where the person would have to lie down and have this shield go over their head. They would also have to close their eyes. Now this is wrong on so many levels.

In this ‘Animus’, Cal has his eyes open and hes seeing everything differently rather than the right way.

2} Now for the bleeding effect. Oh my goodness, I swear Ubisoft or the movie company producing this film must have screwed up big time for this. In this case, they did.

The bleeding effect is when a person comes out of the Animus and begins to see things from the recent ‘time travel’. This is caused by over exposure to the Animus. Now durring one of these trips, Cal began to interact and 'fight’ with his ancestor assassin. Near the end of the movie, he sees his dead mother and father. They both start
/speaking/ to Cal, like they were his assassin ancestors from 1492. The bleeding effect doesnt work that way. It only displays what the person has seen INSIDE the Animus, not from recent deceased loved ones, or anyone the person hasnt seen in the Animus. That pissed me off.

3} When assassinating someone, you would assume to see blood, correct? Well not in this movie! This movie just defies the laws of physics and when someone gets stabbed now, nobody has blood or marks on their body! Great, right? No, not in this case. Did Ubisoft have budget cuts or something? In the part where Cal assassinates a Templar Grand Mast- there isnt even a Grand Master. Anyways, when he assassinates the main Templar, he cuts his throat. Wheres the blood? Its not even o n h i s c l o t h e s. Wth?

4} The time it shows in the Animus is short lived. Assassins Creed is about the history and the war between Templars and Assassins. In the movie, there isnt much footage of the ancestor himself. Its mostly showing Cal and present day happenings.

Anywho, thats my rant and opinion on this. Overall it was an okay movie with somewhat realistic effects. I rate this movie a 3.5 - 4.0 out of 5 stars.


I wanna stay inside all day. I want the world to go away.
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