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can we please please please have a little more of the devil will fic? thank you!!!!

Alright nonny, here’s another 100 words for you.

[part one]

Hannibal’s icy hand is warmed to the bone inside the man’s strong grip. “Who are you?” he asks, snow crunching beneath his boots as they near the shed where Mischa lies.

“I have many names,” he says, “but you can call me Will.”

“Are you God?”

Will smiles. His blue eyes glow, a flash of orange and red. “Not exactly. But I did hear your prayers.”

Hannibal’s eyes fix on the shed’s half-open door. “Can you save her?”

“I’m afraid it’s too late for her,” Will says. “But not for you. Tell me, little one, what does your heart desire?”


一口辛口:someone who doesn’t speak often, but when they do, it’s scathing

oh my god so my 14 y/o cousin downloaded Pokemon Go and honestly it’s been great for him

My cousin was bullied a lot for his mental illnesses and other things and he hasn’t left the house in 3 years since it gives him really bad anxiety. He’s also sort of an otaku but only because it comforts him

so a few friends he’d made on the net told him about pokemon go and he downloaded it, and said he wanted to go outside to play it but he was super scared. I said I would go with him so we’ve spent all of today walking around the nearest city playing it and he’s had so much fun with it

I’m just so proud and happy for my cousin because this is such a big thing for him and it probably sped up the process of him working on leaving the house. He was out of doors for 5 hours. FIVE. And it didn’t bother him at all because he was just playing a game

So any adults who want to fear monger this game by saying that there are paedophiles, and it’s dangerous, keep in mind that it’s also helping a fuck ton of people, too.

Good Nightlife || Misty + DJ


Goldenrod was the most happening city in all of Johto according to every magazine she’d ever read. From the towering Department Store, to the bustling Game Corner, to the busy Radio Tower, there was plenty to see. Even after hours, there was no shortage of things to see and do. While some parts of the city were going to sleep, others were just waking up.

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