Kingsmanniversay Day 3: Feed My Lines: What is your favorite quote? My brother’s favorite quote is the top and mine’s the bottom.

My bro: It’s just really hilarious how he described Eggsy stealing his car, like he didn’t need to specifically say ‘15 donuts in my fucking face’ but he still did.

Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

on nonbinary representation, and why couple-ish is amazing as hell

so here’s the thing

in modern film/television, the vast majority of characters who are genderless, or in between male and female, or fluid in their gender, are either robots and aliens

and EVEN THEN, most people feel the need to assign some gender to them (see: BB-8, BMO, etc)

its very very rare to see a human character identify as nonbinary

in fact, the only instance i’ve ever come across (other than dee) is lafontaine 

(gee, kaitlyn’s really the epitome of nb representation, huh?)

and carmilla has always been great at representation, be it well-rounded women, wlw or nonbinary people

but the thing that makes carmilla so good… is that it doesn’t talk about it

there’s no ‘you can’t do this because youre a girl’ and there’s no ‘i wonder if she’s gay’ and there’s certainly no ‘oh shit now i need to come out, i wonder if people will accept me’ 

and that’s great! because lgbt people are tired of hearing about the struggles of being lgbt, they want characters like them, who get to go on regular adventures like everyone else

the only problem is that nonbinary people are vastly underrepresented, and carmilla’s method of just accepting people’s identities without talking about it, can make this confusing, because a lot of people don’t really understand this gender 

and then enter… 


so here we have a main character who identifies as nonbinary, and for the first few episodes this is completely accepted. nobody messed up pronouns, amy refers to dee as ‘sib’ which i think is adorable btw and as a trans-gender-somewhat-unsure person, this felt like a breath of fresh air

at the same time, when a new character was introduced (cute butt guy, ed), there was no pretence that he’d magically understand dee’s gender straight away, because of course he wouldnt, our society doesn’t recognise nb people

so then dee had to sit down and explain it to him, which gave us one of the most important scenes in history (in my humble opinion)

we got a talk about pronouns, we got a clear explanation of what dee’s gender means to them, and we got pretty much the best-case scenario (which did include confusion because, as mentioned before, our society pretends nonbinary people don’t exist)

(we also got kaitlyn dancing in their underwear which was pretty awesome)

this episode felt like the perfect balance between ‘lets make it happy because lgbt people have enough sad media’ but also ‘lets make it realistic’

and to be honest i think the entire show itself walks the line between ‘giving lgbt people stories other than their lgbt identity’ and ‘talking about the issues that arise’ 

and basically… couple-ish

Woah, Destiel fic

Title: Don’t Pull Away (wow, I suck at titles, I’m open to ideas)

Rating: General Audiences

Relationship: Dean Winchester/Castiel

Summary: Castiel can pinpoint the moment he knew Dean Winchester would be his best friend, but he can’t pinpoint when he fell for the same boy. Now as they face their last summer before college, Cas is determined to find out why Dean has been acting so distant. All he wanted was one last summer with his best friend, was that too much to ask?

A/N: This is another one of my kiss list ones. I really don’t know what I was writing so I’m not sure it makes total sense, but man I kinda love this kiss. Also, after this week’s episode, I’m just really feeling some destiel. Honestly. As always, please let me know what you think! I love to hear from you guys! I’m new at this and still trying to learn!

Castiel could pinpoint the moment he knew he would be best friends with Dean.

He was in second grade, and it was the time in the day when the kids would sit and read until their eyes were heavy and the teacher would no doubt have to wake a few kids up. But there was something different today, a new voice took over his thoughts threatening Amelia Bedilia’s reign on his mind. He looked up to see a boy with a mess of blonde hair that looked like he hardly brushed it,, though he could see that the boy had tried, and green eyes that pierced through the room.

Castiel knew the new boy would be sitting by him as it was the only seat available in Mrs. Pozzi’s classroom. So He let himself watch as the boy put his backpack in the cubby and grabbed his book out before making his way timidly through the room to the seat next to him. Castiel didn’t say anything at first only sat and waited, but when it became clear that the new boy wouldn’t say anything first, he decided to start the introductions.

“Hello, I’m Castiel, but you can call me Cas because everyone says Castiel is a hard name, but I don’t care.”

Dean had smiled back brighter than Cas had ever seen before answering easily

“I think it’s a pretty name! My name is Dean. It’s not as cool as yours, and I don’t like it.”

“Well I do.”

And they had spent the rest of the day reading and laughing and getting in trouble, but they hadn’t cared. Cas knew that he would have a friend from that day on and he was certainly not disappointed.

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Tav Stilinski was walking to her car, putting the bag of clothes in the passenger side
before moving over to the driver side, to get back to the hospital, to her father and
her brother. When she smelt a familiar scent from behind her, she sighed before turning
around and facing her brother’s best friend and a second brother to her. 

Scott. What do you want? I have to get back to the hospital. 

Here’s hopefully to a night that the whole neighborhoods power doesn’t go off again like it did yesterday…

(I mean it wasn’t a total loss since I was still dressed up from shopping so I just went out again but…honestly I wanted to sit on my butt and look at stuff on my computer’s nice big screen… Is that too much to ask…?)

I think it's time to change my lifestyle.

From a time until now I have realized that the life I am living right now doesn’t allow me to enjoy the little things.
At times I bury myself in negative thoughts, and don’t stop for a second to think about all the good things.
I am a person who is terrified of failure, but instead of looking behind of me to see how far I have come, I keep looking forward, seeing that there is still such a long way to go.
I have made the decision to change this, and instead of looking at the bad things and worrying about the days that haven’t come, I will try to find new activities to keep my mind busy.
School tends to be pretty stressful for me, so on my free time, I will try to draw, not only to keep myself busy, but also to improve my skills. I also want to learn how to knit, and even though it will take me longer, I am willing to do it. Also taking walks and socializing more are things I will definitely do. Reading more books is also in this list, along with many other things.
I have really come to this because I refuse to let the negative things take the best of me. I am young and I have a long life ahead of me, and I want to live it a day at a time, giving all I got and never giving up.
I just have to take it easy, but never forget to give it all I got.
I am sure that all my effort will be worth it at the end of this year.
I’m totally determined!