If I could tell you one thing, it’d be this. Don’t settle. Don’t settle until you get what you deserve, and it’s everything you’ve ever wanted. You wait for the person that you can tell them everything about you, and everything that has happened. You wait for the person who you can call up at 3am or 3pm and they’ll answer. You wait for the person who wants to know your favorite color and why it is that color. You wait for the person who you can sit up all night and talk to, or go out an party, or just hang out and sleep. You wait for the person you can trust fully, who makes you wanna be a better person but makes you happy that your you. You wait for the person that makes you feel so alive that you could do anything. You wait for the person who would do anything to make you smile just as you would for them. You wait for your person. Don’t you dare settle for less.
—  If I could tell you one thing…

It’s something that we all probably dream about, at one time or another in our lives, female or male. Finding one perfect person that fits the missing puzzle piece inside us, and we fit theirs. Andy and Sam have that. - Ben Bass

But as long as I was going to be McNally, it was going to be Sam. Always - Missy Peregrym

I lied. I do believe in love, I believe in it more than anything. I just say I don’t because then I’m safe. Then I don’t have to admit I’m in love with you. I’m too scared to admit it because I feel that I will never be good enough. I think I’m unloveable, so it’s easier to pretend. I believe in love, but I don’t.
—  5-9-16

So I accidentally came out to my aunt today in the middle of an argument. I was so offended, so insulted on my behalf and on everyone else’s that I just blurted it out. The ensuing ‘conversation’ was awful and I am emotionally spent. My sister says that it’s fine, and not a big deal and that I should get over it. 

It’s not fine. It is a big deal. I will not get over it. 

The things my aunt said were awful, ignorant and homophobic. It is not okay to make a human being feel like they are less of a person because of the way they were born. It’s not. 

We do not deserve to be treated like lower class citizens.

We do not deserve to have to hide from our friends and family because we’re afraid of retribution from them.

We do not deserve to have to hide our flags and wipe off our face paint when we leave Pride just to get home safely.

We do deserve to be ourselves.

We do deserve to be happy and heard.

We do deserve to be treated like human beings.

We have days, weeks and even months dedicated to awareness, to making our community visible. But, is it visible outside of our community? Do people that need to be educated actually see it? See us? Not really. If people go looking for it it’s there, if people go looking for it our community is vibrant and thriving. But if they don’t, they hardly know it exists.

Well, screw that. 

I’m going to make posters and put them in places that people are going to see, I’m going to hand out flyers just like every other group does, I’m going to organise parties and festivals in the middle of my city where we can’t be ignored. I’m going to paint my city with rainbows and they are going to see it.

I refuse to be treated as a lower class citizen. 

I refuse to be scared and forced into hiding.

I refuse to be ignored.

pros and cons of being mutuals with a bunch of cute couples

pros: i see their posts talking about how much they love each other that make me feel warm and glad to see how happy they are together

cons: their relationships are too cute and im constantly reminded of how my boyfriend constantly calls me a furry and deliberately points out how “good” milk is when i Know its not

As a trans boy im fed up and tired.

I’m so done. The fact that trans women (who are beautiful and wonderful) are held on a pedestal by cis “feminists”(they arent real feminists) while trans men are insulted and talked about in disgusting ways is just sickening. I’m so tired of hearing the statement “Why would you want to be a guy ewww” from stupid people with their heads in their ass. I GET IT TUMBLR i get that “men are pigs” and all that jazz but fuck man You all act like trans men dont deal with the problems that come with being a dfab. Most of us still get our periods. Half of us still dont pass no matter how hard we try. And dont let me get fucking started on the fact that people will just call us lesbian. IM SOOOO SORRY THAT MY ATTEMPT AT BEING WHAT I AM IS SOOOOO FUCKING OFFENSIVE TO YOU SO CALLED FEMINISTS //INTENSE FUCKING SARCASM \ ||||I can go on and on about this and how many other things are wrong with tumblr feminism and its views on trans masculine people but i wont but im to exhausted to even try