thing is… harry pulls off the long hair so fucking well like i hear people all the time like omg whats with the hair wtf is going on bUT he genuinely looks so damn good its incredible like he can put in a bun or just leave it out and look absolutely gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous either way i dont get it

“You think I’m trying to act “tumblr” when I smoke or get drunk or don’t sleep for a week? Depression is not some shit for you to romanticize.

You think I’m rude for never speaking to anyone or making eye contact? Social anxiety is not some hip new trend for you to fit in.

You think me being skinny is your goals? Anorexia is not some game to see how many ribs you can see.

They are fucking diseases. Don’t romanticize them while I sit here dying

—  A letter to all you who think it’s poetic

Guys, why is it that when I don’t leave my house for 6 weeks I come out sickly looking and 100 pounds heavier BUT WHEN MICHAEL FUCKING CLIFFORD DOES IT HE EMERGES MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN HE WAS BEFORE