why don’t we talk about shirtless Ashton more

just look at him


Whoever took that picture with ashton wins at life 

I dont even know whats happening in this photo but ABS


Oh My Gosh

Look at them working out together

There is a nice mirror image that will kill you

In conclusion this needs to be talked about more

thing is… harry pulls off the long hair so fucking well like i hear people all the time like omg whats with the hair wtf is going on bUT he genuinely looks so damn good its incredible like he can put in a bun or just leave it out and look absolutely gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous either way i dont get it


I feel that the right people came together at the exact right time on the exact right network, and it kind of resulted in a show that played by its own rules. We kind of got to do whatever we wanted. We were a show that took you wherever we wanted to take you from week to week. It was a rare experience, where I think we were able to leave it all out on the field, and we had the support of our studio and our network, combined with the blessing of them maybe not entirely understanding what we were doing, which I think would often work to our advantage. As a result, we kind of got to make a show on our own terms, which is incredibly rare, and we got to do it for eight years. That’s extraordinary. - James Roday

I lied. I do believe in love, I believe in it more than anything. I just say I don’t because then I’m safe. Then I don’t have to admit I’m in love with you. I’m too scared to admit it because I feel that I will never be good enough. I think I’m unloveable, so it’s easier to pretend. I believe in love, but I don’t.
—  5-9-16