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au where Viktor does one of those huge flash mob proposals for Yuuri and "Marry You" by Bruno mars is playing and everyone is dancing and Yuuri is crying and out comes Viktor and he proposes and everyone is crying and it's super sweet and cute. (Even worse... ice skating flash mob. BAM)

commisioned @karymarang​ to draw me pregnant Prompto back at Creator Super Festival last week!!! ITS so CUTE she even goT THE AUDACITY to ADD Noctis on it LIKE KARY JESUS CHRST MY HEART???

I love it so much I said “My baby Prompto is having a baby wow” and Kary just replied “DOUBLE BABY!” aND BOI I CAN’T. Also I love the fact u draw the v13 Prompto and so I draw v13 Promptis too lol

hidden relationship with idol!mark (requested)

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request: hidden relationship with idol!mark plsss ♥

a/n: here you go anon!! thank you so much for requesting! i hope you like it!!!! im personally not satisfied with the ending but idk :( pls read my other stuff:

 hidden relationship w idol!jaehyun 

having a crush on mark

genre: fluff

  • you and mark have been dating for about a month and a half????
  • so like you got close bc you were classmates at sopa and you always liked him but you never thought he liked you back bc he was mark!!! lee!!!!! and he was close w everybody so u didn’t think much of it
  • and one day in class when he actually came to class after 4 days bc of promotions he’s like “y/n do you have a minute” and ur like ??? yeah ofc
  • and while nobody’s looking he hands u a lil envelope and tells you to open it when u get home
  • so ur confused but ur like ok thanks dude
  • so u get home and drop ur things and open it right away
  • and its a LONG ASS NOTE but to cut it short he pretty much said that he always liked you and its okay if you don’t feel the same and he wanted to tell you in person but he was too shy but didnt wanna do it by text either so he wrote you a letter
  • and your heart is going HFFHJDHDJHJHGJHGJH
  • then you calm down and u shoot him a text like “hey i read your letter :)”
  • and he replies SO FAST he’s like “oh u did”
  • and ur like “yeah i like u a lot too :)”
  • and marks like “THATS A RELIEF’
  • then he asks if u wanna hang out tomorrow at this lil convenience store nobody goes to
  • But ur like “aw i have work” then ding ding ding u remember your moms cafe is always empty so u invite him over
  • and hes like oh thats a great idea!!!!!! and yeah ur first date is basically during your 1 hour break and its cute even tho you’re still wearing your work clothes
  • and thats how mark became a regular at the cafe
  • so as your relationship grows you both agree to tell the company and the members after promotions and after they’re busy making music
  • so yes one day you and mark plan on having a lil date at the cafe
  • and marks about to leave the dorm when donghyucks like “yo mark can i come with u”
  • and marks like “NO” and donghyucks like ?????
  • mark goes “i mean i’ll be back right away anyway you don’t have to come”
  • and donghyucks like “i just gotta buy something real quick let me just put on my shoes”
  • and while donghyucks putting his shoes on mark leaves as fast as he can
  • donghyuck comes out and he’s suspicious now so he’s like “yuta hyung doyoung hyung i think marks onto something”
  • so they try to follow him but they lose him n now they’re tired and decide to sit down inside a cafe ,,, you know exactly what cafe i’m talking about
  • but you and mark are sitting on the opposite side where the boys can’t possibly see you unless they stand up
  • and you’re just talking to mark n stuff
  • and you’re like “hey how are your members”
  • and he’s like “they’re good,,, donghyuck almost followed me here”
  • you’re like “oh god that wouldve been bad” and he’s like “yeah good thing i left him”
  • n ur like ,,, falling asleep on his shoulder and he’s like “you seem tired ,,, you still have 40 minutes left so you should probably take a nap”
  • and you’re like “noooo we barely see each other” but he’s like “no really take a nap, i’ll wake you up 10 minutes before your break ends”
  • so u fall asleep on his shoulder like wtf thats so cute
  • then your co-worker approaches the 3 boys and goes “excuse me but you have to order if you wanna sit here”
  • and doyoungs like oh yeah shit hold on
  • so the older boys send donghyuck to the cashier and he keeps protesting but thats what you get when you’re the maknae
  • and after he gives his order he just casually looks around ,, and there he sees mark ,,,, scrolling through his phone with a girl sleeping on his shoulder
  • his eyes widen and he’s like “pssst doyoung hyung yuta hyung” and they’re like “WHAT DO U WANT WE ALREADY GAVE U OUR ORDER”
  • and he’s like “ITS NOT THAT SHUT UP AND COME HERE”
  • and they’re annoyed but they follow anyway and donghyuck points at you and mark and they’re all SHOOK
  • they all walk to where you guys are seated and mark looks up when he hears the footsteps
  • mark’s like “oh crap” and doyoungs like “so who’s this” while looking at your sleeping figure
  • and mark shushes them and goes “this is y/n”
  • and yuta’s like “y/n?????”
  • donghyucks whisper yelling like “IS THIS YOUR GIRLFRIEND” and mark slowly nods and he’s actually being calm about this but ya
  • apparently donghyucks whisper yelling is pretty damn loud and it woke you up
  • you open your eyes to see 3 other members of nct staring at you and you’re like “aw crap”
  • doyoung asks you if you’re marks gf
  • and theres really no point in denying so ur like “yeah”
  • donghyucks whining like a baby to mark he’s like “IM YOUR BEST FRIEND WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME”
  • so the boys calm down eventually and now theyre getting to know you and stuff and it seems like they really like you as a person and as marks gf
  • then suddenly doyoungs strict mom mode is on and he’s like “i’m giving you three days to tell the company or i will”
  • and marks like HYUNG WHAT THE HELL and you’re getting really scared of doyoung
  • but dy’s like “bc i really like her and im 100% sure the company won’t split you guys apart. i just want you two to go on real dates without having to hide”’
  • and you’re like pinching marks arm bc YOU CAN’T BELIEVE DOYOUNG IS THIS SUPPORTIVE because mark always talks about how he nags on everyone 
  • so yeah the next day you and mark go to sm and tell them about your relationship and true to doyoungs words they didnt split you up, but you won’t go public yet either, which is fine with you
  • then he takes you to the dorm to meet the members and they’re all so nice to you and donghyucks still a lil bitter but jokes around about you stealing his man
  • taeyong jokingly says he’ll keep an eye on you and that mark is his son
  • marks like ,,, super embarrassed by how his members are acting but you honestly think its cute
  • the two of you are just so happy that the members like you and you don’t have to secretly go on dates in the cafe
  • the end

Headcanon that Will loves all the annoying popular teenybopper music and everyone else in the squad hates it with a passion. So whenever they let Will pick the music the songs are always so awful (like Call Me Maybe awful), but whenever someone tries to change it, Nico stops them and is just like “let him be, please” bc Will is jamming out and its really cute even though the music sucks

Needy!Peter Parker Drabble

Loosely based off of the post @spocksandsandals made about clingy and needy Peter Parker, and the second I heard him being compared to a kitten I just,,, I lost it

I was listening to You by Petit Biscuit if you guys wanna check it out, it’s a really bittersweet song that doesn’t quite suit the situation I was writing about, but still a very heartwarming tune!

 Mmkay, let’s get started

pairing: peter parker x (female) reader

type: drabble

word count: 787

warnings: fluffy fluff, swearing, too much internal wailing and not enough external dialogue

(Y/N) likes to compare Peter to a little kitten. The way he curls up against her body and sighs with the utmost content when she runs her fingers through his hair is enough to make her practically squeal in adoration.

She’s currently got him tucked into her shoulder with his nose nuzzling her collarbone tiredly. Near-death experiences as Spiderman tend to turn Peter into a boneless, sleepy, needy mess of a human being, and when Peter’s extra tired, he reaches maximum cuddling level. It’s as if he got doused in his web fluid and his first instinct was to attach himself to (Y/N).

But she’s definitely not one to complain.

It’s the most affectionate she’s ever been, having Peter cradled in her arms, and she wouldn’t want to do it to anyone else. Especially if it garners her a reaction like this.

“Why’d you leave after school?” Peter asks with a whiny lilt to his voice. (Y/N) looks down, only to immediately regret it because she’s met with such an adoring sight her brain just about short-circuits.

Peter’s lip is jutted out in a slight pout and his doe eyes are accentuated by the feeble furrow in his eyebrows. It’s the picture of innocence that makes her want to rip her hair out of her skull, it’s so fucking adorable. The little shit knows what this does to her too, because he’s fighting off the tiniest smile when he sees that her eyes visibly soften.

On cue, her hand moves from his hair to his face, where she brushes back a strand near his temple and gently caresses the area around his brow bone. Peter almost purrs at the sensation.

“I had to get home early. Ma wanted me to take care of Mrs. Nelson’s cats while she’s on vacation,” (Y/N) recalls. She hardly manages due to the distracting view right in front of her.

Seemingly content with her answer, Peter hums in acknowledgement and snuggles back into (Y/N)’s neck, where her hand automatically moves back to his hairline to card through it. More purr-like noises escape Peter.

“You know, sometimes I think you’re part cat,” (Y/N) teases as she looks down at her boyfriend. The pout is back on his soft lips.

“It feels good,” he mumbles, sounding more like he’s complaining rather than defending himself.

(Y/N) laughs softly, bells tinkling in the air. “’S cute, anyways,” she adds on, partially to make him feel better but more so she could see the blush adorn his cheeks.

And right she was, because the second Peter’s sleep-fuddled brain processes her words, the pink dusts his face and she’s suddenly overcome with such love for the boy in her arms, that she can’t resist leaning down to plant a kiss on his stained cheeks.

It’s the kind of adoration you feel when you see a cute bunny and you continuously feel the urge to hug and squeeze it, (Y/N) thinks. You can’t get enough of its cuteness even if it’s not doing anything remotely spectacular. You think nothing could ever surpass the level of cuteness it’s currently at until it actually does something and your whole body kind of implodes because you’ve witnessed something so pure and wholesome.

It’s a stupid analogy, but a damn accurate one.

The best part is when Peter, once again going above and beyond, tilts his chin up and puckers his lips, just a tad, as a way of asking for kisses.

(Y/N)’s going to scream. She’s going to scream and she’s going to die, but that’s completely a-okay because she’ll die happy in the arms of the most precious human being in the world.

She immediately leans down to plant her lips on his, trying to put as much love into this kiss as she can muster because she wants Peter to know how she really feels about him. No words could ever describe or express how much she loves this boy.

His arm snakes out from between their bodies to cradle the back of her neck and pull her closer.

One second her back is on the bed, the next her body’s laying on top of Peter’s, legs on either side of his hips and hands stroking the nape of his neck.

The kiss is slow, passionate, loving, nothing like the intense and fast-paced kisses they usually share. This one conveys a lot more than lust, and she silently thinks this is the shit people die for.

When they break apart and lightly brush noses together, Peter’s little happy giggle makes her head spin. His love is a drug she’s high on, and she can confirm she’s addicted to him.

A true blessing is what she would call kissing Peter Parker.

Aaaaand the end! Hope y’all enjoyed it, it was really fun and surprisingly very stress-relieving to write this sort of fluff. 

Feel free to request something, just shoot me an ask and I’ll get to it as soon as possible :)

Seeee yaaaa

To solve their marital differences between the Marvel and DC rivalry, Mr. and Mrs. Pond have issued a dance battle. It’s safe to say Mrs. Pond has learned well from her time guarding the galaxy with Starlord, while Mr. Pond looks a wee bit out of his time.

i’m not her | mingyu [pt.2]

inspired by / alt. ending to fake dating mingyu by @saythename17scenarios - read it here

a/n: i know this is so so so late but i’ve just been in a rut with how to continue this lately. i did it though, and i hope it’s not disappointing! let me know what you think! 

part one 
part three? [let me know!]


words: 1.7k
summary: you continue to fake-date mingyu, your best friend you’re actually completely in love with but he’s found someone else.. for real now.

you brought a shaky hand up to press on your temples as you tried to collect your composure. at the same time, your legs seemed to give way and you sank down to the floor as your mind bombarded you with the worst thoughts of mingyu being absolutely disgusted at the thought of you liking him.

when your roommate returned to take you out for pizza, she found you sitting on the ground, shreds of the piece of paper lying around you.

when she asked you what was wrong, you numbly responded, telling her what had happened.

she knew you well enough to leave you alone for a while and ordered the pizza to be delivered to the room instead but when she placed a plate in front of you, you just let it go cold.

your mouth was dry and you didn’t know what to think of the fact that your friendship with mingyu might have been over, all because you stupidly fell for him and couldn’t keep it in.

over the next week, your roommate spoiled you with your favourite food, tubs of ice cream and the softest throw you’d ever felt in your life. she felt extremely guilty for making you like this, seeing as it was her who got you to write your feelings down.

she’d apologised about twenty-two hundred times and even offered to talk to mingyu for you to find out how he felt but you refused.

you had to talk to him yourself.

can i see you? you texted him, holding your breath while you waited for him to reply.

sure. usual spot?

ok, 20 minutes.

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I really love your drawings, especially of Starfire and Robin. Seeing them really brings up some good old feels x3 Ive been watching some of the new series with my brother, and it's kind of cute even though it's not the same. I really liked the episode where Robin wants an arch enemy and Star becomes one for him. If you find the time, could you draw her as Starfire The Terrible with robin? Have a lovely week ;v; <3

Thank you, hahah! eve/

It’s one of my favorite episodes! I rewatched it loads already so I’m pretty sure this is how this particular scene went. Yep. 


So,the cover of my fanfic is getting old, so i did a new (soon i will change)…


I am so proud of myself ;u;

(i still surprised about how this pic is amazing omfg, i dont even believe that I DID this thing)

Ink belongs to @comyet

Error belongs to @loverofpiggies

Omg, please dont read the tags, they gonna screw up all the magic

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Could we have a little more Mace/Ponds in The Force Gives? Does Mace ask Obi-Wan, the only bonded Omega he trusts, he won't ask Skywalker about that, advice, because he sees it will happens, or does he let it surprise him like Obi-Wan did?

“I will admit its cute even if its Skywalker.” Mace noted, staring up at the ship as it came in to park with Obi-Wan as the other gave a low hum. “I mean I know most of the troopers painted things like this onto their ships but still, its cute.” He chortled quietly.

Chuckling faintly, Obi-Wan nodded. “Rex apparently went holonet hunting and found images from when Anakin was still pod racing on Tatooine and won the Bonta eve classic race. Anakin is quite well known for it still as the only human to win it. And then Echo and Fives painted it, apparently those two are quite gifted with paint.” He noted quietly, giving Rex a little wave as the Captain disembarked.

The alpha returned the wave before catching up to Cody to speak to his vod.

“…Obi-Wan I need to ask, when you bonded with your mates… was it a conscious decision?” Mace questioned quietly.

Arms crossed over his chest, Obi-Wan sighed. “Not… with Cody, my body went into heat and I was… overwhelmed and frightened at all the newness of it. But I accepted Cody because I knew he’d treat me right and care for me in the best of ways without stepping on my autonomy. With Rex I chose to include him because I felt the same way about him as with Cody.” He thoughtfully stroked his beard. “So I guess I both chose and didn’t choose, at least with Cody.” He shrugged.

Mace mulled over that as troopers milled around them, vode greeting vode, ships getting worked on at their parking berths, Jedi around the room curling into their mates and seeking comfort from troopers who had resisted the chips in their heads.

Ponds himself had screamed his throat raw while holding his head, blood dripping from his nose and Mace could still feel his stomach flipping with fear if he thought of it too hard.

“Why are you asking Mace?” Obi-Wan questioned quietly.

Looking to the other, Mace sighed. “Because things are different now, even Yoda admits things are different and my needs are…I’m…” He rubbed his neck slowly, frowning. “I know the Force will eventually prod me to it like it did with Aayla and Kit to Commander Bly but I would like to… I would like to be the one to control this. When it happens and…and how.” He shrugged.

“…I have a good feeling I know what you mean but I need you to say it Mace.” Obi-Wan murmured, tone cautious.

Licking his lips, Mace meet the other Jedi’s eyes. “I want to bond with Ponds. I already feel like we’re close and I just… I would like to decide the when and how.” Mace sighed, looking away to find Ponds seemingly arguing with one of the droids and gesturing towards a shuttle.

A gentle hand touched his arm and Mace looked back at Obi-Wan to find the other null turned omega staring seriously at him. “One question Mace, do you love him?”

“…Force forgive me I’m scared to admit it but yes Obi-Wan, I do.” Mace breathed out and then took a deep breath through his nose, releasing both emotions slowly out into the Force.

“…Then I suggest you take it one step at a time Mace up until the heat you decide to share with him because my own experience will tell you that bonding during heat makes it all so much simpler because then its just you and him and your instincts.” Obi-Wan squeezed down on the others arm. “And then just let things go as they should naturally because believe me, during heat, your mind lets go of its worries when you’re with an alpha you trust.” He smiled.

“…That’s it huh?” Mace murmured.

Obi-Wan shrugged. “That’s it. When the time feels right for you… you let him into your room and let him care for you. Let nature take its course and let him love you.” He chuckled softly.

Snorting quietly, Mace crossed his arms over his chest as he mused over that before looking up and right into Ponds eyes, like a scene from some sort of cheesy holodrama that Yoda denied to this very day that he enjoyed watching.

The trooper instantly smiled at him and Mace felt relief at his dark skin as it hid the blush he could feel heating his skin. It was a very nice smile though and slowly he smiled back.