lmao wynonna earp went from hey maybe they’re gonna start flirting more to wynonna openly losing it as dolls exercises half-naked in the worklpace and later brags about the size of his dick

I fell so hard for this ship but it’s so rare I’m suffering ╥﹏╥

also if you would like to suffer with me go and read this fantastic fanfic by @metisink ♡♡


I swear, together, we are infinite. 

Happy birthday, @xhellnhighheelsx!!!

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Ok but imagine radio station hosts Alya and Nino.

oo man i can see it. 

Alya doing interviews and stating the headlines and what not.At times going off track rambling about ladybug or some other issues

Nino announcing upcoming songs, new tracks and reviews of movies. And during each of their segments the other would interpret with a one-liner or a question resulting in bickering