This blog, is now, offically ‘Character Run’, meaning no F2F unless on Discord.

However there are MANY fun memes I see that REQUIRE F2F! And there are many things that I want to do but ‘can’t’ do since it’d ruin the ‘canon’ of my character. Which sucks because I love death scenes and ultra violent RPs and fun hypothetical situations where EVERYTHING GOES TO SHIT.


When you see me reblog a meme with the tags ;Drive-By-Rp, with my discord ID attached, thats basically a open invite to hit me up! It doesn’t even matter if we’re not mutuals or never RP’d before. Its just a fun, non committal thing to do.

Only rules to this?


After some minor detail swap in tumblr im, like ‘who are you’ and ‘what are your triggers’, we’ll just jump right into the fun on Discord. 

Drawbacks to this? Well remember. None of what we do in a ‘Drive-By’ will be considered canon so my character won’t mention any of the events on blog since it didn’t really happen. (Unless talked about otherwise) Also, there’s chances of threads being dropped or abandoned but I’ll try not to do that.

Sound fun? Let me know! 

i’m   half   excited   /   half   worried   for   my   emotional   state   after   tonight’s   episode,   but   either   way,   you   can   like   this   post   for   a   small   starter   based   on   the   events   of   tonight’s   scream   episode,   the   orphanage   !   as   always,   these   will   be   done   throughout   the   week   &   lengths   will   vary   depending   on   the   content   of   the   episode.   also   limiting   this   to   scream   muses   only.

honestly ?  i think ovw would have been rly cool more sci - fi fantasy .  not set near our own time ,  nor in our universe .  international task force ?  more like INTERGALACTIC TASK FORCE !  odd obscure planets that are brimming with life in the strangest of ways  –––  omnics with much more “human” qualities but also more animalistic ones on distant planets  (  swarms !  giant robot nests with giant robot bug mothers !  ) .  planets completely consumed by war  &  factories  &  cities ,  great landscapes of glowing lights but vvv bad products .  ( illegal ) trading  /  transport between planets  &  cool stuff just idk h mu abt this i’m having thoughts


      ❛   life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent. we would not dare to conceive the things which are really mere commonplaces of existence. if we could fly out of that window hand in hand, hover over this great city, gently remove the roofs, and and peep in at the queer things which are going on, the strange coincidences, the plannings, the cross-purposes, the wonderful chains of events, working through generations, and leading to the most outre results, it would make all fiction with its conventionalities and foreseen conclusions most stale and unprofitable

                                                              →  kat mitchell.

I’M A V I C T I M.
             OF MY SYMPTOM.
                                    I AM MY OWN WORST ENEMY.

              OF YOUR SYMPTOM.
                                    YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY.

                                          KNOW YOUR ENEMY.

    - [ART CREDIT]

                                                    I will show my LOVE always
                                                         because it’s clear to me
                                          TOGETHER we’ll do anything

                                                                               ( O u r ) life isn’t easy

I’ve been sick all day today so in order to cheer myself up from the summer cold blues iT’S TIME FOR SOME SILLY SELF INSERT IMAGINES :’D 

Imagine me and Peridot nerding out together over Pokemon GO after I teach her how to download and play it on her tablet.  We go out together late at night to catch Pokemon together because I start pouting when there’s no one to go with me late at night and there’s an Eevee nearby but I get too scared to leave the house.  Peridot offers to be my body guard and partner to look for these strange, invisible monsters that we can only see on our digital devices!   In her words ‘It is now my responsibility as a “Crystal Gem” to protect inferior lifeforms from danger!’ 

Jason Tavius Kirk is the third-born son of George and Winona Kirk, born seventeen minutes after his twin brother James, the day the USS Kelvin was destroyed with Acting Captain George Kirk aboard. While not present when Jim met Pike in that bar in Riverside, Jason joined up with Starfleet the next morning right alongside his twin, though he chose science track instead of command. 

Lieutenant Kirk’s specialty is xenoanthropology, and he currently serves as one of the lesser science officers under Commander Spock on the Enterprise. This assignment has been his since Nero attacked - although in some verses, it was not Jason who took his place on the Enterprise, but Jim, so that he could get on board. Jason felt a tactician made more sense than a scientist under the circumstances, and suggested it.

When not in uniform, the Kirk twins are almost impossible to tell apart, and all during their Academy years no one ever quite knew which Kirk twin they were talking to. They even attended each other’s classes on occasion. Today they still occasionally swap places on shore leave, curious to see who among the crew can tell them apart. (Commander Spock always can. Dr. McCoy has only been mistaken three times since their first year of Academy.)

This verse is open to anyone but Jims; at the moment I consider Jason to be the twin to either my own Jim (so you can totally talk to one boy about the other) or @yetanotherjimkirk since i developed Jason while talking to the mun ooc. 

you look GORGEOUS, he whispers lowly behind, admiring at how the dress he’d bought for her this morning flattered all aspects of her body perfectly. though he’s succumb to fill the void of his EMPTY heart by paying someone to, it doesn’t phase him one bit. money’s not an issue — and if he’s helping someone out in the process, nothing’s wrong.  everyone’s eyes will be on you at the gala. now let’s go and put on the necklace i picked out, hm ? we can’t be late.

dog-of-war replied to your post:`

Write away, friend! It’s your world for the character and don’t let the idea of future canon reveals deter you. Being 100% canon shouldn’t be the goal of writing. YOU give the character life and ideas/facts that diverge from canon are amazing and breathe new life into something that is otherwise freely given in a black & white.

backflips into your fucking shirt how dare you give me good advice
mostly im just. nervous ass parrot about people who are gonna look? and read it and disagree. or wanna be like ‘this would be better’ or something LIKE I DON’T WANNA RUIN SOMEONE ELSE’S IDEA FOR THE CHARACTER and i feel like that’s silly i should be concerned for my own character bu   t. half of what i write for is the enjoyment of others so im like
hey guys don’t let me wreck your view of what happened to a character bc of my shitty headcanons