Okay but since Percy lives in New York, I can he and Annabeth taking a lot of trips into New York City, and whenever they go into the city Percy forces them into the M&M store so he can get all the different blue M&Ms, and Annabeth secretly thinks its adorable. 

@youaremorecampaign replied to your post “So sorry you’ve had to deal with that “den of sin” thing, that’s just…”

omfg modern au, someone sneakily gets Hanin a “World’s Best Dad” mug.

OH my god yes hahahaaha!

And Hanin just accepts it with this stony faced “Thank you. This is… unexpected.” 

But on the inside he’s more like

As someone who has never watched Yuri On Ice but sees it on her dashboard all the time, I LOVE the dog and think it’s adorable but at the same time seeing such a cartoony, stylized pup never to characters who tend to look more realistic if still anime is mildly unsettling.

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Love on the brain by Rihanna is mac @ Dennis song and also any good fluffy macdennis fics? I'm feeling romantic tonight.

ooHH thats GOOD thank you!!! 

and ahh idk uh, you probably already know Mac and Dennis Conduct an Experiment but its absolutely Always recommended (idk if its fluffy but its probably on that end of the scale). 

Summer Shandy is really cute, post-graduating high school the gang goes camping and its just Adorable tbh

i was replaying heart of thorns yesterday and the verdant brink was filled with people playing heart of thorns for first time (probably because of the recent sales) and its adorable to see them stumble around and figure all the new transportation methods in the unforgiving hellhole

We are these magnanimous, almighty, powerful, unlimited, majestic things you see. We (including doctors, scientists, or pastors) have no idea what we are capable of experiencing when we connect to our bodies and beyond any perceived limitation within them. When I go workout today, I’m only going to circulate stars and decree light throughout my cells by arching and contorting in ways that fire up and shock my (organ)ism. I don’t go to gym to loss weight or grow ass; I go to the gym to access my POWER (increase my wattage)! I adore my body, but probably not in the ways you may think. I deeply adore its physics and chemistry; its depth and velocity; its great power and greater potential!! I don’t care about losing or gaining weight, Beautiful. I do care about movement– releasing, winding, arching, bouncing, grinding, amplifying, blasting off, stretching out, rotating on the earth’s wet axis, sparking electricity, and being a conduit for source energy (love) to easily stream and flow. So please, no more questions about losing weight. One loveliness. <3
—  India Ame’ye, Author, partial answer to an inbox question 

What did we do to deserve namjoon? He always tries to speak in english to make us intl fans feel included. He subbed a whole vlive for us because no one did it and he knew how hard it was for us to understand. He thanks us in award shows all the time. If you ever forget how amazing namjoon is and why he deserves to be the leader just read this.