The Descent into Fandom Hell

We all have this moment, when we realize we’re neck deep into a new fandom or ship or something similar. Usually, you can pinpoint the blame at one or two people, either a friend or someone you follow on social media for DRAGGING you into HELL with them!

Anonymous Submitted: Aaah…for now I’m too shy to submit with my own blog. I hope I drew you alright!

how much of a sweetheart can one person be ahhhhhh Thank you!!<3 I’m so happy you drew a lil Kay hoodie for me–I’m gonna cry ;;;

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eyyy you have no idea how much i love the trans lance and pidge pics, i was guessing that pidge was trans at first but was a bit upset at the reveal but your headcanon totally works out, i love it far more than my guess its top notch 100% adore

honeslty, im so glad that more people are liking those trans pidge and lance pictures,,, trans girl pidge has been my headcanon since forever and i was disappointed when i hardly saw anyone else with the same headcanon, so i hoped that my drawings would spread it

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Can I have a ship? I'm 5"1, brown golden hair, and green eyes. I'm super sarcastic, and I love dogs. I love to write, and I love acting. I also love to play different instruments. I'm female and straight. Thank you! :)

(okay so im going to do an x men and avengers ship since you didn’t specify)

SO I ship you with:

Peter Maximoff

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So you met when he stole something of yours. And you totally called him out, even if he kept denying it.

You both spend days in bed listening to music, and I could picture you trying to teach him how to play an instrument, but he has the attention span of a goldfish. But, he is literally the cutest when he frustrated, even if it doesn’t happen often.  

Peter also loves to talk, like he doesn’t shut up, but he loves hearing you talk ever more. Especially when you get excited, holy fuck its adorable!

Peter tries to act like he doesn’t like you as much as he does, he acts flirty, but you see its just a front. He a totally dork, and he loves to tell you about his life as an x men and all the cool things he does. He occasionally may lie about what he does, and you quick to call him out on his bullshit. But he loves it!

You love to make fun of his hair, calling him a grandpa and he is quick to call you shorty. You both act like you annoy eachother, but you both couldn’t imagine what your lives would be if you didn’t have the other.

And I ALSO Ship you with:

Peter Parker

(lol getting all the peters)

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You met at a school, you were reading and Peter thought that you looked perfect, and happened to snap a quick picture of you. Which you saw, he’s not a sneaky as he thinks.  

Peter loves to help you with you acting, his often very dramatic, which can be helpful. Or a totally distraction. And since he's pretty smart he finds interesting ways to help you remember things.  

Peter also constantly takes pictures of you, he loves your eyes, but can you blame him? You often find yourself writing about Peter, and when you show him he gets all flustered and awkward, he's such a dork.

You and Aunt May both will sass Peter if he gets out a line. Peter also tries to be flirty, but most times its failed attempts or you get lost in his big beautiful eyes. He often likes to help you with your work, but you just zone out when he starts talking, he’s to cute for his own good.

You both spend nights talking about your futures together, and you both agree the more dogs the better! Peter also being the bean pole he is, loves your height, even if he puts things on higher shelves just because he can.

Hope you like these!!

Want one? avengers or x men ships?

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Hiiii its so adorable you're teaching your bf about astrology 😍 Any advice on how to get a Gemini? I'm a Leo btw xx thank ya

t a l k t o t h e m

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congrats on getting a boyfriend, dude!!! what's Cancer like with you?

Oh gosh. They are always so loving and they get really happy when something that they are passionate about comes up. Sometimes they say something really cheesy and cute and they sometimes get really cute and start to try and cover it up but its adorable. 💙


“Small world.”
“It is, isn’t it.”

part 1 of a series of drawings based on a fic by @amillion-smiles