Santa Fe 7/4/15
  • Santa Fe 7/4/15

Okay, here it is. You can hear the sneezes at around 1:40 

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE IN THE CAST, ESPECIALLY DAN!! I don’t want to make him feel bad so please

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Wait where's the rice checker song from? You said it was an old younow so it's okay if you can't find it though lol I just wanted to hear. My go-to is "rave time" probably. ITS ALWAYS IN MY HEAD

lol I’m so glad other people experience this. “Rave time” is of course a true classic. That's definite ‘debut single’ material for the album for sure lol.

And the rice checker bit is when he gets Phil to come help him during the Cooking and Questions with Dan younow from 2013. You can watch here around 23:20.

Dan: Can you check the rice? cause I’m not good at rice checking.

Phil: I am an expert rice checker. That’s what I was born for.

Dan: Are you? Is that your alternative career. Rice checker? *sings* When I grow up I want to be a riiiiiice checker!

I’m probably the only one with that stuck in their head because it’s from a really obscure place and like 2 seconds long lol I don’t even know. But I guess I’ve watched it a bunch cause that’s some true domesticity right there. Cooking dinner and getting Phil to check the rice, proceeding to talk about decorating, then discussing their TV/food tradition. Everything I could ever want.

Tumblr is a bad habit and I need to quit it–is what I keep trying to convince myself every time I lose control over my life. But that’s really dumb, I’m not going to give up on a site that shows me stuff like this

I just need to dose it better! So I’m putting my blogs on a hiatus, until I get my shit together. I might still post stuff every now and then, but please don’t expect much from me in the meantime.

This goes for: askdylas, dylas-doug, lazysideblog (though the queue goes on) and dorksinselphia​ (yve, can you run the blog on yourself?). 

Sorry for anything, stay good you all!

Sleepytime cuddles with Spideypool~ Quite a few of you actually liked my other drawing so I decided to draw some more. And once again, I apologize for the phone camera quality. Also, quick note- even if my art isn’t that popular or good, if you ever want to use my artwork in any way, I still want you to please give me a heads up beforehand by asking me first. I created this artwork and I own the rights to it unless I give you permission. Same with any of my other art I decide to post on here.

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its so terrible, Im a really tall guy that really REALLY digs short girls but at the same time I hate it because I dont like having to bend over a literal foot or more to kiss them, but at the same time I like picking them up and kissing them cuz its adorable and Im a leo, cuz astrology

Awe omg this is adorable but how about a girl that’s only like half a foot shorter so you get the best of both worlds