Renegades [1/?]

Everybody’s got an EF!AU in them somewhere. Here’s mine. Five months in the making, do so hope you enjoy!

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Rated M for reasons including but not limited to violence, minor character death and rude words. On Ao3 HERE.

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Chapter One: Throw the First Punch

They all start the same way, these stories we tell our children, with the words “once upon a time,” and the promise of a happy ending.

They tell of a land far, far away, where there lived a beautiful princess, hair as dark as ebony, lips red like a rose, and a prince so charming it became his name.

They spin tales of a war fought against a terrible witch, and how the heroes won. They tell us of the witch locked away forever as the princess’s womb grew round with child, and how the whole kingdom celebrated the victory of hope, and heroism, and True Love.

They all start that way, they all end this way.

All, that is, except this one.

The castle heaves and shudders under the vicious assault as the Royal Council gathers, all wide eyes and pale faces, in the crumbling sanctuary of the throne room. Their prince staggers in, palest of all, wearing a smear of crimson blood across his shirt and a smile that looks like heartbreak.

“It’s a girl,” he announces to a room full of tremulous smiles and plaster dust, and the youngest woman cries out, a hiccuping sob, as he’s followed by his wife in a bloodied nightgown - leaning hard on the arm of a small man - with a pink-red bundle gathered close to her chest.

Her face is tear-streaked, the exhaustion of childbirth clear in the sheen of sweat on her brow, but she straightens herself as her husband takes her arm and surveys the scene with the hard eyes of a queen.

“What’s happening?”

“The bridge is destroyed,” says an older woman, her fingers bunched in the red cape of the girl who’d cried out. “Her forces have us surrounded. There’s no way out.”

“Her forces,” spits a bearded man. “Since when did she get forces? She’s supposed to be locked up! How the hell did she get out?”

“So there’s no hope?” The princess’s knees buckle under the weight of her own words, and the babe lets out a whimper at the combined jolt of her mother’s fear and the shaking floor.

“Only one.”

The fairies approach like tiny stars, their light casting the council in a half dozen pastel shades thanks to the darkness of the magic pressing at the cracked windows. Their leader glows blue, and hovers over the pinched face of the baby before, in a flash of light, she appears before the princess as a woman.

“Blue,” she says, the relief and the fear clear in her voice, “what can we do?”

“Nothing,” says Blue with a sad shake of her head. “Regina is too strong; she will defeat us. But the child…”

“What about her?” The Prince has said nothing more, his concentration entirely on his wife and the child in her arms, but now he faces down the fairy, his face hard and his sword close at hand.

“We can take her from this place, hide her where Regina will never find her - will never know she exists.”


“Snow White,” says Blue, her voice low and soothing, “you know the prophecy. The child must live. She is the only one who can defeat - ”

Snow sobs, nodding, but holds the baby impossibly tighter nonetheless.

“You’ll keep her safe?” The prince pleads, his eyes flickering from babe to fairy and back again, “You swear it? Always?”

“We’ll protect her,” says Blue, her wand coming to rest gently against the infant’s forehead. “You needn’t fear. Now, what is her name?”

Despite everything, Snow smiles.

“Emma. Her name is Emma.”

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Please drive carefully😊our precious Jinki doesn’t have a seat😯much less a seatbelt😕Eat Sleep Eat ep 2 #shinee #onew

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>_> I’ve also partially written a Tim/Jack/Rhys omegaverse thing if anyone is interested >_>

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i’m a simple person all i want is for topp dogg to have a successful comeback and the ability to rap without slurring and stuttering the entire time is that so much to ask?

so i somehow (completely on accident) wound up with two sims in my hood named emma and regina

within like 5 seconds of meeting they were flirting