THIS ISN’T DONE   with an easy heart, honestly . it may seem so random but this has been quite a long time coming . truly, i’ve been wanting to leave tumblr for good in the middle of sirius black, but i chopped up all the negative vibes & mental strain on the fact that i was rping rude characters . then rping newt & thor definitely did help me feel a bit better just because of my sheer love for the characters, but my anxiety & paranoia never left . this was a very calculated move for me .

i want to come back, and i want to say that i will come back . but at this point i’m not sure of that . i LOVE thor, i love writing thor, but this website ruins me mentally & emotionally, i just can’t handle it right now . i want to focus on my art and education, i just don’t really want to rely on this website and spend all of my time on here when it drains me so much . for now i will be at my personal @ilsirius & on my skype . 

i want to thank SO MANY OF YOU for being so lovely and kind and welcoming to me, to my friends for being here for me, for my partners for plotting and writing with me . you have no idea how grateful i am for all of you . i also really want to apologize for anyone i may have hurt on my time here, i’m not sure of any specifics of what i did but if i have hurt anyone i am deeply sorry, and you are free to approach me and we can talk it out in depth . if my leaving hurts anyone, i’m also sorry for that . i do not intend to hurt anyone, and i wish no ill will on anyone on this website . 

i will continue to rp thor and newt and my ocs on skype if anyone would miss that ! i just can’t be on tumblr anymore ! i’m so tired of this website, it is so time consuming and toxic . it is killing me lmfao sdklfs this sounds so dramatic but whatever it’s not like it matters !!!

i love all of my followers dearly, you and thor were what was keeping me here while i was here, if it weren’t for you i wouldn’t have made it this far <3 goodbye angels ! 

imagine when voltron is formed and there’s a ship flying towards them but its lion hands are unavailable so the mouth just opens and bites the ship. lov the cronch






Not only because Kurogane mentioned her back in Outo, but also because now we get to see the actual ruler of Japan, AND THAT IT’S A WOMAN.



There have been moons from here to hell and back again but HERE WE GO, SUN RULER AHOY.


Tinged with heartbreak and utter despair, but still excited!

anonymous asked:

A scenario where Katsuki's and Todoroki's (separate) s/o is bragging about them over the phone and the boys overhear.

Sure thing lovely! I very much hope I could write this well enough and that you’re going to like it!


He pauses at their door, noticing that it’s not completely closed. Just as he’s about to push it open and step inside, he hears his partner’s voice.

“He’s great, really.”  They say and he can hear the smile in their voice. “And so damn strong, you should see his moves! God, he’s so damn good.”

Bakugou stops, his hands resting on the door handle and he feels a grin settling over his face when he realizes they’re talking about him.

“And you should see him when he sleeps too! Most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. His hair is so soft; I want to touch it all the time.” They laugh, quietly and warmly. “I’m always so damn happy when I’m with him.”

Bakugou silently mouths a curse, when he feels his face heating up and he presses a palm over his warm cheeks, his grin still on his face, though it’s softer now. Then he’s pushing the door open, ready to tackle his partner in a hug and get them off the phone so he can give them a damn big kiss.


Todoroki sees that his partner left their door open a crack and lifts his hand to knock, asking if he can come in; when he notices they’re talking to someone.

“I’m so happy, you have no idea.” His love says, laughing quietly. “Todoroki is really great. And you should see him fight! He’s really strong.”

He pauses at his name and just before he can step back and give his partner some privacy, they keep talking, their voice happy and excited.

“He’s so nice too, he’s always there for me and he has the cutest smile. I always want to hug him every time I see it.”

Todoroki feels a soft blush spreading over his face and he lifts a hand to hide the happy smile that’s spreading, shuffling a step to the side. Then he pushes the door open and quietly walks inside.

His partner glances up in surprise, though he’s already at their side and reaches out, entwining his fingers with their free hand as they smile up at him.


This video essay is about a gendered trope that has bothered me for years but didn’t have a name, so I gave it one: Born Sexy Yesterday. It’s a science fiction convention in which the mind of a naive, yet highly skilled, girl is written into the body of a mature sexualized woman. Born sexy yesterday is about an unbalanced relationship, but it’s also very much connected to masculinity. The subtext of the trope is rooted in a deep seated male insecurity around experienced women and sexuality.

Note that Born Yesterday isn’t meant literally. Born Sexy Yesterday can be written literally but it doesn’t have to be. If media uses a “fish out of water” plot to frame an adult woman as an inexperience child then it fits the trope.

If you want to discover a new - and very disturbing - trope you might not have known about but that is wildly prevalent in the way men write women in media, especially in science fiction, watch this video. Then go give the comments a read and take a look at how fragile men’s egos are. 

when you and the squad all ready to go out but none of you can drive so a mom has to

i am going to say this one (1) time only

being non binary does not make me a boy nor a girl

i am outside of the binary system

i am genderless, agender, genderqueer, ect.

to be without a gender

i use they/them pronouns only

no, i won’t be upset if you slip up, but yes i will be if you do it on purpose or refuse to try to correct yourself 

so please, don’t call be a boy nor a girl cos i’m not