Ok, but in all seriousness, why does Jim keep saying “poor Murphy” in all his interviews?? I desperately hope he won’t kill her off any time soon, because IMO she is the absolute heart and soul of the series and if she dies it should only be in the Apocalypse trilogy at the end, in a really awesome way befitting a woman who has stuck by Dresden’s side through thick and thin and suffered more than her fair share on his behalf.

I really can’t over-emphasize how essential Karrin is to my enjoyment of the series. Dresden and Thomas and Butters and Molly are all beyond cool, but Murph is the only one of the main cast who is still a vanilla mortal, and that is so important. When the entire series is about protecting humanity, protecting people who can’t protect themselves, and here’s Murphy fighting freaking Nicodemus in hand-to-hand combat… I just really hope Jim doesn’t underestimate how powerful her story is, and how she keeps the whole series  grounded.

I know he probably says stuff like that exactly so he can get this kind of response from suckers like me, but still!!! It’s absolutely terrifying, because when I think about the Dresden Files sans Murphy, it’s as if the series has lost its light. I don’t want Murph to die before the Apocalypse. I don’t want her to die to give Harry motivation. That would be the absolute biggest mistake he could possibly make.

I have faith that he won’t do that, but my faith is tested whenever he says “poor Murphy”. It’s like a physical blow to my heart XD.

“When I was a teenager I day dreamed non stop (especially on school days) about what my adult life was going to be like. While it might seem unbelievable to some I never dreamt about being a musician or a rock-star or even traveling the world. The things I wanted most for my adult self were a) to sleep in every single day b) to live in a loft c) to have a domesticated wild cat that was my full time companion and d) to drink coke from the bottle out of my refrigerator. Obviously I made all those dreams come true. All but one. Its the first day of tour and my alarm just went off. Its 5 am. How did this happen?” - Tegan Quin

I went to the We Like It Quiet show in Chicago and it was one of the best days of my life. Sleeping With Sirens has been there for me since the beginning and seeing them live was a dream come true. No matter what happened at home or at school I could always listen to SWS and feel loved. 

My favorite memory was when they were preforming ‘If You Can’t Hang’ at the end of the show and EVERYONE in the crowd shoved and crowded to the stage. Its like the size of the crowd was cut in half. I loved it because it made me realize that I was there with a group of people who all have their own issues and experiences but they had one thing in common with me…that SWS has been there through all the tough times. I felt like I was involved in something so much bigger than just a concert. It was amazing and I wouldnt trade the experience for anything.

“I am emotionally abused by my step mother and my two step daughters. Like Cinderella, they make me do all of the chores in the house. They even think of extra things for me to do so I cant go have fun with my friends. Its hard because she has my dad believed she is looking out for me. It feels good to know that a Disney princess went through what I’m going through, and that someday my dreams will come true and I will get away from her. That is what keeps me from giving up and ending my life”


So an other years has passed….. and that means that its my time to say “ THANK YOU”. Thank you for an amazing, interesting, exciting 2015 here on Tumblr. Thank you for every football talk, every news , every football pic and every discussion. But also for every private talk, every nice words and well… Thank you for being just like you are!  For all of us, it wasn’t always an easy year but we did it. I hope you have a grandiose last day in 2015 and a good beginning in 2016 with your friends/family/ or even alone. 

All the best for you in 2016. Joy, luck, success, love and that your dreams will come true!  Now that its the end of the year i finally will do my follow forever thing and and at the same time i want to say thank you for being on my dash and making my year as unique and special as it was: 


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@ginterwonderland: Thank you Hanna for being your self. i´ve rarely met someone like you. You are so kind and it makes fun talking with you. You are , despite of what you are thinking, a very special, wonderful person which only deserves the very best! 

@1909-borussiadortmund : Ich weiß gar nicht wirklich wo ich anfangen soll. Du bist mir so unglaublich wichtig geworden, gerade über die letzten 12 Monate. Du bist einfach ein so toller, lieber und mitfühlender Mensch. Eine super gute Freundin. Mit dir kann man über alles reden und dir auch alles anvertrauen. Danke für 2015 und dass du immer da warst für mich. Dass du einfach du bist. Und ich hoffe wir werden 2016 genau so viel Spaß und Gespräche haben und dass es mit dem Stadion noch einmal klappt. Ich hab dich lieb!

@meinlebendirvermacht : Ich bin so froh dich kennengelernt zu haben. Du hast so eine positive Aura um dich herum und ich mag dich einfach unglaublich gerne. Es hat viel Spaß gemacht mit dir zu den Amas zu gehen und ich hoffe wir schaffen es im neuen Jahr vielleicht nicht nur zusammen zu den Amas sondern auch zusammen ins WS zu gehen. Du hast mir 2015 unglaublich geholfen und dafür danke ich dir vom ganzen Herzen. Ich hoffe du hast ein geniales, erfülltes 2016 vor dir!

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@yongaeelf Hey my crazy christmasgirl :D Thank you for the wonderful last months with you, that you where always there talking and giving me my courage back! You helped me so much and by the ways turned into my friend with your friendly, funny , wonderful character. I love our little talks about everything and that we are so different but also same. I wish you a good start in 2016 and that this will be YOUR year full of fulfilled dreams and wishes! Thank you!

Last but not least I want to say Thank you to all my followers. Thank you for following me and for making my tumblryear great! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! And I wish you all a happy, peaceful new Year!


well hello i said i would make a follow forever the next time i reached a goal so here i ammmmm
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Oh my God, it was insane. Absolutely insane! It was like my dreams and Alison’s dreams coming true. And also with what Alison’s dealing with at the beginning of the season, to throw her in the spotlight – literally – and place her on stage in front of all the people who know her and who knew Aynsley — it’s just perfectly fun. It’s so fun. In one moment she’s having her dreams come true and in the same moments being completely revealed as all the worst parts of herself.
—  Tatiana Maslany on Alison’s musical theatre shenanigans  (x)

Dear Catherine (jaebumhtml), HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have an amazing day and all your dreams and wishes come true because you truly deserve it!!! You are so adorable and such a sweetheart. I’m so glad I met you but I wish we had met sooner because you are so funny and kind and beautiful. I truly feel like you’re my spirit person and tbh I’ve never clicked with someone as fast as you! ♡ I hope you meet got7 one day, especially Jaebum & Mark, just remember to bring me along with you in your suitcase hehehe. We can just fling ourselves across the Pacific/Atlantic Ocean if that doesn’t work out LOL. Hoping you are happy on your day! I love you so much!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ♡

we, underestimated by
sky in all its glory- you,
as the sun goes down
and i, as it rises divided
by hues we may have
never noticed before;
today it screams in
mixtures of red and blue
as we do, for time to run
or stop altogether.
we wish for closeness of skin
and a reality of toothpaste
kisses in between showers
like those cutesy couples
on film- its like we believe,
just for a second in this
higher authority. we believe
that dreams will come true
and maybe life isn’t that
unworthy- not today it isn’t
and sweet love, i want to live
today, i say and you smile.
with the snap of a finger,
back to reality, talking
through weird faces that freeze
and words that could never
be enough- you say its worth a
try and i say its worth a try
with our hands folded- please,
i believe. i believe. i believe.
—  beliefs
Friday Night Flashback

What a week for CS shippers! It’s like all our dreams have come true (well we might be waiting for a FEW things still but it’s been pretty good all round)

It has been great to see so many moms/mums/others join us here and get involved! How cool are Tumblr friends?

On Friday nights we would love to have a bit of fun here on the blog (remembering MY Friday night is 16+ hours before a lot of yours ) so pop in and participate.

Tonight’s topic for discussion….

We know Captain Swan is your ship of choice right now…..but who were the first fictional characters you flailed over? Bonus points if you need the WayBack Machine to tell us about them!

I’ll be 16 soon and all I ever wanted as a birthday present is a dog. My family never let me have one but now I’m strongly working for them to let me have one and make my biggest dream come true. Like this post if you support me, I’ll be showing its notes together with some others ways I’m finding to convince them. Thank you!!!

I know im late to the party but i need to talk about this bc FEELS!!

(mini gif spam ahead with gifs not mine)






With the news about Yifan’s success after he left the group coming out, there comes the famous ‘Kris is s traitor. He betrayed them all and put them in trouble'  shit. Its like a cycle. No matter how many times that very statement was given legit replies by Yifan stans AND those who support him, those anons would always make it their job to invade their ask boxes and copy paste the same weak ass statement they always use.

And I’m just here like

It’s actually very entertaining in a way to see how you’re losing your shit

BUT just in case anyone doesn’t know what the majority of people who could think rationally in general (not only Kris stans) thinks about that stupid ass accusation, read this nicely written reply by wufansama and get a life.

Because no matter what those who love him will always be by his side

and Wu Yifan will be unstoppable

Deal with it

“  Happy birthday, I hope you have the time of your life,
May all your dreams come true
And your sorrows just flow through! “   

For @x-nek0 / @nek-08x


I’m so sorry it’s so late ! ! !

Anyway Hope you like it ! !  <333

May you be blessed with eternal happiness and always SMILE :)