SU fandom has gemsonas and pearlsonas but where are the lionsonas? come on ppl… we could all be honorary members of roses pride… magic or non magical… there are endless possibilities. look this is mine

his name is jupiter. he likes long walks on the desert, naps and rose. he hates responsibility and olives 

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Your fav ot4 pics of mmmoo in casual clothes?

I love these questions! I was missing these questions from my wonderful anons. Now I’m assuming by casual clothes you mean their everyday non-stage clothes. Here are some of my favorites.

They look so young and lovable, like kids who are dreaming big dreams and working together to make them come true.

These two because they’re just all so happy it’s contagious! When they’re happy I’m happy! I just want them to be healthy and happy forever. 

Here everyone just looks fine as hell. Exuding all kinds of different charms, attracting all kinds of different guys and girls!

This is a classic Mamamoo airport scenario. Yongsun being weird. Moonbyul being cool af. Wheein is wheepup as usual. And Hwasa is done with all of them.

Lastly, I love this pic because I’m picturing Solar telling a dirty joke and only Moonbyul is amused but best friends Wheesa is just like unnie wtf? lmao

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Would that be okay if I printed your story (for my own personal use, of course)? My bookcase feels empty without it. To have it physically, as a book - just to be able to re-read it everyday...would be a dream come true. Because "More Women Than Warriors" is one of my favorite literary works of all time, you know? It is. It's more than I can even explain. Your writing is like the most beautiful constellations and galaxies and supernovas and AIR. So, would you be okay with that? And. Thank you.

Of course you may, I’m honoured—thank you!