disorganized thinking (thought disorders)

Thought disorders are commonly seen in those suffering with AD(H)D and psychosis spectrum disorders.


Poverty of speech which may include slow, disjointed speaking where there are long periods between words or sentences, or a complete lack of speech.

Often seen in schizophrenia.


An abrupt stop in the middle of a train of thought. The individual may be unable to continue from where they stopped.


An inability to answer a question without excess, unnecessary detail.


Sudden changing from one topic to another. The topics may be linked or completely unrelated.

Flight of Ideas

Abrupt leaps from one topic to another, however the topics are all linked in some way or another.

Loss of Goal

Following a train of thought, but making an incorrect conclusion.

I am Damaged...

.Hey, here’s that minicat + Heathers angst I promised @alien–stranger 

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The pain surged in his leg, the fight wore most of his energy down but he still managed to keep the package of bombs in his hands. His ears echoed the haunting gunshot, his mind imprinted a faded figure lying on the ground with a gun still smoking hot. Peaceful chirps of colourful birds caught Mini’s attention, his eyes scanned the entire football field which soon laid upon the school building. He sighed, it was too late to turn back now, the time was already ticking down. 

“Mini!” Crunches of grass brought his attention to Tyler who was clutching his stomach from the recent bullet, blood was seeping out with every step he took. Fear took over Mini’s mind, forcing him to try and run away but the sudden movement caused his leg to jolt in pain and fall down. 

“Stay back! I need to do this!” Mini shifted further away, it was obvious that Tyler would eventually catch up with him. 

“The football field… where no one can get hurt… Smart choice.” Tyler let out a soft chuckle as he bent down to Mini’s level. Confusion was spread all over Mini’s face. After all of the shit they, no… he did, why was he still laughing about it?

“I am damaged… far too damaged.”

Tyler’s arm’s reached out, pulling the bomb away from Mini’s arms.

“But you’re not beyond repair.”

Tyler straightened himself up, One minute remained.

“Stick around here, make things better. ‘Cause you beat me fair and square.”

He offered a free hand to pull Mini upwards. Mini caught a glimpse of the school building before bringing his attention back to Tyler. 

“Please stand back now…”

Mini hopped a few metres away, his eyes never broke contact with Tyler’s.

“‘Little further”

Tyler joked, causing to the pair to chuckle for the last time together.

“Don’t know what this thing will do…”

He lifted the bomb up slightly so that it wouldn’t slip out of his arms as he continued to step back.

“Hope you miss me, wished you kiss me. Then you’d know I worship you…”

Tears flooded down Tyler’s pink cheeks.

“I’ll trade my life for yours…”

“Oh my god”

A memory popped into Mini’s head. When they were both talking peacefully, just the two of them. His tears started to flow down too. 

“And once I disappear,”

“Wait, hold on!”

Mini’s arms stretched out towards Tyler, attempting to bring him back for one final moment.

“Clean up the mess down here!”

“Not this way!”

Tyler only continued to step back, he had already accepted his fate now. Ten seconds left…

“Our love is God,

Our love is God,

Our love is God,

Our love is God.”

With one second left, Mini only gave a small smile before saying his final goodbye to Tyler and their past.

“Say hi to God”

my boyfriend and i swapped computers because he got sick of me complaining about how my little acer couldn’t handle my cintiq :P  his computer is custom-built with lots of RAM and memory and it was super sweet of him to offer, but it meant i had to reinstall everything on his computer and i’ve lost all my manga studio settings lol.  doodled my dumb blond babby to try and get used to new computer & having clip art rather than manga studio.

there’s something inexplainable between those two, they say. it’s like one simply could not fully exist without knowing the other was still breathing. it’s a tether that has stood the test of time, of insanity, of anger, of fear. it is love in its’ purest form, they say. and isn’t that the truth.
—  they are both made from the same star (and to stardust they shall return one day)

“ You’re a hero ”

                                                                                                BUT ME

“ I’ve done horrible things ”

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