This is the look of someone who realizes they’ve got it bad.

so i dont want to jinx myself but ive actually FINALLY finished the first chapter to TH and am eager to get started on the second, sooooooo…..was wondering if you guys were interested in possibly seeing the intro post? 

that AWESOME ptsd feel when you feel like a liar and a fraud for getting better, and then you proceed to slowly (rapidly) dissolve into mad panic

my initial theory for tld is that Sherlock was poisoned by culverton and was sick and hallucinating and no one believed him; they all assumed he was just high

and mycroft gave up on him for the first time hence the reptile comment when they find out it was real?

and Sherlock is hallucinating Mary attacking him, hence him shooting the wall in 221b? and he thinks Mary has killed John so he completely breaks down? and like initially I thought John would be there but now i think Mary will be there in TLD and Realise and will be the Big Bad in the last episode

like i kind of want mary to fully see how much sherlock would do Anything for john and that’s what gives her the big upper hand in the last episode 

bc each last episode has been about the extent to which sherlock would do anything for john and just as you think that sherlock is going to sacrifice himself for john AGAIN, john swoops in and lets himself get shot for sherlock and it BREAKS sherlock


anonymous asked:

Pidgy! I don't think my flatmates like me very much... I feel so lonely in my flat and I'm so tired from going out so much but I don't want to be really distant from the other girls in my flat like some people I know are... @ ^ @

i’m sorry you’re having a hard time with your living arrangement. that is never fun - i’ve been there before and it can really suck the life out of you when you never truly feel relaxed in your own space. hmmm… well… i can’t pretend like i have any real answers… (^ ___^) because there are lots of variables! like… how you all became flatmates to start with? what are your relative ages? were you strangers or friends beforehand? in short… it’s complicated (^  o ^) but… regardless of those factors, i can only say what has worked for me, personally, in the past… and it’s not something that’s easy for everybody, because i know it’s not something everybody can just will themselves to do… but… keeping myself open has always been the key for me.

i had the worst time with roommates when i was younger and i didn’t want to share myself with anybody. sure, i wanted people to like me ~ but looking back i didn’t make myself available to that happening. leaving the house constantly, leaving my door shut all the time, not making small talk or doing things to engage my roommates without a good reason… i was bound to feel like we’d never get along. especially because we were so different. but that all changed when i lost someone close to me, someone who i felt had known me very deeply even though i never made myself readily available to them. our friendship was something i only realized was beautiful after it was impossible for me to get it back ~ and it became startlingly clear that by cutting myself off from reaching out to others, i also cut them off from reaching out to me.

after that it didn’t matter where it was - at work - with roommates - on a walk… I just made myself available to people. A chipper “heyo!” or a smile to everybody and making eye contact ~ leaving my bedroom and office door wide open so anybody walking by can feel like i’m there and i’m open to conversation. At home i contributed to common areas, brought in pretty plants and used my time watering them to feel like i was engaged with the house as a whole - as a place i valued. when things were tense, i wouldn’t hide in my room, i’d go down to the kitchen ~ put on some quiet but cheerful music, and bake something! cookies, cakes, whatever! something everybody could enjoy, and left it out with a note that said “eat me!”.

Forming relationships is slow, and can be very, very hard! especially when people don’t want to. but all you can do, is be the best you that you can be. Yeah. let’s be real, not everybody will be receptive to it, and not everybody will be kind or show you friendship in return~ but… when you put forward a positive attitude, and are confident in your own willingness to connect - even if nobody takes you up on that openness, it feels really good to know that you were always the one willing to be a friend! <3

Well… i wish you good luck Anon! (-^ __^-) it’s not easy, but if you want it enough ~ you can do it! (o   w o) and this might sound terrible, LOL! but… when i’m having a hard time making a change, or doing something difficult… i often find that cleaning a room/house - like… deep, exhaustive, organizational cleaning, really helps me feel like i’m making a fresh start! (^  O ^) so maybe that’s a place to begin??? and if you do it with a spring in your step, and a good soundtrack, maybe your flatmates will join in??? *shrug* who knows! (-^ ___^-) <3 <3 <3