“I’m pretty cool, dontcha think?”

I doodled this for @unassumingvenusaur bc they said recently they wanted fanart of Xander!Soleil with Siegfried ;u;
hope it looks okay! (/>////<\)

I asked @buildamystery to roast me. (aka, that meme of “write my about“) and the result had me rolling in laughter because it’s literally 100% true and I die.


Hi, I’m Moth.

I was like you once. Just another thirsty Nick Valentine fan, lamenting our collective inability to push the toaster’s buttons. Then I played Far Harbor, and from that moment I knew I would never be the same again.

Now I spend my days and nights longing for the spindly touch and wiry ass of Acadia’s most eligible falling-apart old microwave bachelor. How I long to unwrap his weird duct-tape-yoga-pants legs and get my hands on those sexy, sexy ports while he talks philosophy to me!

For the time being I must sate myself by creating a metric fuckload of amazing art, most of it FILTHY ROBOT PORNOGRAPHY that is GAY AS ALL FUCK. I specialize in producing fantastic work ridiculously quickly and prolifically and yet still managing to claim that I am not being productive.

My OTP is Problematic. *puts on sunglasses* Deal with it.

Other things I enjoy include:
-Really pretentious and depressing music
-Introducing my friends to really pretentious and depressing music
-Stealing privet from the neighbors
-Complaining that fandom isn’t gay enough
-Learning new languages (almost entirely because of my insatiable DiMA thirst)
-Inventing new words for birblirbles

Things I don’t like include:
-Ship haters
-Actually not that much, I am pretty laid back (unlike certain friends of mine with their WATERFALL OF FEELINGS)

I am super adorable and I live way too far away and also I am hoarding all the Crunchies so you Americans can’t have any.


I like moths.


🐺– He barely could even begin to think about how long had it been since he had slept this good. In fact, he didn’t even remember when he had last slept before this. It was normal, though, since he had been confined in a bed for a couple of weeks now, and everything just felt so good and at peace he didn’t even notice when he was being stung or given pills. His stomach had settled, his sleep pattern had returned back to normal and the giddy, warm feeling almost never died. If this was the life that awaited him, he’d send his previous life packing right away. 

In the midst of all the warm and fuzzy feelings, his blurry, bloody chocolate eyes delineated a female figure. He was still sane enough to respond to things well, but… the delight of being in a metaphorical cloud was too much.

‘’Who… are you…?’’ Little did he know this was one of the people he’d be entrusted to once he underwent his planned surgery.