I drew this a while ago but never posted it. Considering it’s roserezi weekend, though, I thought that now would be a better time than any!

Have some seers not understanding feelings, but not understanding them together, and that’s what really counts.


Guess who’s back with the weird headcanons ayy it’s me
I’m not really sure what to say about this but uhh-
I had the thought of Lucina with ASD and now I can’t stop ahahahah;;;

“I’m pretty cool, dontcha think?”

I doodled this for @unassumingvenusaur bc they said recently they wanted fanart of Xander!Soleil with Siegfried ;u;
hope it looks okay! (/>////<\)


So in other news my headcanon about Papyrus not sleeping is actually confirmed in canon

As is my headcanon that the reason he doesn’t sleep is because he doesn’t want to lose time being productive

So…that’s pretty cool

Also, I hope it’s okay to tag @papyrus-knows in this? I know this blog hasn’t interacted with you but I follow you on my main and I feel like if you haven’t seen this it might be interesting to you?

JOHN: at the very least,
JOHN: i hope that you're happy.

a short comic about watching the person you love most fall for someone else

don’t need apologies; know that you are worthy
[ i will love you unconditionally ]

Today at work
Before i even clocked in
I dropped my soda
I caught it but
A third had spilled on the floor
As i cleaned it up
A customer laughed
“Dont worry” she said
“It happens to the best of us!”
I didnt realize
I was the best of us
The rest of my day
Felt like that moment
When i got home
I was asked
“How was your day?”
Today at work…


“í'м ƒσяєνєя ¢нαѕíηg αƒтєя тíмє
вυт єνєяувσ∂у ∂íєѕ, ∂íєѕ
íƒ í ¢συℓ∂ вυу ƒσяєνєя αт α ρяí¢є
í ωσυℓ∂ вυу íт тωí¢є, тωí¢є”

яєαρєя ƒαηмíx

♥ ♫ ♪♫ ℓíѕтєη ♫ ♪♫♥

ok but imagine young alteans having no control over their shapeshifting abilities. a 7 yr old allura gets a flower from a kid she has a crush on nd turns bright pink. a baby coran literally turning green when he eats something he shouldn’t. young alteans playing hide-and-seek and deliberately shouting out embarassing things so that the other kids change color and are easier to spot. allura shrinking several inches and turning dark blue when her mother dies.