Prokopenko has a lot of time to think when he’s dead.

Not dead, really, but (according to the doctors) just a little ways off. They don’t really know what’s going on (how could they), but they call it a coma and seal the file away so an unsolved case doesn’t mar their professional track records. Not very kind of them, but that’s the way of the world. Kavinsky always believed in that side of the world.

Proko thinks a lot floating in his “coma.” He thinks about what he said to K, what he would keep quiet about now, what he’d have told him if he’d known K was going to die. Not die, really. People like K didn’t die. Prokopenko wasn’t sure how, or why, but he knew that. He felt K in his chest, had since K’d dreamed him back to life. It felt like something heavy, but not unpleasant. Like the weight of a blanket when it was cold.

Proko feels it still, anchoring him to his body. He checks on it fitfully, between periods of floating in the haze that threatens his mind and his memories.

He’s afraid. Afraid he might pull himself back to semi-consciousness and find it gone and himself alone. Afraid Jiang and Swan and Skov might stop visiting, afraid he might get old lying on this bed for years until they unhook him from their machines (not that it would do anything) and bury him alive in an unmarked grave.

Three's a Crowd

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Seto looked between Yuugi and Jounouchi, wondering how on earth had he let himself be dragged into a game night with these two nerds. He already knew he was going to regret it, especially when Jounouchi arrived with alcohol in tow. At least Kaiba could drink his memories of the night away; he would need to. “Can we get started already? Or I’m just going to go home at this point.” They were at Yuugi’s house and Kaiba honestly wondered if going home wouldn’t be a better option.

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– ♔ It had taken damn near the whole day of texting, calling and begging on her part not to mention a good chunk of convincing and promises of REWARDS for letting this happen. Yet she’s still having to listen to a literal cock fight, dominance spewing forth as grumpy words are offered, the two men bickering over what Katherine thinks is rather pointless. After a very long moment of debating with herself Katherine simply stands from her position, letting her robe fall open as she moves. “When ye two are done, ah’ll be in tha bedroom.”