On garbage and its collection

Taking terrible out-of-context screenshots from people who have blocked you, deliberately mangling their arguments to look terrible, calling a trans woman transphobic for saying that trans people’s access to straight privilege is super conditional and they can’t occupy the political position of Straightness, and now infantilizing an autistic woman: The Praxis.

Bonus points for mocking me for the dovecourse posts last night. Yes, I was way out of line. I accept responsibility for that. Feel free to call me on it and take me to task for it. But a huge part of that was that I let my mental illness and abuse-response systems get out of control. Mocking me to others, after making sure I’ll have a front row seat but be unable to participate in the conversation, is where you cross the line from “calling me out” into “being an ableist abuse-apologist shitheel.”

I’ve been assured repeatedly that the Discourse Brigade is super-good at cleaning up their trash. I have yet to see it actually happening. In fact, what I’m seeing is that @discourseprincesa’s screenshots of me are literally the most popular original posts on her blog in as far as I could bring myself to look.

I also saw her uncritically supporting racist mockery of Native cultural concepts. That post was in between the two bigger screenshots in popularity, and… guess what I saw in the notes, @h8keepers? You, adding to the racist mockery. The only people objecting to it were a Native non-discourser and an ace-inclusive blogger.

You want to know why I didn’t believe you when you said you clean up your trash? This is why. It is not happening. What’s actually happening is that your trash has a fucking cheerleading section.

Hi, its me again lmao~

Im glad you liked the malaoxys drawing, ive drawn another of your sprites, the adorable phanpish, and I thought id upload it as well cause I thrive off positive attention haha

I hope you like this one as well~

(I hope im not being annoying)

oh my god this will never be anoying i love it its a garbage elephant i love it so much please never stop <3333

* amethyst genuinely cares for peridot and gets serious to help her out emotionally, even if that is not what she usually does, even if that means sacrifice of their friendship or peridots personal item*


*Lapis fucking crushes peridots life essense in front of her
and says its garbage purely to be satisfied with hurting peridot even more*

SU fandom : Ah, yes, Lapidot is blooming!

whack-a-mole in the pixie garden

this is TOTALLY @elsaclack‘s fault

that’s a lie, it’s mine. a prequel to em’s precious fic, if u will. anyways, if u were wondering, john morrissey and daisy schmidt totally do look just like john boyega and dasiy ridley, but that’s just a coincidence

i can’t believe we made ocs. to write future captain santiago fluff. e x c e l l e n t.

It’s eleven thirty in the morning and John Morrissey wants nothing more than for the bullpen floor to magically open up and swallow his flour-covered partner up whole. 

Completely whole. 

Nothing left. 

Especially not her infuriating mimicry of his voice – ooh, Schmidt, we oughtta follow the jewel thieves into a goddamn Italian bakery, that’s gonna be such a good idea –  like, that wasn’t even what happened, she suggested the bakery in the first place and God – 


She doesn’t even bother to dust the flour out of her hair, sitting on her desk scribbling in the paperwork for their collar so last minute that John had grabbed it out of her hands, barely finished, on his way to Captain Santiago’s office earlier to hand her their report. 

It’s been … a day. 

Or, well, it’s been until-eleven-thirty-in-the-morning’th of a day, which quite possibly makes it all that much worst. 

He knocks on the side of the office door, which is cracked open, knuckles tapping the wood of the doorframe. Captain Santiago’s head looks up from where she’s obviously been reading the report he handed in earlier; there’s a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. 

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Apparently Tumblr Can Just AutoPlay Music Whenever The Fuck It Wants As You’re Scrolling Through Your Dashboard

It’s really loud, too, and outta nowhere. Maybe don’t, @staff, sudden noises are not the thing I wanna hear when I’m scrolling through a website.


I can relate

the sun & the moon

pairing: ladynoir / adrienette

rated: t

words: 2716

if you give a bug your hoodie, she’s going to want to return it to you.
when she returns it to you, you probably won’t be expecting it.
when you don’t expect it, she’ll find out your biggest secret.

notes: hey!!!! i haven’t written any fics in a while so i apologize if this is absolute garbage! feedback is lovely.

part 1 | part 2 (coming soon)

“Miraculous Ladybug!” As per usual, Ladybug tossed her lucky charm into the air. Both she and Chat Noir watched with triumphant smiles as it cleansed Paris of the destruction caused by its most recent akuma.

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