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Fight For Me

Day 2:  prompt “with a kiss you can strip me defenseless.”

It’s been two years since Lucas picked Maya.

Maya came over one night crying her blue eyes out. I’ve never seen her cry so much. She feared that Lucas was going to pick me instead of her, and I knew he was because that same night he confessed his love to me and I did the same. My heart exploded with fireworks, but all of the bliss I felt disappeared when I saw devastation written all over Maya’s face. She didn’t need to be rejected by another guy in her life. First her father, then my uncle Josh, if I could prevent it. I wasn’t going to let there be a third time. So two years ago, I told Lucas he needed to choose her over me.

It’s been painful to watch them together. A small piece of my heart shatters away every time I watch as they shared a moment, but the piece would repair when Lucas and I would blindly share a moment. Within those two years, I kept the as much distance as I could. I needed to if I wanted to fall out of love with Lucas Friar. I stopped going with them to Topanga’s after school to do homework. I stop going to movies or dinner with any of them. I stopped seeing any of them outside of school.

So, when my dad discussed the idea of us possibly getting a foreign exchange student I thought maybe I could get into a foreign exchange program. I took majority of my summer to convince both of my parents it was a good idea. It proved to be difficult since I chose to spend my summer hours away in Philadelphia. So I mailed letters, emailed power points to them and whenever we video chatted it was almost as if it was a video conference. I needed this to work out, I needed time away from everyone to heal.

When summer was finally coming to an end, I had given up any hope of going. My parents are some tough nuts to crack. When there is only a week left of summer, I knew it was time to go back to New York. I was dreading it. I hadn’t seen or talked to anyone. I was running away from them, so I thought it was right to keep to myself. I took the train back home and my parents were there waiting, both of them wearing huge grins. They said they had a surprise.

The whole way home I can feel the anticipation growing. I know what I’m hoping the surprise would be, but I don’t want to get too excited just yet. When my dad finally pulls into the parking garage, I was sure I was going to lose it. They wear the same grins as we get out and walk into the building and to our apartment.

When we get inside, there are new purple suitcases with a big bow on them. This was their way of telling me I was going to be sending my first semester of junior year in England. They made all the arrangements already. I can’t help but bounce up and down with excitement.

It’s been two days since I’ve been back, and the only person who has come to see me since I’ve been gone is Farkle. I didn’t want to tell anyone about me going England, but eagerness I felt didn’t let me keep in a secret. I told me, and he begged me not to go. I thought if anyone was going support me it would be him, but I was wrong. I made him promise me not to tell anyone, before I told him to leave.

A few more days go by. I maneuver around my room trying to do all of the last minute packing I have to do when a soft knock on my window stops me from moving across my room. When I look over, I see Farkle standing there with sad eyes. I stay frozen in my spot staring back at him. I know why he I here. He’s the only one that knows I leave tomorrow.

“Please unlock the window Riley,” his voice is muffled by the think piece of glass separating the two of us. I drag my feet across my cold floor to the bay window and hover my hand over the lock. “Please,” he says softly.

I stare into his eyes, and I can see them pleading me to open up. If I do, he’ll just convince me not to leave but it’s something I need to do. So instead of unlocking the window, I draw the curtains shutting him out. I don’t want to see anyone in the group right now.

I continue to move about grabbing my belongings and placing them into my suitcases. I’m excited to leave. I still haven’t told anyone I’m going to England for the semester. Not ten minutes after I pushed Farkle away, I hear another knock at my window. This time the knock it more impatient.

“I thought you’d get the hint I needed to be alone Farkle,” I say as I saunter to my covered window. I pull the curtains back and my eyes go wide. I met by green eyes that have always made me weak in the knees.

“Please let me in.” I don’t hesitate to reach for the lock. I have no self-control when it comes to him. He’s almost like a drug and whenever I can have a taste. I’m going to. “I needed to see you,” he says pulling himself through the window. “You’ve been gone all summer, and I knew you’d have to be here since school starts tomorrow.” He looks around my room and his eyes land on my bed, “Where are you going?”

“Away,” I say under my breath. “Wh-what,” I swallow the lump in my throat, “what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with Maya?”

He stares at me trying to lock eyes with me, but I keep my eyes locked down on my hands. “Maya and I aren’t together anymore. We ended everything at the beginning of summer. You would have known if you were around.”

“I needed to get away, especially after-“

“After I kissed you on the last day of school,” he cuts me off and I nod my head.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” I whisper still not lifting my gaze.

“Look at me please,” he put his two fingers under my chin puling my head up. “I can see it in your eyes how hurt you are.”

Tears start to fill my eyes as a menacing laugh escapes my lips, “Of course I’m hurt Lucas! You picked Maya over me!”

“You told me to!” he shouted.

His tone sends a shiver down my body, “And you listened.” I whisper. “You didn’t object the idea once.” A single tear falls down my cheek, “I wanted you to fight for me, but instead you didn’t. I watched as you and Maya shared kisses, laughs, everything that you were supposed to be sharing with me.” More tears escape, “I thought you would fight for me, but you didn’t.”

“I didn’t know I had a choice. I didn’t want to hurt you Riley.”

I brush the tears away, “And how did that work out for you.”

“I love you, Riley,” he says so softly and sincere.

Silence fills the air before I finally speak up, “I think you need to go Lucas. I have to finish up here.”

“I’m guessing I won’t see you tomorrow,” I nod for confirmation. “Will I see you soon?” I shake my head, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to England.” His eyes go wide. “I need this.”

He wastes no time in embracing me into a hug. I don’t fight, I sink into his hug and I wish I could stay here forever. He pulls away a little and his green eyes meet my brown ones. His face is so close to mine, that I can feel his breath on my lips. It’s taking everything inside of me not to close the gap between us, but he tries to.

“I can’t,” I whisper before his lips can touch mine.

“Please, just once last kiss.”

I pull away shaking my head. “I can’t Lucas. You don’t understand what your kisses do to me. With a kiss you can strip me defenseless, and with you I already have none. I’m scared If I let you kiss me, you’ll ask me to stay and I will.”

His eyes are still locked on mine, “How long will you be gone?”

“Until I feel like my heart is safe from you.”

“If you give me a chance, I can prove to you that I’m worth it. That your heart doesn’t need protecting from me,” his eyes are pleading with me.

“I think you really should leave,” I say lightly pushing him towards to window.

He starts to climb out, and once he finally is he sticks his head in, “I’m going to wait for you Riley Matthews. I made the mistake once of not fighting for you I won’t do it again.”

I try my best to hide small smirk my lips form. “Bye Lucas.”

Once he pulls his head through, I close the window and close the curtains. I know it’s now safe to let my Smiley Riley smile loose. That’s all I ever wanted him to do was fight for me, and it feels good to know that he will even with me being so far way. 

Oh look another headcannon…This one is for @whyldkratts‘s Role Swap AU. I have this headcannon that Buster heard Mike singing while he was helping johnny fix the set for an act. And Buster with all of his Gunter-esk enthusiasm would NOT keep quiet while hearing a voice of an angel. (PS Shy Mike is my SHIT)

Inktoberwatch day 25, favorite legendary skin

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Have you seen this post on Goku's behavior in the Super Episode 77? You don't have to agree with it, just something to think about. Link: rinsankajugin tumblr post 156855799894 dbs-universe-survival-saga-gokus-personality

Post referenced here


I think there’s a misunderstanding there of how much Toriyama’s involvement is with DBS, for one, as if we could blame Toriyama instead of Toei for Goku’s personality. When that’s not really true. 

There was a joke going out around twitter early on in DBS that illustrated Toriyama’s actual involvement perfectly - “Toriyama writes ideas out on a bar napkin and hands it to both Toyotaro (who is doing the manga) and Toei (who is in charge of the anime) - WE MUST FIND THE BAR NAPKIN!” (I wish I could find this joke dang it; someone drew out a comic or something and it was hilarious)

He really has very very little involvement and is working closer with Toyotaro but it’s on record from some interview, either with Toyotaro or Toriyama himself, that Toriyama tells the bro to make it his own. Truth is - we can only guess at what is from Toriyama. We can’t even say “well they’re similar here so that must be” because the anime so often comes out ahead of the manga, so what if Toyotaro is getting cues from the anime sometimes?

Also, I think there’s an exaggeration/misunderstanding of the idea that Toriyama got mad at the anime for portraying Goku as too much of a hero. When, lol, I’ve done a re-watch of the anime while holding the manga in hand and following along. Toriyama-sensei, all due respect, but it’s pretty dang close. (Now the Funimation original Dub DID exaggerate Goku’s heroic characteristics pretty strongly with some of its major speech changes - but Toriyama wasn’t talking about the dub when he brought that up so eh)

Yes, there’s like a scale difference of Goku’s heroic characteristics. 

80% hero in old funi dub

77% in movies both English / Japanese (holy crap tho like I was laughing at how the old movies reeeeeally make Goku out to be some kinda Superman even in the Japanese version) (I sometimes wonder if this is what Toriyama was referring to because like lol…)

75% hero in funi Kai dub

72% hero in Japanese sub anime

70% hero in Japanese Kai

67% hero in original manga

IF you want to even want to agree with that scale. Some part of me is just throwing numbers at the screen right now. Believe it how you want, but at least I’m sure you can agree with me on the order placed… It’s really only that big of a difference when you nit-pick every little thing. The general characterization comes across the same to me but I can see where people have their grievances. 

Notice however, that he STILL HAS heroic characteristics. Yes, trust me, you can still find those in the manga. So this comment from Toriyama is more like “eh, I intended there to be more poison in his character and I feel like the anime might have lost some of this” - when sometimes you can’t even feel that in what the man wrote himself tbh. It’s like when a writer is stubborn about NO THE CURTAINS WERE BLUE BECAUSE I WANTED THEM TO BE SO STOP PSYCHO-ANALYZING ME.   

I say all this because this post you directed me to brought it up and I think it’s often brought out of context to mean like a 0-100 scale.

Goku’s characterization / personality in Super is very often very selfish. Not just kinda selfish like he should be. But so completely selfish that it makes me feel sick to my stomach.

And very dumb. 

Like. As if his ability to reason or logic has been taken from him. Like. Oh, lol, nope, he can only use logic when it comes to fighting, guys. =/ 

Goku was raised in the woods and not aware of society norms. Or knowledgable about a great many things. He was the character put there for us to explore the world and have things explained to us while also being a catalyst for jokes. But he learned. It was very rarely the same gag unless repeated purposefully for comedic effect and then later dropped. (Goku stopped doing pat-pat to figure out if someone was boy or girl after a while, guys) And he would show logic in the sense of “well if this is true, then why isn’t this?” kind of reasoning.

I’m not seeing that in Super. 

Now, if someone wants to be optimistic and say “what if Super is being heavy handed with Goku’s flaw of being bored and rushing into fights” - because they’re expecting it to lead into development. I say. What development are you expecting? Because he’s been pretty stagnant for 77 episodes. 

Yes, Goku is a static character. A character who doesn’t change much over the course of the series.

But he’s not a flat character. He’s supposed to have these ups and downs. These attributes that contribute to him being well-rounded. I’m not seeing this in Super.

Maybe it is there and I’m blind, but a lot of other people have been saying the same thing after this latest episode. As if they’ve all been waiting for a chance to restore their faith in Toei  - but we’re 77 episodes in and he’s still being used in weird ways to make Vegeta look better. 

WTF is with “I was dead when Goten was born.” 


It just makes him out to be the asshole everyone’s been telling me he is for the past 15 years. This isn’t the character I saw in the original manga. I miss him.

(For the record - hats off to them for remaining optimistic about seeing growth and development - and it is a pretty neat idea tbh. A lot of us Goku fans just threw in the towel, even more so than when the kisscourse happened lol)