Idols that Dispatch gave up on

- Kyungsoo Part -

③ EXO member D.O.

(Reference: Dispatch followed Kyungsoo for quite some times, yet discovered nothing in the end)

Autistic Galra Keith (Part 1)

Because I wasn’t kidding when I said I had a million and one headcanons about this, and it’s gotten way too long for a single post.

[Follow-up to this meta about autistic Keith and autistic Pidge.]

Autistic Galra Keith Series
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[Part 2: Reveal and fallout]
[Bonus: Purring is the best stim]
[Part 3: Fluff and general headcanons]

In this part: A lot of musings about Keith’s backstory, working under the assumption that he is both autistic and half Galra/half Altean. (Two different things.) Featuring: conspiracies about the Garrison, mentor!Shiro, Keith-Shiro bonding, Iverson being a douche. Covers everything prior to canon.


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