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if Chiara was alive what would things be like?


Disclaimer: ACOMAF is a huge book and I barely remember a lot of it, just some big scenes, so it’s probably not in order and it’s a bit choppy. 

  • Chiara becomes known across Prythian as the High Lord Killer. When Tamlin and his brothers came to kill her and her mother, she did not die, though her mother did. The High Lord of the Spring Court killed her mother first and Chiara only saw red 
  • Chiara screamed a scream so loud it shattered mountains. Magic burst free from her entire body, magic she had forced herself to lock away, to shove deep down. And it poured out of her, killing the High Lord where he stood. 
  • Tamlin never forgave his mate for killing his father 
  • Later, Rhys, Chiara, and their father go to the Spring Court to enact revenge for their mother/mate. Rhys and Chiara each get a sibling, and Chiara takes her precious time, where as Rhys just melts the Heir’s brain. 
  • Their father still kills the Lady of the Spring 
  • Tamlin still kills their father 
  • Chiara never forgave her mate for killing her father 
  • Chiara was High Lady of the Night Court, Night Incarnate, Death’s Hand, and she was more than feared. A little girl had killed a High Lord, a little girl sat on Prythian’s strongest court’s throne. 
  • A little girl melted brains, snapped necks, let her blades slide through bodies, and seemingly felt no remorse 
  • Rhys became her trusted advisor
  • Cassian became her General Commander 
  • Azriel became her Shadowsinger, and she vowed never to use him the way her father used him 
  • Mor became her Second, which Keir hated just like he hated he had to bow to a High Lady, but Chiara took no prisoners, as they say
  • The Spring Court and the Night Court were (im)mortal enemies, but no one knew why except for a chosen few 
  • Chiara saved Amren from the Prison 
  • bonus: Chiara does indeed ask Amren to bed her. If you thought she was straight, boy, you’re wrong 
  • They became the Court of Dreamers, the six of them. The High Lady, Her Second and Third, her Commander, her Shadowsinger, and her brother. (Rhys doesn’t have his powers, since Chiara has them all as High Lady, but he’s the best Illyrian warrior there is) 
  • Then Amarantha came 
  • Chiara went willingly, knowing she had to protect her family 
  • But Amarantha wanted both siblings, even if Rhys isn’t all powerful. She wanted something to hold over Chiara 
  • Amarantha used Chiara to terrorize Prythian into submission. Rhys is still Amarantha’s Whore, but Chiara is Amarantha’s High Lord Killer 
  • The curse put on Tamlin and the Spring Court is even worse, if you think about it, because his mate is right there but he still has to fall for a human 
  • Feyre comes in 
  • Now whether you want Chiara to fall in love with Feyre or Rhys to fall in love with Feyre, that’s all up to you. It could go either way. But Chiara replaces Rhys in the Calamnai scene and in the manor scene with Tamlin and Lucien 
  • Under the Mountain Rhys still helps Feyre through her Trials, and Chiara covers for them 
  • Chiara walks in on Tamlin and Feyre, instead of Rhys. Whether she kisses Feyre instead of Rhys, is entirely up to you. But I doubt Chiara would kiss her brother’s mate, then again, to keep her alive. Who knows 
  • Chiara and Rhys watch in horror as Feyre dies. Chiara has to watch as her mate mourns for another. Chiara steps forward and forces the other High Lords to bring Feyre back. “Unless you’re telling me you’re defying the High Lord Killer” No one defies her. 
  • Chiara, Rhys, and Tamlin kill Amarantha, and Chiara gets the killing blow. The High Lord Killer and her brother leave Under the Mountain, but everything has changed 
  • Tamlin, indeed, fell in love with Feyre. He fell in love because he truly believed that Feyre was his second chance. Not for a mate, but a second chance at happiness 
  • Feyre asks for someone to save her 
  • Chiara and Rhys show up at their wedding. “And here I thought I would at least get an invitation to your wedding, Tamlin” Chiara gives her mate a kind, cool smile. 
  • The monthly visits start 
  • “Tamlin said there were no High Ladies” Feyre is obviously confused by this blatant lie, since Chiara is standing in front of her and has been standing in front of her for a long time now 
  • “Some males still can’t accept females are better. Even their own mates. Such a tragedy, though it can never be avoided” 
  • “Mates? Your his-”
  • “It’s a long story” 
  • Feyre meets the Inner Circle 
  • Cassian and Azriel are in love, Mor and Amren are in love, but the dynamic between all six of them is far better than mere feelings between their hearts 
  • Chiara and Rhys have a nice sibling talk about Feyre along the way 
  • “You deserve to be happy, brother, and she is that happiness. Do not let me stop you” 
  • “I’m the older one here, I should be comforting you”
  • “Alas that’s not how it is” 

Disclaimer: This is where it gets choppy and messy, because I’m certain the scenes aren’t in order. Just how I remember this. 

  • The Inn Scene and the Throne Scene still happen between Feysand, unless you ship Chiara and Feyre, then it happens between them. It’s up to you 
  • Hybern’s forces shoot Chiara out of the sky, instead of Rhys. Rhys and Feyre look for her, while Azriel and Cassian look for the shooters 
  • Feyre gets the Suriel along with Rhys 
  • “Ta ta ta your mate’s sister is danger, no no no, I’ve always liked Chiara, my High Lady, did you know she came to me so long ago, ta ta ta, save her, save her like that brute was never able to. A heart of stone, a spirit of gold, yet courage of nothing” 
  • “My what now’s sister”
  • Cricket noises 
  • They save Chiara of course, followed by Feyre yelling at Rhys (or Chiara, I mean, again, up to you) because he/she didn’t tell her about the mating bond. And with Chiara, yes, Fae can have two mates, so it’s entirely possible
  • There are a lot of specific of ACOMAF that I don’t remember, so let’s fast forward to a scene we all remember 
  • Tarquin, MY BOY, and the Summer Court, MY PEOPLES 
  • I could totally see Chiara and Tarquin or Chiara and Cresseida so please, if anyone ships it, by all means, ship it 
  • I’d also be down for her and Varian 
  • But Tarquin, you have to admit, my young boy, is fascinated with Chiara.
  • She’s High Lady. She’s the High Lord Slayer. And she’s in his court, showing an interest in him? He totally has a little boy crush on her
  • I totally forget the specifics but you know how Amren and Feyre get the book and almost drown and laugh about it later? 
  • Chiara is somehow in that scene too. 
  • “You almost drowned and you’re laughing?”
  • “Lighten up, brother, these things don’t happen every day” 
  • Tarquin sends them red rubies, my precious son. Chiara is slightly disappointed that she’s lost Tarquin’s allegiance, trust, faith, and so on 
  • skipping a lot 
  • The Archeron Household 
  • Boy oh boy 
  • I would love Chiara to be in this scene 
  • Nesta and Elain automatically think Rhys is High Lord 
  • But Chiara just smiles, picking at her nails, “Wrong. I’m not just High Lady. I’m known as the High Lord Killer, as well, so take your pick, I suppose” 
  • I guess you could start shipping Chiara and Nesta at some point. 
  • Chiara defends Feyre, because she is her family now, she defends Feyre against Nesta and Elain as if Feyre was her own sister 
  • The scene with the Queens still happens with Rhys and Feyre 
  • skipping forward (again)
  • Defending the Rainbow. 
  • Chiara kills the Attor so eventually she’ll be known as the Attor Slayer as well. She allows Feyre to fight, because this is her home now, she is a part of her court, and if she’s going to stay, she’s going to fight for their people 
  • And Feyre does just that. She fights alongside Chiara, Chiara carrying her through the sky, allowing her to slay the flying beasts. 
  • The best sistermance you can dream of 
  • Now let’s fast forward again to the King of Hybern scene 
  • I really don’t want to do the Cauldron scene, because Chiara would have never let Feyre put the Book together, that was a stupid move 
  • Moving on
  • Azriel’s been shot, poison running through his veins, all hope seems to be lost 
  • Cassian’s wings have been shredded
  • Chiara is standing in front of Azriel, ready to lay down her life for her older brothers. She has her arm out, putting it between the King and Cassian 
  • Rhys is trying to protect Feyre, Cassian is by Azriel’s side (not Mor, I told you guys Cassian and Azriel are in love) 
  • And Chiara stares down at the King, snarling “I’d love to add King Annihilator to my list. Maybe Dethroner of Kings sounds better?” 
  • Then Tamlin and his betrayal comes in 
  • But he’s done it for a different reason 
  • Chiara stares at him in complete horror, still putting her body between the King, and now him, and her family. “Why, Tamlin? I understand that our actions have destroyed our bond, but why destroy Prythian?” 
  • “Your dream was to make Prythian a better place and this is how I plan to do it” 
  • “You fool!” 
  • “Lover’s quarrel?” The King, that sassy devil
  • Nesta and Elain are still drowned in the Cauldron 
  • Low key I want them to die, but they don’t, my present to you 
  • Chiara almost laughs at Nesta raising her middle finger to the King 
  • “She’s my mate” Lucien and his big mouth about Elain
  • We all know what else happens 
  • Feyre goes back to the Spring Court 
  • Azriel is still dying 
  • Cassian’s wings are still shredded 
  • I’m glad I could reopen these wounds for you 
  • Now the next scene could go two ways 
  • If you ship Chiara and Feyre: Chiara isn’t concerned with Feyre being back in the Spring Court, she trusts her, she would put her life in Feyre’s hand, she knows Feyre is responsible. “My High Lady” Because they totally would get married and do the ceremony just like Feysand did in the cover of the night you can bet on that 
  • If you ship Rhys and Feyre: Same as the book. But Chiara is officially willing to kill Tamlin, her mate, to get Feyre back. She’s willing to kill him, for the betrayals upon betrayals, for tearing apart lives. Chiara is no longer his redemption 
  • This is super angsty and it would be so much better if I could remember more scenes from ACOMAF off the top of my head 

Bonus - ACOWAR 


That’s it. That’s all I could think of. I hope this wasn’t disappointing, anon. 

(Headcanon that if Arthur stays a ghost too long, he’s gonna be even worse at self care when he reverts back to being alive)


This episode for me really highlighted and then in its dramatic finale brought to an extreme the use of perspective that Rebecca Sugar has often talked about during panels. In her rare appearances, we are almost always looking up at Rose Quartz, or she is leaning down and over our POV - be it Pearl kneeling before her hologram in Rose’s Scabbard

or Greg on a number of occasions during the early days of their relationship (We Need To Talk is a really interesting watch with regards to camera angles and how they change - Greg literally climbs a stack of crates during his attempt at communication and, well, seeing eye to eye)

or Garnet after her fateful fall in The Answer

or, hey, Buddy Buddwick collapsed in the desert in Buddy’s Book

She even has magical floating powers. It all fits, of course, with the entire running theme of the (unattainable/unmaintainable) pedestal. And even when she is not directly present, and even when it’s not the focus of the shot, her portrait can be seen overlooking the familiar setting of the beach house.


supernatural out of context

    “oh, angel sent from up above
                 you know you make my world 
light up