This struck me as really hilarious.

I usually post from my phone, which has a predictive text feature.
So when I start typing ‘beautiful,’ it always predicts 'Neah.’ But when I actually want to type 'Neah,’ it autocorrects to either 'Nah’ or 'Trash.’ And if that ain’t the truth…


Reese&Finch | Always
by Ashley Zhang at youtube

Okay, this hurts so much, but it’s also among the most beautiful videos, I have to share it.

Highly recommend to watch it:
1. in HD,
2. using both earphones,
3. preparing your handkerchief,
4. there were 5x13 contents in it, but hey, those canon thing didn’t really happen in canon right? so it’s alright.

Please link back to credit the creator if you like it!

Hiveswap Headcanon December day 4

As a 90s kid, Joey absolutely knows every word to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and definitely sings it at some point while on Alternia. A couple hundred years later, a few trolls get a really weird sense of deja vu when the Thresh Prince starts airing.

The Dead Season: Chapter 31 up @ AO3

Chapter 31: Thirty Years of Snow


It’s snowing at Skyhold.

As the seasons change, so do many things.

This chapter had a lot of outside influences, like all the high winds we’ve been having in Southern California where I live, which tend to make things creepier than normal. Also, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode “Conversations with Dead People.” And all my recent work with Teen Wolf as well. Maybe bring tissues and find something to bite down on.

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The Dead Season: Start from the Beginning

In this story, Solas is young, reckless and totally fucked up in love. Sene Lavellan is his fiery anchor to all that is real. This is their quotidian and their drama. An epic romance. A lot of sweet and a lot of dark, a lot of intense atmosphere. Plus, a lot of just…hope. I promise. I really love these two elves.

Canon flexible. The characters guide me.

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There's a gay couple - Matt and Freddy, who are closeted on the UK X Factor and articles are writing about the cover up!

I have absolutely no desire to worry about another badly treated gay couple in the music industry sorry