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Episode Six: My Soul Shalini For Me

In which the audience is forced to contemplate what Margin the Worrier meant by his usage of the verb “shalini”, how exactly that action applies to his soul, and what it ultimately meant for himself as an attractive yet disembodied voice.

Following the untimely death of Missed-Highest’s friend and confidant, Brother Myth Uvula, our protagonist has been feeling rather down in the dumps. His muted mood seems to have passed to the other Readwhilers in the Abee… all except Constant the Badger, who has recently developed a crush on Clooney the Scourge and has begun referring to him as “Cutie”. Her preoccupation with Cuti- I mean, Clooney, has made it rather difficult for her to focus on the important things in life, such as discussing Abee defense with the Farther Habit. With the bae constantly on her mind, Farther Habit struggles to keep his badger friend in the loop of goings-on in the Abee.

Clooney finally makes a return in this episode after a short trip to the Mossflower Spa; his latest ingenious military tactic is cutting off Readwhile’s food supply from the outside. Why is this a plot point when Readwhile is self-sustaining? We’re not sure, but at least his back-up plan makes better sense: If his intimidation of farmers and merchants doesn’t work, Clooney intends to destroy any brainless gods of Mossflower that he encounters. What ho, mythos! Tremble ye before the might of Cutie the Scourge!

Back at the Abee, Missed-Highest decides to spend some time forgetting about his impending character development by listening to some Happy Abandoned Radio™ with Coneflower. No protagonist can avoid their fate forever, though, and Missed-Highest’s comes in the form of Bazl, who threatens to desert the Abee in favor of… special desserts. One severely unfortunate misunderstanding later, and Missed-Highest is convinced that Bazl and Just Squirrel have run away from the Abee together. This blatant scandal sends the Readwhilers into argumentative chaos. Missed-Highest solves the problem the only way a protagonist can: heading out to retrieve the tapestry of Margin the Worrier alone. (If you forgot the tapestry was a thing, don’t worry, we did too!) Everything turns out all right in the end when Missed-Highest discovers that Bazl and Just Squirrel also had getting the tapestry in mind, and the trio unites to pull off the act in true swashbuckling fashion.

Oh, Clooney also has an epic staring contest with Margin in this episode. Margin wins, and as a result Clooney is struck dumb with the baffling wonders of poetry for 24 hours. Poems, man… how do they work??


Jericho (ITV), 1.05

Annie: I reckon you need some place to stay.

Johnny: You offering me bed and board again—Annie Quaintain?


I’m REALLY tired and I drew this in the BIG sketchbook, so heres a phone pic… least i FINISHED IT!(tho i lost my graphite so the clouds r lame)

Basically nothings changed because I am ALREADY A WITCH!!!