Why I prefer the female Delivery woman I usually get.

Deliry Man: *Angry knocking and shouting*

Me: *Opens the door slowly and not all the way* 

Delivery man: *Rolls his eyes and talks very slowly but like I’ve made him angry.*  You need your door on the front of your house.

Me: … 0.0

Delivery man: I can’t see your front door from my van. I don’t know what house this is. You need to move your door!

Me: *Begins to have an anxiety attack*

Delivery man: *Gives me my parcel and starts walking away* This is why I hate delivering to girls who live alone. Can’t fucking put a door in the right place.

Me: I’m never opening the front door again.


Text: your parcel has been picked up by our driver and should arrive between 10Am and 1PM

Me: *At myself* Ok that’s fine. I’m in all day anyway.

Molly the cat: *Gives me a I don’t care, I want to sleep look*

Knock on my door at 8:300pm

Me: *Is worried and opens the door with the chain on*

Delivery man: Tries to shove the parcel through the gap but can’t.* Jesus can’t you fucking open a door? I’m in a rush yeah!

Me: Sorry! *Undoes the chain*

Delivery man: you should be. Wasting my time. *Tosses parcel at me and leaves* Learn to open a door!

The delivery woman waits for me to unlock the door if she comes after its dark and it gets dark at about 4:30pm at the moment. She’s always nice and steps away from the door to give me space and she doesn’t mind if i’m scared and I have Molly in my arms and have to put her down. I got yelled at for holding her by a delivery guy too.

Also the younger delivery guys are so polite and they like talk calm and slow but not like they’re condescending.


Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles, AHBL8 Melbourne
[photography by me]