Tourmaline: chapter 13

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Steven lay flat on the couch, singular arm slung over the edge. He stared at the slatted ceiling, which had bled to a dark projection of desaturated stripes now that the sun had gone down. He glanced to the screen door; darkness swallowed up anything past the radius of the porch light. It led to only a vast nothingness, formlessness which he couldn’t make out. There was only the lapping and crashing of the distant ocean, like falling rain. The air was damp with lingering rain water, and cold.

He blinked. He stared up again. He held his breath. He shut his eyes.

This body didn’t sleep.

Steven pressed his eyes closed, harder now, until stars sparked in his vision. It did nothing. He couldn’t feel the scattered, thoughtless pull of drowsiness in his mind. He was tired though. Mentally, physically exhausted. Just now, he was permanently conscious too. Steven groaned, rolled, and set his feet to the floor.

He wanted desperately to get the Gems. He wanted to sit side-by-side with Amethyst and lose himself to fits of laughter over her goofy jokes about his body. He wanted to listen, silently, to Pearl’s stories about how his mom handled the Homeworld invasions, to feel that strange cocktail of pride and admiration and fear whenever Pearl let details of the war slip. He wanted to press himself into Garnet’s sturdy arms and forget anything else existed.

Now more than ever, though, he knew they needed their space. There’d been a steady, dense, stickiness in the air when the Gems were around. Like oatmeal on a hot day, soggy and topped with too much cinnamon: it was a discomfort, a queasy fullness, when they had to look at him as he…was, in this body, trapped in this form. It taxed them; it exhausted them to deal with what he’d created.

So he sat in the growing darkness now, “asleep”, trying to sort out which of his memories had been the Gems’ spoken words and which had been their private thoughts. The “We love you”s and the “We’re sorry”s had been out loud. He knew that. And he knew they were sincere. But that didn’t help; Steven took no comfort in their regret, especially not now. He’d hated feeling it, and he hadn’t been able to say anything to lighten it. The Gems had laughed at the jokes he’d cracked: about his arm, about his dance, about his all-around stupid behavior. But each modest chuckle had come with a stinging new twang of guilt in the air. It was like a physical weight on his chest, feeling that responsibility for their pain.

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T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Artemis

She’s the one who fidgets in class as if being there causes her pain, eyes fixed on the window whilst teachers tut under their breaths. A girl fashioned from wilderness, she’s made for the outdoors and expanses of sky that stretch on past suburbia. Her dreams revolve around travelling, of escaping the tiny town she’s confined to, hounds trailing at her heels. 3am calls to her friends beg them to come outside and sit on the roof whilst staring up at a smear of stars trying their hardest to shine through light pollution. She constantly hunts for freedom, severing the ropes which try to hold her down.



Life is strange episode 4 spoilers and theory for episode 5

I knew Nathan wasn’t a bad guy in episode one when you let him shoot Chloe. He’s really remorseful and doesn’t know what to do. After reading up on the medicine that he’s taking, seeing his “Rachel in the dark room” picture, and replaying the first three episodes… I just can’t feel like he’s the antagonist.
Don’t get me wrong, I think he still had some part in it. The fact his jacket is in the dark room is proof enough let alone what Kate and Chloe told us.
My theory is that Nathan’s father forced him into this. I’m not exactly sure how, maybe Mr. Jefferson needed money and Mr. Prescott was pervy enough to okay the dark room. Maybe the fact that Nathan’s father won’t have a follow up with his therapist drove him crazy enough to follow Mr. Jefferson’s disturbing teachings. All I know is that Nathan isn’t totally at fault, his father and Mr. Jefferson are far worse. Nathan is a mentally ill kid and the fact he’s taking part in this is driving him crazy.
Also, I don’t think Mr. Jefferson kills all of his victims. Rachel was an accident, and Nathan doesn’t know she’s dead. I don’t think he remembers Rachel dying, he looks to be drugged in that picture they’re in together and he seems happy-shocked as to scared-shocked when he sees Max in Rachel’s clothing.
I just can’t help but feel like Mr. Jefferson is the main guy behind all of this and I really wish people wouldn’t blame all of it on Nathan.
I hope he’s okay, his text at the end of episode 4 didn’t sound anything like him. And he’s not wearing his signature jacket. I hope Jefferson didn’t do something to him. I hope Nathan comes to save Max from the dark room if her powers can’t get her out of that situation.
Final theory: I think the necklace Chloe is wearing truly does symbolize that once she gets shot three times, she’s gone. If not that, at least that Chloe needs to die in order for everything to work out the way the universe intended. I can see the game ending with Max going back to the first selfie we took in episode one, going into the bathroom, letting Nathan kill Chloe, and comforting him until he spills everything that happened to the principal and police. It’s not the ending I’d like because Chloe is such a cool character but… I think saving her was the butterfly effect. Max’s powers were just a way for her to discover the truth about Blackwell. The tornado is her signal to turn around, realize that she’s found enough information, and fix the universe.
But this is all just a theory.
I need episode 5. Now.

Life Is Strange Theory For Episode 5

So, I came up with this after crying and staring at a wall for a few hours because of episode 4

But then it came to me

Mr. Jefferson constantly compliments Max’s photography skills, right? But then, when he took advantage of Kate with the pictures, in class, he almost seemed to ignore her existence.

So my theory is that Mr. Jefferson wanted Max to enter a photo so badly in the contest so he could choose her to win, so they could spend “alone” time together and he could teach her his photography methods (shudder)

It just doesn’t make sense why he would ALWAYS be singling her out (ESPECIALLY for her photography skills) if he wanted to photograph her in a vulnerable state, because then he’d have singled Kate out as well.

“And Max, has a gift.”
“I’d never let one of (something something I’m remembering by memory don’t hate me) ’s future stars avoid handing in her entry!”
“I really wish you’d have entered in the Every Day Heroes contest.” (or something like that)

And then, also, why would he simply kill Chloe instead of both of them? Why would he bother to drug Max instead of killing her for discovering his secret, like he did Chloe?

He wants Max to work WITH him, not be another one of his playthings.

It's Not Binge Drinking If You Have Your Arms Wrapped Around Me - LiS Fic.

Title: It’s Not Binge Drinking If You Have Your Arms Wrapped Around Me.

Summary: He can only find comfort in the bottom of a vodka bottle, in the power of a tiny pill… oh, and there’s her, too.

Warnings: Includes DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS of vomiting, self-loathing and violent/disturbing memories.

Notes: Based off the fact that Rachel is, indeed dead. This takes place a small amount of time after Rachel has been buried by which, I assume, Nathan. You can see this as platonic or romantic Nathan/Victoria.

Rating: M.

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it’s 11:55PM in here and today is 31st July Friday, i saw the moon and i wanted to take this pictures.

♡ It’s Safer In The Dark | CHAPTER 7 ♡

Tytuł: It’s Safer In The Dark

Autor: aace1234

Tłumaczka: Louiz

Paring: Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles

Ograniczenia wiekowe: T

Opis: Louis to 17-letni uczeń, który jest stale prześladowany. Wychowywany przez czterech starszych braci i utrzymujący ich w niewiedzy o swoim szkolnym życiu.

Harry to 20-letni chłopak, który powtarza swój ostatni rok w szkole. Jest nieziemsko popularny i przyjaźni się z bratem Louisa - Niallem.

Louis jest zauroczony Harrym. Ale czy Harry czuje do niego to samo? Czy Harry dowie się o tym, co dzieje się z Louisem w szkole?

Tagi: AU, Innocent!Louis, Older!Harry, Bullying, Bullied!Louis, Brothers, Sexual Content, Attemped Rape/Non-Con, LiamNiallZaynAndyLouisarebrothers, Eating Disorders, Louis-centric, Insecure!Louis <słowniczek tagów>

T/N: No i jest kolejny rozdział. Przepraszam was bardzo za to, że nie wstawiłam go wczoraj tak jak obiecałam, ale nie wyrobiłam się i moja wakacyjna choroba (ugh jak ja to uwielbiam) zrobiła się nie do wytrzymania i nie miałam siły nawet ruszyć palcami. 

Dzisiaj wyszła nowa piosenka 1D!!!! Co o niej sądzicie? Ja osobiście uwielbiam w niej wszystko! Muzyka, tekst, WYSOKIE NOTY HARRY'EGO (!!!!!) Moje dzieci dorosły *płacze* 

Anyway, mam nadzieję, że rozdział wam się spodoba! 

Enjoy! (:


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They keep dying Niel’s hair so often this year. But it’s not even Black to Blonde to blue to pink. It’s black to brown to red back to black to light brown back to black back to light brown now  back to dark brown.  Ad it’s only for like a week before it changes again OTL