I’ve been wanting to make Junko into a Gem for a long while and I think I’ve finally got the most basic idea down. Tera helped a lot in figuring out her weapon since I plan to make an Elin Reaper in her name. Can’t wait to finish modding that to as close to Junko as I can <: 

So I think I’ve decided on a sythe for her. It’ll start off as a traditional sythe but she can mirror it from the bottom, compress it, then break it in the center to make hand sythes like the Reapers of Tera. And just like the Reapers, she can swing them on chains like so >>>

I think I’ll make her dress white though for a lighter look fit for Chalcedony. I also considered making her a fusion between a cat’s eye gem and Morganite but I think I’m dropping that because their gem placement doesn’t work for Junko. And Junko’s garter is now on her right leg since she’s probabaly right handed and that would make digivice retrieval easier on her in the Digimon universe. I liked the maillot outfit though on the fusion but the flared dress is cuter on her, so I’ll probably use a maillot on the cat’s eye gem. Yeaaaa

Its been a while since I’ve painted anything, and I wanted to try out some dramatic lighting, inspired from kr0npr1nz‘s beautiful work! I used this piece for lighting reference!

Plus, I’ve wanted an excuse to draw LucinaxGerome for a long time now… I feel like this ship is too neglected…. they are so important please give them more attention….

Since I wont be home tomorrow, the process work will be posted on Sunday instead of Saturday! Sorry about that ^^;

I was just trying out some different compositions and this DBZ throwback ended up happening. So, just for the hell of it, I figured I’d also post the Vegeta playlist I made when I was rewatching the series a couple years ago.


i got into An Agreement with my friend last weekend for Getting Into More Things, in which she had to read the last two volumes of daredevil, while i had to watch over the garden wall, read silk, and Also draw her some fanart of Spider Ladies (pictured above)

Narcissa was soft, mulled over by the almost warmth of the sun as she sat on the grounds by the lake, an actual smile painting itself beautifully across her worn features. The water was eerily calm in front of her, much like it always was when she paid a visit, a homely feeling to the way that it’s depths barely lapped against the shore line. As soothing as being alone was, Narcissa found that she was never alone for long, never for long enough and this wasn’t an exception, the blonde finding a familiar face walking along the grass towards her.

“Wasn’t expecting to see you out here.” Her words fell like petals, clinking against one another as the fell onto the ears of the listener. “Though I honestly can’t say I’m surprised you came looking for me. Did Madam Pomfrey send you?”

00pand0ria asked:

The white fang aren't hated because they use violence. their hated because they advocate the genocide of the human race and y'know thats bad.

Haven’t had a discussion on this fun topic for a while so thank you for putting forth this incredibly thoughtful ask.

Before I start, I should point out that, as a cishet white upperclass male living in Canada, my opinions on this issue are inherently less valuable than most and that there are many others who would speak with more authority on the subject than I. That out of the way…

You are wrong. Like flat out. Objectively so. I’m sorry if that seems a bit harsh but that’s just the facts. The White Fang has not, canonically, committed nor spoken in any way that would imply that genocide of the human race was in any way their goal.

If you wanna hide behind the event at the end of season 2, I’d like to point out that a) that was Cinder (a human; probably)’s plan, 2) there are Faunus living in Vale that would have been killed should the plan succeed (super unlikely because the whole thing was easily handled by three teams of training Hunters in a city that has a full school of them; clearly illustrating that damage and/or casualties was not the goal of the whole thing anyways), and iii) this is the most recent thing to happen in RWBY and the White Fang was hated long before that.

Now if we are talking about actual canon hatred or dislike towards the White Fang, we have a few characters who have actually spoken about it. Sun called them ‘holier than thou freaks who use force to get what they want’. What they want is to be treated equally and ‘force’ is clearly involving violence. Weiss spoke about how they targeted her family and its business. Genocide wouldn’t involve targeting past the race so that is much more focused on killing those who are directly responsible for a good deal of their suffering (or are at least heavily connected to them). Finally, the former White Fang member herself, Blake, stated that they attacked businesses that mistreated or otherwise discriminated against Faunus and that the more forceful style was showing results when the ‘turn the other cheek’ route only maintained the harmful status quo.

All in all, it is clear that the use of violence, specifically against those most responsible for the ongoing discrimination of the Faunus, is what causes the people of Remnant to hate the White Fang. Considering the use of violence to solve many problems is considered good and fair in RWBY, it is troubling to see that when those who are oppressed and are left with no other solution than violence use that tool, are then immediately made into villains with little to no positive characterizations given to them (as the only current members of the White Fang that are known are Adam and the Lieutenant).

Since #ProjectHarpoon launched its #ThInnerBeauty campaign there has been a lot of drama going on. Herds of fat activists and obese people harassed Facebook and Instagram to remove accounts dedicated to this movement. Lies have been spread about what the movement is about and people are quick to label anyone involved. So I thought we could take some time and dismantle some of the lies behind this trend in social media.

1. Project Harpoon & ThInner Beauty are dying/dead

Nope! While it is true that Instagram and Facebook have removed groups and accounts dedicated to posting these pics, the hashtags and pictures are still popping up all over on all forms of social media. The Subreddit is still alive and well. They have seen the amount of push back from the obese that Fat People Hate did and recently founded! The hashtags are a little erratic but while Project Harpoon is on a slight decline, ThInner Beauty continues to grow!

Quite a lot of exposure for a dead or dying movement eh?

I get that a lot of people are upset because apparently seeing yourself thin and fit is “triggering” because you realize just how lazy you are and how poor your nutrition is. That doesn’t mean a concept like ThinnerBeauty is dead just because you don’t like it. No matter how many people you block, or communities you attempt to shut down, if you are obese you will still be unhealthy, and trying to force your perspective and narrative on the world will backfire just like when FPH got removed from reddit. This anti fat acceptance movement is just going to keep spreading and growing it isn’t going away.

2. ThinnerBeauty is a sexist and misogynist movement that is purely about women!



Lies, lies and more lies!

Once again none of this is true! Some would have you think that this movement targets women exclusively but that is not the case. Oddly enough the SJW and Fat Acceptance advocates that are trying to combat thinner beauty never seem to react to the pictures of Men getting the ThinnerBeauty makeover. This isn’t a movement about shaming women’s bodies but illustrating the difference between an obese body and a thin or fit one.

From the FB page. Interestingly, this is the only one without bitching SJWs in the comments. Hmm… #ProjectHarpoon

— Project Harpoon (@ProjectHarpoon) August 22, 2015


Nobody got butthurt over this one either. I’m sensing a pattern… — Project Harpoon (@ProjectHarpoon) August 22, 2015

Its more than just these 2 pics though..

As you can see there are several pictures of men out there its just that Fat Acceptance is a largely female driven community that doesn’t care about men. So they demonize the pictures of women and try to turn this into an issue around sex and gender and beauty standards. Which brings us to our next lie about ThInner Beauty!

3. ThInner Beauty and Project Harpoon are all about impossible beauty standards!

I’ve seen this one around a lot too! “They trim the waist down but make their breasts even bigger!” “Project Harpoon is all about sexualizing women to look how they want” “ThInner Beauty is about impossible beauty standards!” Now I will admit there are some pictures floating around that leave a woman’s breasts the same size, and recently both myself and the ProjectHarpoon Twitter account both spoke up against this!  

@myllu01 If you want my professional critique, it’s decent, but you’ve made a common error: you failed to reduce the breasts proportionally. — Project Harpoon (@ProjectHarpoon) August 24, 2015

 The core concept of ThinnerBeauty and Project Harpoon are all about health and getting people to realize just how obese they are. Many would like you to think this movement is about turning fat women into sex objects and shaming them but if you look at the majority of the pictures they are obviously not sexualized and their breasts are reduced to stay proportionate to their body! Are these thinner images more attractive? Yes! Much like how Jack Black looks better when his pecs stick out further than his gut in the pics above. These may be conventional standards of beauty but they are still very legitimate. None of these pictures are sexualized though! Most of them are fully covered and are tastefully done.

// once again, ThinnerBeauty isn’t dead, it’s not just about women, and it isn’t about sexualizing women or forcing unrealistic standards. If the pictures above seem unrealistic to you maybe you need to take a good hard look in the mirror and realize that the only thing that’s unrealistic is the amount of denial your living in. So instead of trying to ban and censor something because it makes you feel bad why don’t you realize you can do a lot of things besides eating to make yourself feel better!


3 Lies Fat Activists are spreading about #ProjectHarpoon and #ThInnerBeauty Since #ProjectHarpoon launched its #ThInnerBeauty campaign there has been a lot of drama going on. Herds of fat activists and obese people harassed Facebook and Instagram to remove accounts dedicated to this movement.

So, Its been a while since I touch MMD and I found some interesting motion data (The name is work that monkey, I forgot the creator though, I’m sorry!) and I also find this gorgeous Levi mmd models (ぴえ式リヴァイ1_18 Model © ぴえ(Pie)Comes with Default Version (Jacket/Without Jacket) and a suit outfit.) and turns out its also work with Sage the Gemini and Iamsu, Gas Pedal. enjoy! (if I shouldn’t post it here, let me know! I’ll take it down immediately ^^ thank you!))

The lolilo gang have a Cards Against Humanity set

My FMWL job theory became canon!