Kpop Groups as Types of Cake

according to me and my friends 

Big Bang: “that chocolate cake from costco; really rich and even if you dont try it everyone is always losing their damn minds about it”

Astro: “a funfetty cake with chocolate filling, but the outside is actually like a beautiful mess”

Seventeen: “one of those big cakes where each layer is a different flavor bc they’re so multitalented”

SHINee: “a chocolate cake that looks like it was frosted by a 6 y/o; an old favorite but a Mess”

Block B: “a giant birthday cake with a shit ton of sprinkles and some of those candles that cant be blown out”

Pristin: “an ice cream cake: cool and refreshing”

Produce 101: “one of those crepe cakes bc theres so much going on that it’s overwhelming but it’s pretty good”

NU’EST: “the chocolate cakes you used to be able to get at kfc; amazing and extremely underrated”


me: “NCT are cupcakes bc of the different units”

friend #1, at the same time: “nct is like a black wedding cake, you dont know what’s going on, there’s a lot, but it’s pretty cool” 

both of us: “oh”

EXO: “a cake that looks Super Expensive and Tastes Amazing but tbh its probably made by a 5 y/o ???”

EXO, during kokobop: “a mess and missing a piece”

Yixing: “an angel food cake”

Blackpink: “one of those really expensive cakes that you kinda regret buying but it’s so damn good”

Red Velvet: “red velvet”

UP10TION: “a cake without much detail but the taste would be like “holy shit” bc they have so much talent but no one notices”

Topp Dogg: 

friend #1: “one of those cakes that look like it will be chocolate but ends up being vanilla”

friend #2: *sends a pic of a cake made out of twinkies* “an absolute mess and no one knows what’s going on”


friend #2: “ikon is a cake that was dropped on the ground”

friend #3: “EXCUSE YOU”

friend #2: “yg is the person that dropped it”

friend #3: “ikon is one of those cakes that has a little too much fondant so it’s kinda extra but looks really nice”

Hotshot: “that one cupcake that never gets eaten for some reason even tho its rly good”

BAP: “one of those cakes that was started by a bad baker but then a good baker went “we can fix this””

Winner: “one of those classy ass wedding cakes that everyone likes but nobody actually wants to pay for”

f(x): “the cake they bring in after everyone has already had cupcakes”

VIXX: “the cake that has all the weird flavor combos everyone is too afraid to try but is actually rEALLY GOOD”

24k: “a princess cake bc it’s popular in europe but not rly anywhere else”

Monsta X: “one of those really intense children’s cakes with flames and race cars on top”


EXP: “the cake that was thrown up at a kids birthday party”

highlights from b.a.p on asc
  • junhong talking happily and confidently, and looking beautifully radiant
  • yongguk smiling every time junhong spoke
  • youngjae’s erm shorts
  • daehyun’s now soft brown??? grey? hair, soft clothes, soft everything, beautiful skin, lovely face, bless his heart
  • himchan enacting the dancing child gif he sent to jongup
  • yongguk doing the old guy “might as well just die” pose every time a member brought shame to the family
  • daehyun singing rewind
  • junhong saying he’s in his final stages of his mixtape and that it’ll be done soon!
  • the only reason jongup doesn’t wear contact lenses and lives with poor eyesight is because he is lazy and literally doesn’t give a shit
  • daehyun not even needing the microphone to be heard yet still being made to do aegyo twice, much to youngjae’s glee. and it was actually cute what hte hekc i eant a reufbd
  • youngjae saying his movements get bigger when he’s excited so he tends to hit whoever’s near him. daehyun complaining that it’s often him who gets hit, but when told to just hit youngjae back, youngjae saying “that’s mean” lmao
  • why do u guys make yongguk do aegyo every time the poor guy bless
  • junhong showing no (0) shame at filming insta live videos in the bath, whilst everyone else is screaming at him to chill
  • daehyun: “I don’t put anything in my mouth. I just put things i like in my mouth”
  • b.a.p being introduced as a senior group mmmm ye
  • yongguk’s smooth ass spanish intro???? holy shit
  • jongup accidentally introducing himself in korean then getting all fluSterEd
  • himchan calls jongup if he doesn’t reply within five minutes hdhddh which knowing jongup is probably every time himchan messages him
  • junhong’s freestyle dance!!!! [amos diggory voice] that’s my boyyyyy
  • yongguk admitting he became bang yongpin as a penalty for losing at bowling
  • everyone just so happy and smiley and tog e th e r man ot6 :’)))
  • daejae being especially giggly, yongguk grinning bashfully, junhong serving looks
  • wow i love b.a.p

Excuse me sir, could u spare a moment for our talent, saving grace, BAP? 

its @cutenerds b-day nd whats a better gift then aggressively pushing my beliefs onto her - u said “i like talented groups” but all i heard was “i like b.a.p groups” so here u go 

me, smoking a pipe, sitting on a rocking chair on my porch: you young kids these days don’t know how good you have it, new bap content every day…. back in the days of The Great Hiatus™ we’d just sit around waiting for someone to update their instagram… reblog the same old gifsets three times a day….. didn’t see jongup for so long we forgot what he looked like..

My submission for the BAP’s ARTBOOK PROJECT! Please consider joining the project made by my wonderful friend <3 BAP seriously needs their own artbook, no kid.

Actually I’m too early, was already drawing this for their comeback so might as well for the artbook hhhhh.