• john: *comes home to find sherlock microwaving something* oh god sherlock, is the flat going to smell like burnt flesh for a week again?
  • sherlock: there is no flesh involved, so no.
  • john: are you making something to eat? i usually don't see you use the microwave to make food.
  • sherlock: no.
  • john: well what are you doing?
  • sherlock: science, john.
  • john: i'm relatively scared. it's not blood or anything, is it?
  • sherlock: no, but that's a good idea.
  • john: what is it then?
  • sherlock: a thing.
  • john: sherlock, WHAT IS IT?
  • sherlock:
  • sherlock:
  • john: ok i'm too paranoid. *walks over and pulls it out of the microwave*
  • sherlock:
  • john: sherlock,
  • sherlock: yes, john?
  • john: are you really microwaving a marshmallow to see how big it will get?
  • sherlock: yes, in the name of science.
  • john:
  • sherlock: because i'm BOOOOOOORRRRREEEEDDDDDD
  • sherlock: *goes on a crazy rampage in the kitchen and destroys everything*
  • john: i should've just let him microwave the marshmallow.
Possible scenarios to season 4:
  • *John opens sherlock's bedroom door and finds him asleep shirtless covered in his sheet*:
  • John: Good morning. Somebody slept in.
  • Sherlock: *wakes up* Hmm?... Oh, hello John.
  • John: you're usually up by now.
  • Sherlok: What time is it?
  • John: it's ten. Want me to cook some breakfast?
  • Sherlock: thank you, that would be nice.
  • John: *is about to leave, stops, points at object by the bed* is that a riding crop?
  • Sherlock:'s for an experiment.
  • John: alright... *leaves*
  • Sherlock: *waits until the door is closed. Jumps out of bed*
  • Irene: *opens closet doors and steps out of the closet* Now, do you want me to wait until he leaves or shall I sneak out of the window for old times sake?
  • Sherlock: I'm sorry, John gets insufferably zestful when it comes to me and women, I'd prefer you won't be introduced that way - is that my gown?
  • Irene: *tights gown* I hope you don't mind... Well, if the touch of my skin bothers you that much you shouldn't have been all over it last night
  • Sherlock: hmm... I'm pretty sure you were all over mine.
  • Irene: *Gets closer* maybe. Looks better on me anyway.
  • *Are about to kiss*
  • John: *calling from outside the room* SHERLOCK!!! Do you want some eggs in your breakfast?
  • Sherlock: *impatient* yes that would be fine!!
  • John: would Miss Adler like some too?
  • Irene:
  • Sherlock: dammit.
  • *having the most awkward breakfast in a long time*
  • Sherlock: how did you -
  • John: Mrs Hudson told me.
  • Sherlock: how did she -
  • John: the walls here aren't so thick since you shot them.
  • Irene: *spits drink*

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AND THEN when john went to sleep in sherlock and his bed sherlock comes around 2 am into their room with the kitten in his hand and sneaks in the bed with it and john peeks open an eye and asks if the kitten really must lie with them in bed and sherlock says 'yes it's for an experiment john, obviously' and it slEEPS WITH JOHN ADN SHERLOCK AND SHERLOCK JUST LOVE SHIS KITTY OK AY