forever my favorite part of dramione fics is how draco literally goes through all stages of denial and grief before he admits he has a crush on hermione

it goes from ‘HA like I could ever like that insufferable know-it-all’ to 'so what if she’s attractive I still hate her’ to 'It’s just lust draco YOU’VE GOT THIS’ to 'NO I HATE HER I HATE THIS’ to 'father gon kill me’

its like a religious experience


Happy birthday, beautiful prince! I can clearly remember the first time you caught my eye. I was still kind of new to the kpop world and shocked at how talented kpop bands are. The first time I saw you was in the MAMA music video. I was mesmerized by your angelic looks and voice. Then I googled your name, saw lots of pictures of your face, watched a couple of interviews and from that moment I realised that you would mean something special to me. I might not have been there to support you from the very beginning, but it has been a year now and you have helped me many times. Your heavenly voice was always there for me when I was feeling down, your caring personality has never failed to cheer me up, just seeing your face puts a bright smile on my face. You are such a beautiful person inside and out (and of course you are the manliest man out there). I know that being an idol you are bound to face hardships. Even so, you keep smiling, you care about the fans not being hurt, even if this gets you being the one that ends up hurt, you give all your heart and soul while performing, you are also a great friend to all the other members. Despite saying all these nice things, I know you are not perfect. You have said and done stuff without thinking them through which might have caused some people feel offended. No human is flawless, and that is what you are - a human being. And you deserve to be treated as one. Seeing pictures and videos of you several times a week, at the airport, surrounded by huge crowds with people shoving their cameras up your face, makes my heart ache. But in the end, I hope everything is worth it as you, together with EXO, become more and more successful. I wish you health, luck, happiness, love and all the best in the world. Please continue to make all of your fans the happiest people in to world. Keep on the hard work and it will pay off. Don’t stop believing in yourself, don’t stop believing in the fans, don’t stop believing in EXO. Together we are invincible and we can do anything. Don’t ever forget that. I love you with all my heart.


sometimes a zayn pic will pop up in my dash and leave me breathless even though I run a zayn blog and it’s so wild like… sometimes you have to stop what ur doing and just stare at him, u know? All the lines in his face, the colors in his skin, eyes, and think “damn…” because to know a person with all that unique features - carrying all that beauty - is somewhere out here living at the same time you are like- damn…

When you come back, my straightened hair and pressed dress fool you into thinking you love me again

(but you don’t. You are just staring open-mouthed at the adult version of the girl you loved and wondering why her hand isn’t yours to hold.)

We sit in a coffee shop and my pretty lipsticked mouth hurls every dirty word I know at you

(but it still doesn’t sound like hatred. It sounds like tired love who has given up looking for a place to lay its head and now is angry at what has kept it up all night. it is a child fighting sleep. everything would be better if it would just give in.)

You are amazed at my straight-backed resolve. When we were young, you were afraid the world would bend me in on myself and you would hear my bones cracking from the next state over

(and now you marvel at my strength. this is the lesson you always wanted to teach and now I have learned it so well there is nothing left to prey on. the teacher hands the student knowledge and the student sharpens it into a knife. you never thought it would be used against you.)

Fortesa Latifi - When You Come Back

After Clementine Von Radics’ Wyoming


moirasburton’s color meme:
↪ leanne + baby’s breath (very simple whites and ivories);

requested by moirasburton.



Undertale is out in like TWO HOURS!!

As someone who got to playtest the game near its completion, I can confidently tell you that it is now my FAVORITE RPG. I have beaten it 4 times and I still have a couple runs I wanna do in the release version. It’s got great humor, super solid metafiction, adorable dogs, real heart, amazing music… all the things that are really important to me in a good experience!! And it’s only 10 dollars which is just stupid.

Please do yourself a favor and play it! You won’t regret it!


THE POLAROID CAMERA!!!!!!!!!! HWWHAHAAATT!!!! Taylor gave me a CAMERA?!?! i cant wait to remake the polaroids she sent me with this and to be able to hold all the amazing memories that are still about to come in my life. 

Okay Karlie’s Kookies…. i’ve been DYING to try these everyone who’s had them raves about them… its casual.. kookies from karlie in my house, made for me… nbd 

the lil happy birthday cake is so CUTE it even has a little candle like literally best birthday 

also, can we take a moment to appreciate taylor’s BEAUTIFUL wrapping paper again? I’m in love… I still cant believe taylor did all of this for me like honestly how did i get so lucky!!.. this is Part 3 and the last is on it’s way!!!!!!

You know you want it.. Kook is here to grace your world. 19 years of Jungkook!!

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I see you’re here for this memboi welcome… to the dark side..

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bitch you thought.. its just his meme posts (or is it??)

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honestly this fetus, is just.. Boi. You cute. Never forget that though.

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Also like can we all appreciate this boy’s talent? His voice is amazing. 

I hope you get far in life and reach all your life goals.

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ok. my fingers slipped. I was supposed to talk about his dance skils.

but like DAB BOI (He and BamBam are the only reason I still dab doh)

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ok no dance skills bts in general.. But its a KOOKIE POST  you dumbass…

Sorry the bias feels just hit me.. ( I see you .. BTS)

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ok this is rude…like I am sorry but as a fellow human I have my rights.  You are clearly violating all off them.

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I like this cute side better.. You are just adorable.

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ok that’s good and all. You probably saw like millions of appreciation post on how sexy he his. or how cute he is. But lets move on. K? I will warn you doh. Only click further if you love and respect kookie for who he truly is. Not just jungkook from bts.

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oh wait you stayed. Seriosuly? wow. You know what you deserve a kokkie hug. Cause hes not just all face. and its time we get to the real shit rn.. The dark side…

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** sends virtual hug**

Well lets see.

First of all like. Like I really respect you a lot. I respect BTS in general, they all went through tough times..

Originally posted by comfyjimin

But imagine being a 12 year old and shifting cities all alone. And don’t even say its easy.

Unless you travel/ shift frequently you wouldn’t know the pain. He had to leave is family and friends back in Busan.

Everything he had known hs entire life. He left it behind to pursue his dreams. Its been 7 years.

I am glad that you found a people you can call family and friends. Not everyone can.

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But moreover. Boy.. Like thank you for gracing the world with your amazing voice and dance skills. Did I mention it? probably not.

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But please don’t just sexualize him. He is very very talented.

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I know we only got to hear Love is not over written by kook.

But he has definitely wrote more, he definitely spends nights in the studio working on his songs.

Originally posted by tabwi

Spends countless days promoting and on dance practices. Just so we can have great content.

But most of all thank you. Thank you for the three years you have been with BTS. Thank you for the three years you have been with us Army’s.

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I mean ik sometimes we go out of control. Like I apologize on behalf of Army’s who may have disappointed.

But in honestly we love you. I hope you love us back. and like can have more songs written by Kook.

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oh wait … wait… like did we talk about his girl group dances  Wait no.. Listen. This boy can roll those hips better than me even after days of practice. Like don’t even, I have tried. And I am a dancer who can nail he fire choreography. So like please.  

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Have a great 19th birthday and I hope more people are able to hear your amazing voice, and appreciate your music.

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And I hope the hyungs got you food, cause I am super hungry as I am typing this….

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(Oh wait this bitch is legal enough to drink now. I bet he’s wildin’ rn)

- Gae (Who is highkey excited for September)

September Squad UNITE!!


best hayley & blair moments from the amazing race 26 | part 2

If you want tagged when I post these, please let me know :) Thank you @thewonderfulworldofwinchester for the amazing header!!!

Please TAG ME in all your wonderful fics. I’m a super slow reader, but if I have liked them they are on my read list!

Note: I know some of these fics are a little older, but I was stalking your masterlists and these fics still deserve to be fangirled and gushed over.

Note#2: I KNOW I read a couple of fics that I can now not find and its pissing me off. I will find these and put them on the next one. Also, I know there aren’t a ton of fics this time around but I’ve been working 14+ hour days.


Position Impossible @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

Conjugal Visits @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog 

Complicated @scorpiongirl1

Life as a Winchester @ackleholic96

In and Out of Love @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid (Dean X Reader X Sam)

Do Something About It @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms (Dean x Reader)


Taking Care of You @cici0507


The Great Outdoors @nichelle-my-belle (Dean x Reader)

Get on Top @blushingsamgirl (Sam x Reader)

In and Out of Love @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid (Sam x Reader)

A Box for Your Box @littlegreenplasticsoldier (Sam x Reader)

Relinquish @mrsjohnsmith (Dean x Reader)

Closer @its-my-perky-nipples (Dean x Reader)

Better Than Coffee @blushingsamgirl (Cas x Reader)

If You Want Me To @ilostmyshoe-79 (Sam X Reader)

Ms. New Booty @blushingsamgirl (Dean x Reader)

The Real Thing @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (Dean x Reader)

She’s Like the Wind @katnharper (Dean x Reader)

Mystery Box @nichelle-my-belle (Dean x Reader)


Searching for My Muse @bloodysideofhell

Goner @waywardlullabies (Dean x Reader)

Hotel Ceiling @waywardlullabies (Dean x Reader)

Cancer @waywardlullabies


@catcakles16 @mrsjohnsmith @deanwinchester-af @nichelle-my-belle@sherlock44 @allinhishands @writingaworldofmyown @thinkwritexpress@greeneyesinlaceandangelsgrace  @mysteriouslyme81@winchesterprincessbride @fabulouslyboredeveryday @eyes-of-a-disney-princess @idreamofhazel  @chelsea072498 @jcqln-fhr  @love-me-some-pie21


Read More —

Okay so a few people know the story of me and this wonderful girl. If you don’t, take a gander at the Read More.
I’m gonna sit down and reveal it all to my parents when I go home next Thursday, I can only hope they’ll back me like all of you amazing people have done.
To keep a long story short, with few donations but more outside fundraising, I’ve managed to get enough to pay for the flight, however I’m still trying to find the money to aid me in getting a hotel. I still need around £150 ($240). 
I’m not asking anyone to do anything, it is simply an optional thing if people would like to share their interest, however if just 1/100th of my followers donated a single £1/$1, I’d have almost enough to go and hopefully I’d be able to support the rest
Again I’m not ASKING people to do it, I am just seeking any miniscule amounts of goodwill

Thank you so much for everyone’s support and time so far.

You always have something to say. Something like colors. Like a child using crayons for the first time and leaving it in the car not realizing that summer is bad for the seats. They learned to never leave it there again. Like the light that shines off of stars and how we miss it when we only see darkness. Something like a breath of freeness. Like there isn’t a care in the world if I only tried to see what I already have in my veins. Like nothing inside of me is broken. Like I’m more than a volcano and nothing less than amazing because I’m me. Even if I spew out fire that burns your petals, your hands and the sole of your feet. Even if I left you in a dark place, you still managed to be all colors and the first time seen right before we think it’d be nighttime for hours more because we’ve been overthinking about what we’ve always apologized for. You make it seem as if the stars themselves placed its shine inside of my depths and nothing bright or dark could ever ruin my very structure of imaginative words or how thoughtful my insights will always be to you.

You make it out like I am more than a shade of everlasting grey mixing in black and white forever, you make it so, and I just want to say, that even if I die a black star;

I’ll always try to shine for you.

—  we all need light even if all we see is ink. /// k.c.
In regards to #RedrawReigen

I just want to say thank-you for everyone posting to #RedrawReigen- Over the last 48 hours it has completely blown up and I’m still trying to get through thousands of posts on twitter alone- so many talented people in the mp100 fandom! You’re all amazing!
Watching the birth of a meme from my computer has been one of the most amazing things I’ve seen on the internet haha.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to reblog/ retweet them all. It’s impossible and I’m still struggling to like them all too-I’m really sorry if you have tagged me/@stickydona/@doonadraws, I don’t think I can get through them all. I considered even making a #RedrawReigen blog but honestly its just a constant stream of submissions so I just recommend checking out/tracking the hashtag :)
In better news ONE-sensei is very happy with the popularity of this, apparently- and I’ve seen from a lot of other Japanese fans they didn’t know it was so popular in the western side of the fandom, and for that I applaud you all for this- because not only was this an incredibly positive meme that made people laugh, it also brought more attention to Mob Psycho 100 in a very positive way, a fandom couldn’t have asked for better exposure.

I asked if this could become a thing- and my god you all made this a ‘thing’ indeed. 

Stay cool peeps ♥

anonymous asked:

hey, just wondering if you know or have written any good first time ben/leslie fics? like it doesn't have to be graphic (tho I don't mind) but I'm curious I don't think I've read any for that pairing. thanks!

Anon, I feel like a terrible person because there is literally SO MUCH AMAZING fic out there, I don’t know if I can sift through it all without it literally taking days. Here’s some of mine that kind of fits what you want, and then I’m linking you to the pages of other Leslie/Ben authors WHO ARE AMAZING and I know have some first time fic in there somewhere (and then some….)

If anyone wants to reblog this with links to specific fics, PLEASE DO!

Fics by me (benwyattforcongress aka Zarrati)

Engine Failure– A Road Trip AU (more implied sex than graphic)

Work is Third– AU where they first hook up during The Fight

Come Monday Morning–AU where they first get together during Eagleton

Public Finance and Government Spending– College AU 

I have a few other “getting together” AU’s, but they are longer stories, but check out my AO3/fic page on tumblr for those.

Fics by @c00kie28​  ||Tumblr/AO3

So, Hana is amazing and has SO many canon and AU stories. Her fic masterlist is insanely organized, and you will definitely find some amazing first time fic here. Some that immediately come to mind are  Skate to your Heart, Roommates, You and I, Neighbors, and any of her “Road Trip codas”.

She also has a great rec list and rec tag

Fics by @ashishorny​ || Tumblr/AO3

Ash is another beautiful, talented sunflower, too good for this world. Seriously, read her fic. It’s hot.

Also a rec tag

Fics by @nutriyumaddict​||  Tumblr/AO3 

Even more wonderful and amazing stuff!! Canon/au, you name it.

Fics by @bookwormm03​|| tumblr/AO3

Even MORE MORE wonderful and amazing stuff (are you sensing a trend?) Some great first time AUs.

Fics by @galentines​ || Tumblr/AO3

Check out Caity’s stuff!!!!

Fics by @ryeloza || Tumblr/ AO3

Yes, just do it. 

I don’t remember if they have any first time fics, but honorable mentions for just being amazing and writing Ben/Leslie fic:

Rachsolo ( @rachsolo )

Ladyknope ( @ladyknope )  

jell-o-shot ( @jell-o-shot )

@wafflesjunior (its mainly triplet fic, but I love her, so….)

The above include more recent stuff, because @badgirlrayray​ made an EPIC fic masterlist a few years ago, sorted by episode. SO CHECK IT OUT. Anything not listed above is because it’s right here on this list. (from the good, old livejournal days).

Can I just say that I disagree about Narcissa being friends with Harry post-war? Yes, she saved him, but that was purely to save Draco. Now, what she did was incredibly brave and amazing but I think that too often its mistaken for actual hidden emotion for Harry Potter. I don’t think their relationship would grow at all overtime and while maybe Harry would offer his thanks once or twice that’s the furthest it would go. Jo herself said that Narcissa and Lucius fought with their son on the way that he and his wife decided to raise their son so open mindedly, and Harry is even worse (he treats house elves as equals, saved a goblin, hated the whole pureblood status thing, etc.). Honestly a relationship between them just doesn’t seem to work for me.

Anonymous: Nico have you ever talked to Will or are you too shy?
Anonymous: Hey onyx do you get possessive of Will when he gets around the other gems. Your my favorite gem, but I love you all. ♥♥♥♥♥ (Your art is amazing never stop drawing please.)
leosloverluna: To Nico: what would you do if someone else also had a thing for Will?

Will: Hes um… certainly very protective of me thats for sure but its no hassle to me I find it rather cute though every time he gets back from a battle I make him take a nap and drink a lot of fluids even if he is an alien gemstone he still needs to keep healthy.

Nico- *blushes* I just dont like it when he talks to those other humans is all…

jinx716  asked:

Are you still doing sh allura prompts? Can I see knight allura protecting shiro? Your art style is amazing btw!

Role-reversal AU?

I’m so so so sorry this isn’t a serious picture. I really tried but Shiro wasn’t cooperating (Allura looked badass tho), so I hope you can take this silly pic as an apology!

Shiro is best princess