can you believe there are people out there who speak MULTIPLE languages and then APOLOGIZE for not having perfect grammar in their third or fourth language?????? like do you know how incredible you are???


ITS GIVEAWAY TIMEEEEEEEEE! I am SO EXCITED to be doing this one since i know SHINee’s surprise Vacation is pretty much holy grail for Shawols! my followers were truly amazing to me this past year in so many ways, i appreciate you all so much!! Here are the rules:

Prize: SHINee’s Surprise Vacation DVD SET..brand new still factory sealed! It also has the cute pouch on the inside, i am showing you mine so you can see :) Rules: You do NOT need to be following me, but i sure wont complain if you do :) Likes and rebloggs count but don’t be a greedy gump, DO NOT spam,it will immediately disqualify you. You CANNOT already own this..there’s no way for me to tell obviously but please don’t break my trust that you wont enter if you already have it. (You can reblog for friends to see, just put in tags that you dont want to be entered.) Ends on 12/4/16 10PM EST..winner picked using random generator, you must post a pic of winnings so ppl can see i’m legit. Any questions just ask me!!! xoxo HERE WE GO!!!!

you know how sometimes you wonder why your super amazing friends stick around with you? like, their other friends are so much more than you. better people, better friends in general. and you don’t know why they bother with you but you keep trying to be yourself and hope that it works in your favor but you’re still just… you. this is how i langst

one shocking thing to me about if tfp was real (which i STILL dont believe) is just, the actors all being like “yeah this is really amazing” i mean i know its their job and they gotta promo it but…..?

listen to me…shadow isnt stupid he has ptsd and fragmented memories and when he woke up in sa2 it was like, literally right after witnessing his best friend/sisters murder bc he was in stasis all those years. he isnt thinking rationally sure, but its bc hes going through immense grief & trauma and believes humanity is entirely evil bc they killed the one person he thought was good


new name

i was gonna wait but im too pumped i want this name to feel like me goddammit

this is super tentative & up in the air & i have no idea if/how long it’ll last, but for now, if u wouldnt mind referring to me as bailey that’d be amazing. pronouns are still they/them

pls like if u read? just so i know uve seen it lmao


Hey guys!

Today I reached 1k followers and I am honestly so happy, I still can’t believe so many people are interested in what I post enough to follow me!! Thank you all so much for putting up with me, liking and reblogging my posts, sending me messages, tagging me in things… everything means a lot to me! (≧∇≦*)
In the few months that I’ve been here I’ve found a lot of amazing blogs and made even more amazing friends who have been nothing but kind and supportive and I’m really thankful to them ♥

Sending lots of love to all these people who always brighten up my dash!!

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Once again, I have to thank ALL OF YOU for allowing me to have such a wonderful Tumblr experience!! I love you all ♥

drew my new child, alex fierro, because i recently caught up with rick riordans books (still havent read ToA so please no spoilers!!) and

oh my god

she is my new favorite character in all of riordan’s books, please give me more alex fierro, i beg of you



Cover Requests (ft. Kim Taehyung) Part 1

Hey everyone! This is my first fic here back on Tumblr! I hope you enjoy, and thank you @daegukkie for being the amazing catalyst for this Drabble that took way too long sry 

please take the time to give me some feedback! I’m a little rusty so any sort of constructive criticism is always so so helpful. Love you! 

Genre: fluff, bakery coworkers!au 

→ Taehyung/Reader

→ 1259 words

Summary: adventurous and weird Taehyung keeps asking for shift covers and basically he comes back with proof of these adventures and its weird, amazing, and I wanna get to know him

But every time, he ran into the bakery panting like he ran a mile, with a pair of ridiculous pink sweatpants with the tag still on them, or another time with grease stains all over his face and arms, or even with a handful of candles he bought from “an old granny on the street down there because she looked so cold and I wanted her to go home,” you got more and more confused and curious about this peculiar boy and his adventures.

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forever my favorite part of dramione fics is how draco literally goes through all stages of denial and grief before he admits he has a crush on hermione

it goes from ‘HA like I could ever like that insufferable know-it-all’ to 'so what if she’s attractive I still hate her’ to 'It’s just lust draco YOU’VE GOT THIS’ to 'NO I HATE HER I HATE THIS’ to 'father gon kill me’

its like a religious experience

Best lines from To Pimp A Butterfly

My favorite lines from each track

Wesley’s Theory: “Look both ways before you cross my mind”

For Free? (Interlude): “Oh America, you bad b*tch, I the picked cotton that made you rich, now my d*ck ain’t free”

King Kunta:  “I swore I wouldn’t tell, but most of y’all share bars like you got the bottom bunk in a two man cell”

Institutionalized: “Me, scholarship? No, streets put me through colleges. Be all you can be, true, but the problem is, a dream’s only a dream if work don’t follow it”

These Walls: “Interior pink, color coordinated. I interrogated every nook and cranny, I mean its still amazing before they couldn’t stand me. These walls want to cry tears. These walls happier when I’m here. These walls never could hold up, everytime I come around demolition might crush”

u: “Lovin’ you, lovin’ you, not lovin’ you, one hundred proof. I can feel you vibin’, recognize that your ashamed of me. Yes I hate you too”

Alright: “What you want, a house or a car, 40 acres and a mule, a piano a guitar, anything, see my name is Lucy, I’m your dog. Motherf*cker you can live at the mall”

For Sale? (Interlude): “You said to me, you said your name was Lucy. I said where’s Ricardo? You said oh no, not the show “

Momma: “Thank God for rap, I would say it got me a plaque, but what’s better than that? The fact it brought me back home”

Hood Politics: “The streets don’t fail me now, they tell me it’s a new gang in town, from Compton to Congress, it’s set trippin’ all around. Ain’t nothin’ new but a flow of new DemoCrips and ReBloodlicans. Red state versus a blue state, which one you governin’? They give us guns and drugs, call us thugs. Make it they promise to f*ck with you. No condom they f*ck with you, Obama say, “What it do?”

How Much A Dollar Really Costs: “He looked at me and said, "Your potential is bittersweet" I looked at him and said, "Every nickel is mines to keep" He looked at me and said, "Know the truth, it’ll set you free. You’re lookin’ at the Messiah, the son of Jehovah, the higher power, the choir that spoke the word, the Holy Spirit, the nerve of Nazareth, and I’ll tell you just how much a dollar cost: The price of having a spot in Heaven, embrace your loss, I am God”

Complexion (A Zulu Love): “Dark as the midnight hour or bright as the mornin’ sun, give a f*ck about your complexion, I know what the Germans done”

The Blacker The Berry: “So don’t matter how much I say I like to preach with the Panthers, or tell Georgia State “Marcus Garvey got all the answers”, or try to celebrate February like it’s my B-Day, or eat watermelon, chicken, and Kool-Aid on weekdays, or jump high enough to get Michael Jordan endorsements, or watch BET cause urban support is important. So why did I weep when Trayvon Martin was in the street? When gang banging make me kill a n*gga blacker than me? Hypocrite!

You Ain’t Gotta Lie (Momma Said): “Jealousy (complex), emotional (complex), self-pity (complex), under oath (complex), the loudest one in the room, n*gga, that’s a complex. Let me put it back in proper context: You ain’t gotta lie to kick it my n*gga”

i: “I done been through a whole lot, trial, tribulations, but I know God. The devil wanna put me in a bow-tie, praying that the holy water don’t go dry, yeah yeah”

Mortal Man: “How many leaders you said you needed then left ‘em for dead? Is it Moses, is it Huey Newton or Detroit Red? Is it Martin Luther, JFK, shooter you assassin. Is it Jackie, is it Jesse, oh I know, it’s Michael Jackson, oh, when sh*t hit the fan, is you still a fan?”


I actually hit 2k followers on bOTH tumblr and twitter simultaneously over the weekend and I still can’t believe so many (4k????? h ow omg i ca nt bel ie ve honestly) of y’all are willing to follow my lame trash art c rie s :’)) I just really wanted to thank everyone who follows this meme artist, like honestly bless your soul you perfect angels, y’all are always brightening up every one of my days with your amazing tag messages and cute asks and support and goSH I will love every single of you for eternity!! You guys are my hopes, my angels, and I love you all dearly, very much so! <3

If I were to be very honest, even though I only had my art blogs for a few months, this was a very long journey- but in the best way possible. I met so many amazing people, so many beautiful souls, so many kind hearts. So I just really wanted to single out a few people who truly helped me so much through life- you guys never fail to put the biggest smile on my face and I love you guys so, so, so much that I don’t even know how my heart can handle it tbh :’)

@astro-child : SHANEL shANel!!!! my amazing wife and sunshine angel o m gO S H how do I even start this???? You’re so sweet and kind and amazing that you make my heart ache in a reALLY GOOD WAY, and your writing style is honestly so captivating and magical that it makes my head spin so much like how does such a talented person exist???? You are my angel, my cinnamon roll, my precious wife, the ji to my kook, the yoon to my seok, and I will love you until the end of eternity ;u; I don’t know how I even lived without you in my life, or how I was even given the chance to meet such a wonderful person (i seriously must have saved the entire world from destruction in my past life hehe)- you’ve supported and loved me so much and I truly do not deserve you my amazing sunshine wife!! /hugs you tightly/ i can literally go on and on and never stop but the point of the story is that I LOVE U V MUCH SHANELLL!! :’) ♡ ♡ ♡

@jungflowery : holds your face gently lisTEN REE YOU AMAZING PERSON YOU, everything that you have ever said to me is literal gold okay like I treasure our conversations v much and I love how amazingly sweet and funny you are, and I still remember meeting you for the first time through my inbox and immediately knowing that you were such a beautiful and amazing person :’) I always feel so energized when I talk with you, and your writing is so so beautiful and I will always cherish you my wonderful soulmate!!

@cinny-min : CINCINCINCIN OMG FAM you art is so fre aking ador a b le and every single time you post new art I am literally blown away c ries on my face :”)) you always send me memes and funny bangtan stuff and aMAZINGLY CUTE lil comments and I see them when I’m running to class and I literally have to stop and wheeze in the middle of the hallway because you’ve literally made my entire day with a meme and a comment, that’s how precious you are to me okay??? ilu cinbean!! ♡

@miss-fire-rose : AJ OMG!!! I feel so so grateful that we’ve become friends!! You’re so kind and sweet and you always make me feel so happy with your cute Pokemon drawings and lil memes and gifs you send me :’)) You are so precious and amazing, and I hope you know how much I appreciate you!!!! Thank you for befriending this beansprout!! hehe  ♡ ♡

@memefont : ryou omg okay let me start with this: YOU’RE SO FREAKING TALENTED OKAY??? Please realize it, because you are!!! You’re such a kind person, and you never ever deserve to feel sad, ever. Thank you for always being so kind and outgoing and sweet and accepting of me, I will always cherish you forever hehe  ♡ ♡ Thank you for always supporting me, and I will be sure to support you all the way!!!

@jimineh : JIA YOU PRECIOUS KIND PERSON!!!! You are so so so sweet with an amazing taste for music, and I’m so glad to have gotten to know you jia!! I literally felt my heart go into my throat when you sang me that precious birthday song, I almost cried :’)) You are too precious, too kind for this world my smol unnie, and I hope you have many great days to come!!! Thank you for always supporting me, ilu!!

@snowyowl119 : VIVIAN!!! (can i call u vi hehe) your art is literally so amazing, I can’t even comprehend how you do it. Your realism is literally on point, and you’re such an amazing and kind person!! Thank you for always leaving cute lil things in my askbox, you always make my day when you do  ♡ Bless you for always supporting me, I couldn’t ask for a better friend hehe ♡ ♡ 

@floofybts : kATIE!! ok so o I know we know each other irl but I never see you anymore (cries) bc our school is too darn big so I’ll just say it here!! First of all, I’m so so so grateful for all the support you’ve given me o mg you’re literally the reason why I started this blog, and why it exists to this day. You’ve given me so much support and love when I was super insecure about my art, and you’ve always defended my tired sleepy ass every time I got dragged in the gym because I was swinging my hockey stick with my eyes closed after an allnighter hehe :’)) Thank you for always being here for me, and for always making my day ♡ I LOVE U KATIE!!!

@asteraw : DABBIE!!! omg haha ik we know each other irl too, BUT you moved away and now the class is quiet and sad and I’m quieter and sadder :’(( the kpop squad misses you so much!!!! but, I digress! I remember I first told you about my blog during that painful summer at that even more painful institution, and you’ve always supported me ever since!! I’ve come so far because of you, and I can’t thank you enough ;u; I love your art so much, and I can’t believe I’m friends with such a talented person cr i es :’)) I LOVE U DEBB!!! LETS MEET UP AGAIN SOMETIME OK :’((

Now onto the rest of this lil follower forever!! These are just all the people who make me smile every time I see them on my dash- they’re all such amazingly talented people and I love them all dearly!!

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favorites = italics

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(if i didn’t put you as a mutual/on this list and you are my mutual, i am so sorry and please tell me!!! i’ll fix it right away ;u; )

y’all are so great, thank you so much for making these last few months the best months of my life!!!! ilu guys!!

I’m Only Human

(gif credit to the creators)

Part Three - Difficult Decisions

Master List

Pairing: Castiel x OFC
Word Count: 1,182
Warnings: language probably, usual SPN stuff
A/N: I still can’t get over how much you’re all loving this! Its absolutely amazing! If you’d like to be tagged let me know! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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“Kuroo and Hinata soon find out that there are a lot of first times in their relationship.The first kiss after an harsh argument. Lips still firm and eyes burning from held back tears. The first time they buy their own vacuum cleaner. It feels like they are finally proper adults.The first time Kuroos favorite cup slides through Hinas hands and shatters into thousand tiny pieces. Slience lies heavy between them, Hinata doesn’t dare to look up. Doesn’t dare to see the disappointment in Kuroos eyes. Until he feels warm hands on his shoulders, wandering up to caress his cheeks. “It is okay, sweetheart.”

The first time they realise the fireworks are gone. There are no longer butterflies and nervousness, but security and the feeling that home is not a place but a person. “I love you”, Hinas grin is so bright it takes Kuroos breath away, leaving him unable to answer”- @cutiepiehinata

Happy Birthday

Beauty and The Beast

So, i saw Beauty and the Beast last night, and i gotta say i didnt think i would like it at first, but i honestly loved it!

It was amazingly done, the characters were thought out and developed more than the animation ( dont get me wrong i love the animation!) But it was just SO much more!!

LeFou is just adorable and deserves the best and he got it at the end, realizing that Gaston is literally a dick that cares for no one but himself

Evermore. Ive listened to this song for 3 hours straight still crying. Still crying. Dan Stevens is amazing as he sings this and its just raw and heartbreaking and i just cant but, i love this song so much honestly.

Dan Stevens growl, its a short thing but i didnt expect it at all so i was like ‘did he just growl? Did he just growl at her??’

So I’m playing Andromeda’s early access trial on Origin and wow, it isn’t really as bad as everyone was making it out to be honestly.

All I know is I like Liam 4000% more than I thought I would, Cora is actually kinda nice (which I thought she wouldn’t be) and I fell in love with Tiran Kandros when he first talked to me.

I mean yeah, it has its flaws but every game does (especially Bioware games), but the characters (and representation - Liam is a main black character who isn’t stereotypically written so far) are amazing, they each have such a rich personality and it’s astonishing so far. And even if Liam is straight it’s still a stride in the right direction of proper representation in media of non-white characters.

The only real issue I have with the game is the “optional” parts of quests that just… They bug the hell out of me honestly. I don’t like having a lot of markers on the little compass at the top of the screen, especially during the first mission where if you don’t do one of those optional missions you have a (whether serious or not) repercussion. But other than that, I truly enjoy the game, but I understand other people won’t, and that’s okay, because each person has their own opinion on these things.

that eye of the tiger video has such a special place in my heart like first of all it only happened because of gishwhes which is its own debacle and that apartment we lived in has a weird but good feeling to me and like we only recorded that video because as we were leaving the building we were doing the task in we noticed the acoustics were amazing and we recorded it in two takes and there are like two slips in the ukulele and both mine and jacks reactions to both are really cute and its just such a silly little thing and so many people liked it and still like it and that feels good

hey @cloggedsingles quit your dumb adult job and sing silly songs with me

thoughts on Pyro. Canon vs Fandom

from what i understand of Pyro from the comics and such Pyro is not a sweet little baby. not really. this is the person who chopped off Sollys hand for being on their side of the car. they choose new weapons over a lighter. so they are a fully aware person under that suit. while they hallucinate things, i think they are still conscious of what they are doing, like in Meet the Pyro. but it more translates that doing horrible things IS like sunshine and rainbows. its not so much like in Meet the Amazing Pyro where they were tricked, but rather burning someone alive brings a smile to their face AS IF they were in a candy land.

of all the characters i think pyro is one of the least understood and corrupted characters by the fandom, even by me i fall into the ‘sweet summer child pyro’ mindset. but i have to force myself to remember that they are violent and ruthless and scare every other member of the team.