[Hi, UM BIG TRIGGER WARNING IT GETS KINDA GOREY!! Also, the image is something for the last line in the story. I drew it because I couldn’t get the scene out of my head when I first started. The entire thing is probs full of grammar mistakes and there isn’t even a lot of gore, so it’s not thw best?? WhateveR UGH.]

Red was sat in the plain waiting area, seething quietly. The walls were beige and covered in modern art in varying shades of brown, each one increasingly harder to indentify the subject matter.

The couches were stiff and too small for him, and all of the other people waiting for their own appointments had migrated to the opposite side of the room, giving slightly frightened glances when they thought he wasn’t looking. Good, he thought. He didn’t want to be here any more than they wanted him to be.

The room itself was small too, and held the smell of cleaning products and stale toast. The man at the front desk was chewing on some sort of sandwich, with his mouth wide open, spraying spit and chunks of bread onto his paperwork.

So, all in all, it was an awful place to be.

Red trained his eyes on the clock above the desk, giving the man a few menacing glares just to see how scared he got. It was kind of funny.

“Mister, ah, Red? You’re up.” The man stuttered, nodding toward the cream colored door. “Third door on the, ah, left.”

Red stood with a noncommittal grunt. He made sure to slam the door on the way out.

He walked down the hall unitl he reached the door he believed he was supposed to enter, and walked in.

He was met with a room only the smallest bit less irratating than the waiting room. It was cornflower blue and periwinkle and soft and nice and it made him want to ruin the cute little drawings on the walls.

Their was a squishy looking armchair sat in front of a sleek, modern desk. There sat a woman.

Her hair was dark and in a sleek looking braid down the right side of her chest, and her skin was the soft bronze of someone who loved the sun. She gave him a smile, the kind she had probably worn hundreds of times, polite and showing just enough teeth. It didn’t reach her eyes, however. She looked tired.

Like she had any right to be, Red thought.

“Julia Zheng.” She says, holding out a hand with peach colored fingernails. Red doesn’t take it, just sits himself down in the armchair. Julia looks a little

Julia recomposes herself, and looks at a few papers. “Mister… Red?”

“Yeah?” He asks, cleary annoyed.

“That can hardly be your real name, can it?” She folds her thin fingers together and looks him in the eye.

“And if it isn’t?” He says, staring right back.

“Well, how about we start with why you’ve been admitted here. You need to find healthy ways to cope with your, ah, trauma. I know it leaves lasting scars, but…”

“Everyone has their own problems, Julia. I’m here to work on them.” He replies, laying sincerity thick onto his words. If internal smirking was a thing people could do, Red was currently guilty. That was a blatant lie. In his own opinion, he was perfectly fine. But, if he had to be here, he might as well have a little fun.

“And I respect you for that.” She says with a little nod, and a small smile that was far realer than the one she gave to him in greeting. “How are you feeling today?”

Damn. This was easier than he thought it would be.

“I’m okay, I guess. You?” He asks with a smile as fake as he is devious.

“Hm. Don’t get that often. I’m usually the one asking all the questions. I’m quite good, if you have to know.”

“Well, you seem to be worthy of my attention, at least. Who’s drawings? They’re quite nice.” He gestured to the crayoned in coloring pages.

“My daughter, Hana. She’s just turned 10.” She points to a picture of a little girl wearing a princess dress and blowing bubbles. It’s in a seemingly exspensive picture frame. Perfect, Red thinks. Mothers, just make them think you love her kids, and you’re practically her dream guy.

“How cute. I love kids. Never had any of my own, though. Her other parent…?” He asks. Single mom, single mom, he prays hopefully.

“Ah, her father left before she was born…” Red gives her a sympathetic look. But, he was really celebrating. This was going to be as simple as luring in an animal. For a therapist, she sure did talk a lot about herself. She hadn’t turned the conversation back to Red himself once.

“I see. It must be hard, all on your own. I’m sure a strong woman like you could manage fine, but you know what I mean?”

“I, well, yes. She can be quite a handful sometimes. I love her with all my heart, though, of course.”

“Julia, our time together is going to end soon. Too bad, I’d like to continue this conversation. As man and woman, rather than therapist and client?”

She gave a look full of happy surprise, but quickly covered it up with a cold businessy expression.

“That is highly unprofessional.” She said, small flush on her cheeks betraying her words. “However, here is my number. For business purposes only, of course!” She gave him a little wink as she handed him a piece of paper with her cell number on it. Red pocketed it.

“How’s seven, tonight?” Red asked with a charming grin.

“I don’t think I could make it. I have to watch Hana.” She said, saddened.

“Well, seems we’re done. You still have plenty of time to hire a babysitter, you know…” He gives her a winning smile as he starts to leave.

She gave a wistful look as he left.

She jumped a little in shock. She hadn’t got a single thing out of him! Well, that didn’t matter now. It was break time. She exited and locked the door to her office, and made her way slowly down the hall, waving at people she knew, and didn’t know. She left the corridor just in time to watch Red shrug into his jacket and go out the door.

She leaned on the front desk. “He sure is something, hm, David?” David gives her a shocked look.

“Something murderous, you mean?”

“Oh, David. He’s harmless as a puppy.”


“Oh, Julia, you look absolutely gorgeous.” Red looked her up and down. She wore a navy blue halter dress that just barely showed her ample breasts, a simple silver necklace, two silver bracelets on one wrist, and a pair of black stiletto ankle boots.

“Oh, thank you. I can say the same for you.” He was wearing a simple charcoal suit, a black dress shirt, and a black-and-white Kiton tie.

“Well, is Hana taken care of?” He asked.

“Yes, for the whole night.” She gives him a smile.

“Shall we?” He asks.

“Ever a gentleman, aren’t you?” The two of them walk to Red’s car, a slightly dusty, but reasonably nice black F-250.

The ride is full of pleasant small talk about Hana and the restaurant they were going to. It was an Italian place, which honestly was just a slightly better version of Olive Garden, and slightly more exspensive, too.

“After you.” Red says as they arrive, holding the restaurant door open for Julia.

They walk into the comfortably warm entrance, and after a quick chat with the hostess about their reservations, the two of them were seated at a table.

The waiter was with them in mere minutes.

“Your orders?” He asked, looking bored.

“We’ll just have a bit of wine for now. Something red?” He asked, glancing at Julia, who nods.

“Mmhm, yeah. Have those out in a bit.” The waiter walks off, and Julia gives Red a nervous grin.

Their drinks arrive. Sleight of hand is all Red needs as he slips the Rohypnol to Julia’s glass as she checks the time.


“Ha…na?” Julia mumbles sleepily, coming to as the noise of metallic shuffling around her grows louder.

Her arms are bound to the upper two corners of a splintery wooden table, her ankles tied to the bottom two. The air is stale and cold and musty. She’s in her underwear, and the chill is unforgiving.

This is her basement.

Her vision clears slightly, and she’s finally awake enough to lift her head. She sees Red, weaeing a pair of mint green latex gloves, fumbling with some powertools. She groans.

“Oh, you’re awake. Good morning, doctor.” He spits the normally sweet greeting out of his mouth, like it’s acid.

He walks over to her, seeminly harmless stapler in hand. He snaps it so it’s one flat piece, and presses it to Julia’s left cheek. She screams, trying to thrash her tied down extremities, but it only gives her splinters.

The staple sinks into her skin and Red grins, then does the other cheek, with a similar reaction from Julia as she gave for the first.

“Already screaming? Thus is just the beginning, dear doctor.” Red gives a grin that splits his face in the most gruesome of ways.

He throws the stapler aside, hitting her in the forehead with it. She begins to bleed from the small gash it left.

He peruses his options and decides on a rusted, and somewhat blunt screwdriver.

“I know what you’re thinking,” he says charasmarically as he approaches her. “What’s a barely sharp thing like that gonna do? Don’t worry. Blunter the object, harder it is to break tbe skin. More effort, more time, more pain.”

He traces a mindless pattern with the screw driver into her stomach before plunging it in with a predatory smirk.

She shrieks like a pig, blood dribbling past her lips and down the sides.

He grabs another and another, and sticks them into her sides until she resembles a trembling, bleeding pincushion.

Red produces a little knife from seemingly nowhere and lifts her leg as much as her bindings will allowed. He slits across the back of her knee, dripping gashes appearing like little fissures in her skin where he thought her artery was. He did the same to her other leg, while she sobbed and cried out gibberish.

He traced a thin, red line up her torso, like a maze through the screwdrivers protruding from the soft flesh of her belly.

“Here we gooo!” He sing songs as he waltzs over to a power drill, and plugs it in.

“Any last words, doc?” Red asks, firing it up with a satisfying whir.

“Tell Hana I love her? One last time?” She hacks up a few globs of blood and bile.

“Mmhm.” Red says with an almost kind smile, and traces the guidelines he made with the knife. Screams and yells tear from her shredded throat as her hands claw at the table, wood splinters getting stuck under her fingernails.

The yells and the drill were so loud, Red didn’t notice the door open.

It was a girl, no more than 10. She wore a lavender nightgown and gripped a teddy bear by it’s arm. Her face was streaked with tears and snot.

“Mommy?” Came Hana’s voice, fragile and soft as snow.


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