• what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Falsettos is so important?????????????? its really disappointing to know that there's a bunch of straight 13 year olds who like to fetishize gay characters that only watch falsettos because its a 'Gay Musical'. ppl dont realize how IMportant this show is????? it changed my life????? falsettos tells a story SO POWERFUL that goes way beyond just two homosexual men. its LITERALLY about 'growing up, getting older, living on a lover's shoulder, learning love is not a crime' and its SO AMAZING??? i feel like its ironic because all the characters are merely children EXCEPT for jason and its about these adults who are just.... GROWINF UP??? um??? marvin matures A lot? marvin and whizzer's relationship?????? TURNS INTO SOMETHING HEALTHY?? it teaches that love isnt just sex and passion and anyone!!! CAN BE A FAMILY!!! when marvin Finally learns how to love his boyfriend and son and his Whole tight knit family properly he loses something??? it makes whizzer's death super important?? whizzer's death is SO IMPORTANT STOP SAYING THAT WHIZZER SHOULDNT HAVE DIED. :( . these characters r Jewish and i hate when ppl write/draw/make headcanons of them celebrating christian/other holidays (why do they do that??????) it really puts into perspective how unfortunate the AIDs outbreak was and AIDs is Not a joke so dont call whizzer aids boy?? this musical about Marvin's ex wife and boyfriend and son and therapist and neighbors is so valuable and I just? Plz respect falsettos why cant ppl respect falsettos ! :(

the only dub that matters

Long ass post alert! One theory I’ve had for a while with black sails is that the various trio dynamics symbolize a sort of past/present/future interplay. This could just be wild over analysis on my part, but considering the fact that Jon Steinberg said in an interview that they intentionally placed three women embroidering in the savannah scene at the end to represent the three fates, I don’t think its to insane of a possibility. The idea of past/present/future being inextricably linked is one of the main themes in black sails; we see it in the way every character is deeply motivated by their past experiences, we see this theme stated explicitly in flints “watching two points in space at the same time” speech in 4.09; its something he clearly understands but silver simply cannot grasp. There’s also this quote from Billy in season 3 when he’s talking about sparking a revolution,

“My father used to tell me that when the world promises undesirable outcomes only a fool believes he can alter the later without first addressing the state of the former”.

There’s a clear message; you can’t build a better future for yourself, your community or the world if you refuse to acknowledge the past and the way it has shaped the present.

So back to the character trios. The obvious ones are flint/Thomas/Miranda, Anne/max/jack and flint/silver/madi (I’m not talking about these as strictly romantic trios, because I know there’s a lot of ambiguity there and I don’t want to get into that discourse!) but also, even though they’re not an actual trio and are only in the same scene once in the entire series, I think this includes Eleanor/max/Anne as well.

There’s a pattern in all of these trios; we have a character who’s the sort of center or pivot point (present), the character responsible in a way for helping form that persons identity and with whom they have a very complicated relationship (past) and the character who presents the “center” character with future possibilities. And crucially the past and future roles are always presented as equally important.

First there’s flint/Thomas/Miranda. If james is the present tense, Miranda is the past; james sees her as almost a mother, that he was unformed before he met her. His relationship with her is strange and messy and complicated the way that anyone’s relationships with their past and the things that have shaped them are complicated. Thomas is the future. Thomas is all about possibilities and ideals and the chance for the kind of life and love that James had probably never imagined were possible before falling in love with him.

With the trio of flint/silver/madi it’s silver in the middle, which is fitting considering his “live in the moment, the past and future don’t matter” worldview. Flint is his past, the one who gave him the sort of identity he never had before. His relationship with flint literally becomes his backstory in treasure island. And flint himself is very much defined by the past. Madi represents the future, not only because she’s the person silver sees a future with, but because she is a visionary. Much like Thomas she has a genuine and sincere desire to shape the world and the future for the better. Silver fucks things up for himself by failing to properly understand and consider either of those people and what drives them/what they aspire to, much like he fails to properly understand the significance of the past and future in his own life. Regarding his past he explicitly tells flint “it doesn’t matter”, and when confronted with the possibilities of how the world will see him in the future his response is simply “I don’t care”. He isn’t able to truly change his life for the better and have the sort of future he wants because he is afraid to understand the things that have shaped the person he is in the present.

Its interesting to compare flint and silvers endings. Silver still has his future (madi), but its clear that his actions to forcibly deny the past (flint) ensure that he will never really find the happiness he wants he wants in the future. James and Thomas are reunited, but without Miranda. But in their case the world took her from them against their will, they will grieve her and will always have a dark and broken past, but I see more peace in their future. In season 3 silver claimed that flint wrote his own tragedies, that he was somehow responsible for Thomas and Miranda’s deaths, but that really is not true at all. Ironically its silver who ends up writing his own tragedy; he chooses to deny a formative part of himself and rid himself of flint, but in flints case that part of himself was forcibly taken from him when Miranda died . Flints past is defined by loss, silver wants to pretend his past doesn’t even exist (which doesn’t work very well for him)

With max/Anne/jack, Anne represents the present. She is probably more “in the moment” than any other character on the show. Her relationship with jack is, like Miranda and James, very complicated ambiguous. After he saved her from her husband, she molded her identity around him. He is the “past” figure who shaped her and gave her a life and purpose. A huge part of her arc is figuring out how to maintain that relationship and its undeniable importance, while figuring out her identity separate from it, not letting herself be beholden to the past or to jack. Max is, of course, the future. Of the three she is the one most concerned with building a stable future, and she is the one who opens up new possibilities for Anne and unlocks her potential. Like Thomas does for james, max shows Anne a future where she can embrace her sexual identity without shame. I think by the end Anne is, of all the characters , the most assured in her own identity and sense of self, and she is the one who refuses to deny either of the relationships in her life. She chooses for herself the boundaries of those relationships, but she maintains both of them.

Eleanor/max/Anne aren’t a trio like the others, but I think they still fit the pattern. Max is obviously the center here and Eleanor is the past for max, the one she has a very complicated and frought relationship with. Max hates her and loves her and for better or worse builds so much of her life around the lessons she learned from her. Anne is of course her future, and interestingly a LOT of the conversations between max and Anne involve the idea of the future (“there is always a future here” “I’m beginning to see a future…”). And even though she ends up losing Eleanor, max never denies her importance and the ways that she shaped her identity. Her speech in the snow is as much about her past with Eleanor as it is about her future with anne, and max is ultimately able to find peace in a way that silver, who completely denies his own past, can’t.

I like to think I’m not completely over thinking this, these seem like such intentional parallels and fit the shows themes beautifully. Plus I’m a sucker for all Greek mythology references in black sails, and the whole three fates thing just seems cool as shit .

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I find it interesting that everything Bakugou made fun of Izuku for being useless, quirkless, and weak all once applied to the hero he admires most greatly, All Might. It's quite ironic.

It is indeed. What’s interesting to notice in that is how generally people are labelled from their capability and productivity, and not who they are deep down ; All Might is loved because he’s so strong, but what would people do if they knew he was quirkless before? Would they suddenly change their mind about him? Would they acknowledge you can be quirkless and amazing, because despite having no powers, All Might thought hard about what society would need and tried his best to make his way for that, allowing himself to end up in such a poor state at the end? Or would they be very disappointed and cast him aside too? It’s difficult to know for sure. All Might’s loved enough for people to encourage him even once they saw him in is emaciated form, but it would be dangerous to think every quirkless individual can become like All Might if they want. I’ll come to that later; beware, this answer is really long because there are a lot of things I wanted to write about this sort of subject.

The society BNHA characters are raised in changed his standards of normality but is still that flawed society where ‘weak, useless’ people as the Quirkless or misfits are treated like trash. I already wrote about how being quirkless mimicked being disabled, at least in the stigma it represents in society. Quirkless people don’t have the same rights in regards to their aspirations and dreams. People with weak or discreet quirk also suffer from this injustice; Shinsou being a very illustration of that. UA is a prestigious high school with a lot of financial and material support. Students and teachers have unlimited access to everything they need to do training; hero course benefices for a very flourish and wealthy activity. But to be that successful and to have access to so much money, it just means heroism has become a money making system. If you want to be a hero, and to be a grand hero recognized by society, you need to be popular so you can have financial support; you basically need to sell yourself. And to do that, you need to establish a strong image of yourself, an ethos of authority, and the more you can show off with your quirk and distinguishable identity, the more you’ll gain popularity and access to the higher ranks of hero system. That’s the very reason the UA sports festival is held for, and that’s also what Stain is harshly militating against.

Humans aren’t born equal, and society, for money related objectives, won’t palliate to these inequalities. The more blessed you’re born, the more you’ll contribute without asking for too much in return, and have advantages and openings in society. While the less you’re born with, the less you’ll have access to nice things and possibilities of achievements because you’ll need more care and won’t produce as much benefices. It’s an unfair system that reproduce inequalities, and UA being the extra high school it is push students to surpass themselves without realizing damages they can produce. That very mindset is what makes people like Bakugou act the way they do towards quirkless people. It’s the myth of the ‘self-made man’ known in America, and the belief that ‘everyone can do it if they try’. That’s just not true. 

People aren’t born equal, from their own constitution to the family they’re born in. But we praise people with blessed abilities like there weren’t blessed conditions that gave them everything they had. Bakuparents are wealthy, they both had good quirks that just predisposed their child to have powerful abilities. So Katsuki was born in very good conditions. Midoriya family is rather modest, Izuku and his mother live in a small apartment and he doesn’t inherited any quirk. If his family was wealthier, it wouldn’t be that much of a problem to be quirkless ; he could have access a lot of others things, and people would probably mock him less because money gives power and authority. If Yaoyorozu was born in a modest family, she probably wouldn’t have had access to all the knowledge she needed to make the best use of her quirk and maybe wouldn’t have considered being a hero. If Todoroki was born in a more caring family, he would probably have been a very different person because of better physical and mental care. People come in the world unequal, and society just dig up this pit deeper by promoting and only giving visibility and credit to strong people who can actively contribute without asking much in return; it’s economically more interesting. All Might probably had sponsors and contracts with advertisers, and these people must have become very wealthy given all the goodies produced; like the one Midoriya possess. 

The business course in UA illustrates how important selling yourself and having ties with people in that realm is to be given access in hero world, so you can be a pro-hero and not a side-kick, and even open up your own agency, success and make a name for yourself. It’s a very unfair system, because not everyone is born with a great and flashy quirk. So even if you’re a great person, with noble aspiration and high morals and sense of justice, you won’t have the same chance to prove it and success. And on the exact contrary, you can be a great hero, achieve lot of things and gain recognition from the whole society while being an awful person, like Endeavor. If people don’t see it, they won’t mind it. That’s why Midoriya and Shinsou’s path are so important. UA entrance exam is unfair to students, because it privileges strong and brute quirks. Bakugou ended first even though he didn’t earned any rescue points, I think that says it all. What’s easier and interesting is smashing things up in this exam, that’s what will give you the more points in the shortest time and earn you the more attention. It’s the same during UA sports festival. I don’t think they had once, before the provisional licence exam, a class where they needed to save and take care of people. It’s actually not that easy to take care of people mentally and emotionally speaking, because it’s a lot more subtle than letting yourself go wild and crushing opponents by physically pushing your limits. Taking care of people need a certain mindset and a lot of knowledge about disabilities, physical and mental issues, but people tend to ignore them because they’re not flashy, not interesting and not wealth-producing. In a society promoting cool heroes with brute force like All Might, of course people will only look up to the stronger and mock the weaker. This dichotomy between ’strong and cool’ and ’weak and unimportant’ hurt more people than you could think, because, actually, nobody is always strong. What people saw of All Might was an image, as the man himself was crumbling and his health was deteriorating behind his smile. That’s why representation can be dangerous; they lead you to think unrealistic things are real, like being strong and fearless 100% of your time can be an actual thing if only you try hard enough, which is absolutely unhealthy and dangerous to think. People suffer from burn out, some even die for trying and pushing themselves too hard. People aren’t born to be exploited and pushed beyond their limits most of the time.

Even someone strong like All Might eventually felt apart. For people to be treated fairly, representation need to be more accurate and diversified so they won’t look up to unrealistic goals and blame themselves if they can’t achieve it, and blame others if they can’t take the challenge on. I plan to do that someday, but there are a lot of things to say about mass media in BNHA, and how they participate in worship of unattainable things or stir things up when really that wasn’t needed on the first place, but they did it anyway for audience and money (like in our reality actually). If media don’t cast an eye on you, then you’ll be nothing. Their standards shape society; young children will see what media want them to see, and won’t be aware of everything going on under smiles and cool outfits. That’s exactly what All Might incarnates, as his hero form is evanescent and ends up vanishing, because it was only an image. All people fall for that illusion, and it’s cruel and ironic as you said. These panels, when everyone realize what All Might true form is, are sadly ironic. 

Their idea of the unshakable Symbol of Peace ended up being crushed in front of their eyes, and by the same media All Might was glorified by. The pressure our UA kids are putting on themselves come from this illusion they have in mind, like we do with celebrities, singers and artists in our society. But those standards they’re sticking up too are only illusions. Because no matter how strong and cool a hero looks, they’re still only human, will make mistake, will be injured, will fail and break down. But as they don’t see it, they won’t allow themselves to do mistakes and bend because ‘true heroes don’t do that, they don’t lose and don’t cry’ when, well, they actually do. Heroes are humans that decided they will spend their life watching and looking after people; that doesn’t mean they’re some kind of godly entities. But unfortunately representation are much more glamorous and attractive (and sell more) when they show unbreakable heroes, and media will perpetuate that even if it breaks people over unattainable aspiration, because you can’t be perfect and expect yourself to do everything well. It’s that belief perpetuate by our representation that hurt people; ones who fit will set the barrier really too high for themselves and will be crushed by the realization they can’t live up to it (Bakugou) and ones who will be mocked and rejected because they don’t fit those standards at all (Midoriya and Shinsou). Nobody gain for that system, apart from people that are earning money by selling those illusions to people and success in fooling people for their own interests and selfish comfort. The fact that All Might was quirkless, and mostly an illusion made by mass media was ironic and cruel not only for Bakugou but the whole society who was actually relying on him and looking up to him as the ‘Symbol of Peace’.

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ive been following you for awhile & still cant tell if u actually like ICP or if its all ironic. not sure if i want to know the answer but wanted to share with you

i actually do love icp. though the thought of me spending over a hundred dollars on violent j action figures as a joke is pretty funny

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Hello! I was wondering if you recognise this usuk human au fic, where Arthur gets in to a car accident which causes him to have amnesia. I think they're both married, Scotland was involved in the car accident and at the beginning the doctor taking care of Arthur is distrusting of Alfred? Sorry if this isnt enough, its all i remember (ironically)!

Hmm, that sounds like In Loving Memory by a_forgotten_note.

Let me know if that’s not the one!

i hate the fact that in race statistics there hardly ever is ‘middle eastern’ its just ‘other’ like honestly it should be a standard to expand the minimum categories we see in race statistics? its 2017 and middle easterns are still considered white by the american government, and most american race statistics dont include native americans at all like its fucking Ironic. i recently had to take a thing to sign up for SAT and i had to click an option that said middle eastern (white) as my race. im a brown ass bitch and race statistics r fucked

my dumbass english teacher literally gave me an a minus for indenting by a WHOLE inch instead of a HALF INCH like he took 10% off my grade for that and literally no other comments on the whole essay thanks i really feel like im learning something here

Steroid Myths and Legends

Myth 1) Steroids build muscle without working out:
One of the biggest problems in today’s society is that people are always looking for the quick fix. We are all influenced by television and magazine adds that’s why they are there. Everyone should keep in mind the old saying “If it sounds too good, it is probably a lie.” The fact is: there is no miracle pill or drug that you can take to change your body composition overnight (or in a few weeks for that matter). If you aren’t satisfied with yourself and want to make a change, the ONLY way is to work at it. You must keep a healthy lifestyle!!!

Only after you have a healthy diet, workout, sleep schedule, and the ability to keep it consistent, will supplements help you. This goes for steroids as well. Of course, some supplements, like andro products, creatine, and protein meal replacements, will be of some benefit to someone who may not have everything in place but, they are still not going to help to their full capacity. You have to help them help you. You have to feed your body well, so they can be used to their full potential.

Steroids will only be a true benefit to a person who has paid the price of time and hard work in the gym. A person who hasn’t, will certainly see gains after using a steroid correctly, however, the chance of them being quality gains is very low and the person will certainly loose the bulk of them. In short, nothing, not even steroids, can change the way you look in the long run without hard work and discipline.

Myth 2) Injectable Steroids are safer than oral steroids:
A lot of people think that because there are some oral steroids out there that are decidedly liver toxic, all oral steroids must be riskier to use than injectables. The truth is, there are safe and unsafe steroids in each category. Seemingly innocuous orals, like Anavar, are among the more hazardous group of steroids known as 17-Alpha Alkylated steroids that are hardest on the liver. Anavar (Oxandrolone) is used by women frightened of harder drugs, and both men and women who want to get last minute hardness but consider it less effective than other hardening agents. All considered, its ironic that such a lamb of a steroid would have such a host of lion-like effects on the body, since other oral steroids have such mild side effects and such short half-lives. Likewise, you can look at a drug like straight Testosterone, and see how some injectable drugs can wreak havoc on the body as well. Hair loss, massive acne and a host of other undesirable side effects can accompany injectables too.

Myth 3) Drugs like Anadrol carty too many risks to make them a good choice for bodybuilders:
Anadrol may carry a great many risks with it, many more than other drugs that are good for adding size. However, Anadrol has its place in a drug cycle when it is used responsibly, and shouldnt be avoided just because of a list of side effects. Its almost like saying that there are risks when flying and that no one should fly as a result of those risks. Theres no doubt that liver enzymes will be elevated with this drug, that high blood pressure, acne, headaches, aggression and other side effects may rear their ugly heads, however, this steroid can promote size gains like few others. In other words, a powerful drug is still powerful, no matter whether there is negativity associated with it or not. If a steroid is formidable in terms of its ability to affect change and cause growth, and its responsible use will proffer a mostly positive outcome, then its well worth the risk, in my opinion; and just about anyone elses opinion too. However, a person must use it as it is recommended, or at least use it how it is commonly used by others of the same relative weight. The only drug that I strongly disagree upon in terms of this kind of thinking is DNP.

Myth 4) Sterilizing needles makes it possible to use them over and over again:
This is a big myth and I included it because a lot of people fall prey to believing this. Using needles over again is a big problem in bodybuilding and in other factions where drug use is prevalent. Sterilization isnt the only thing to be concerned with when considering whether to recycle, however. When a needle is new, it is sharp, sterile, and untouched by human hands. It has also never been plunged into any rubber stopper or bottle. Once a needle has been used, it has been dulled by contact with a rubber stopper, a glass bottle, and the skin and muscle it has been plunged into, It has also come into contact with blood, pharmaceuticals and live tissue (fat, blood, and muscle). Boiling will remove germs from the needle, and may remove most germs from the syringe itself, but may not be able to fully remove blood and tissue from the inside of the needle reservoir that has come in contact with most potential toxins, Injections are painful when a needle is used over and over again. After just one injection, it can take a force about 60% greater to pierce the skin than if it were new. If the needle has been used twice prior, it can take up to 100% more force to pierce the skin and give the injection. The risk of not only infection, but of tissue damage, is much higher when a needle is used as few as 2-3 times. Since a needle doesn’t cost that much, it pays to at least replace the needle with each injection. Sterilizing the syringe only still isn’t smart, but it’s better than boiling both and taking a chance that you’ll get an abscess or other site infection. If you insist on practicing this use an autoclave if you have access to one. Or just make sure you draw boiling water through the needle and syringe several times prior to re-use.

Myth 5) Women will end up looking like men if they take more than a few cycles of steroids:
This is something that has happened so much in our industry that everyone assumes that all women who use steroids are going to look like men. But a woman can use select drugs, many more than you might imagine, and not end up looking like either a linebacker or your hairy next- door neighbor. The majority of women can take drugs like Anavar, Primobolan, Winstrol V, Winstrol Depot, Deca, Equipoise and some others with minimal side effects. That isn’t to say that they can take them in large amounts, or for long periods of time and come out of it unscathed. There will always be a little stray hair growth, some clitoral enlargement and slight deepening of the voice with even moderate use of milder drugs and combinative drug cycles. But it usually stops there if the woman does. Then there are drugs like Testosterone, D-bol, Anadrol, and some harder drugs that are just plain stupid for any woman to take for even a day. These are the ones that can deepen a voice drastically in a matter of a week or two, and are responsible for the public’s view of female bodybuilders being manly and sexually ambiguous. To be fair though, there are a lot of women who take steroids and remain quite feminine using steroids infrequently and moderately throughout the year, so this is a fallacy.

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The Black shadows and so many funny things! Please watch the unreal life of Niall Horan (which isn't his real name at all!)

the interview it’s all ironic, its gold

Hahahha, ok ok, you totally convinced! I will watch it (any chances he casually drops hints to discover his real name..?), thank you!

Henry Cavill Imagine

Henry goes to an award show while you stay at home with your son.

“Babe have you seen the shirt I’m supposed to wear.”

You are pacing in the hallway trying to calm down your crying son who doesn’t seem to want anyone to hold him but Henry. “I don’t know it should be in the closet by your suit.”

“Well it’s not there” he sighed frantically throwing clothes everywhere searching for it.

“Okay I’ll check the dry cleaning in the laundry room.”

“Thanks babe.”

“Shhh Joshua it’s alright papa will be back.” You went into the laundry room and set Joshua down before looking through the dry cleaning. Beneath a different suit was the shirt in all its ironed glory. “C'mon little one lets take papa his shirt.” You picked him up, who had already began crawling to the staircase to try and reach Henry, and headed upstairs.

“One finely pressed shirt sir.”

“Thank you madam.” Henry kissed you on the cheek before heading back into the closet to get ready.

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I forgot to add to my last message, but I think its all the more ironic that Grisha had tried to use his usual techniques on Zeke from a young age. He tried to teach Zeke that he had to become some great warrior for the Mare people (while still being loyal to the Elodians) and I'm sure that Zeke probably noticed the hypocritical ideals that his father was feeding him. Zeke was able to figure out that it was simply poison. And he made damn sure that Grisha would be hurt this time by his poison.

Like @akira1love mentioned to me earlier; Grisha has become a VERY special kind of fucked up. And I must admit- I enjoy it. <3

Despite me ironically calling Grisha Satan-incarnated, he’s quite an interesting fellow, meaning he isn’t the typical, noble shonen father protagonist, but rather a darker, ambitious version who was unfortunate enough to let the best of his ideals bite him in the ass.

Zeke indeed harbors too much negative feelings towards his father for this gesture to be innocent. He knew he was manipulated and frankly, good job figuring it at 7. 

Zeke denouncing Grisha - Ch. 86

I feel like he was scared but didn’t hesitate at the same time. I’m starting to think it’s common for Yeagers to harbor strong feelings towards something they don’t like at younger ages. Grisha calling his father a coward and a dog, Eren “chasing animals”…

Zeke expressing hatred and spite towards Grisha - Ch.81&83

He was indeed able to see that Grisha is nothing more than a shit-talker and a manipulator. I thought that, just like Eren, he was biaised in his own views but this chapter completely shattered that and I really think Zeke is the most reasonable of the whole Yeager family.

I’m not sure whether he’ll stay kind with Eren learning he adopted the beliefs of his father but it’s known for sure he doesn’t feel extreme towards people he dislikes: instead of stabbing Grisha and Dina with a kitchen knife, he just denounced them to higher authorities. Had he been in Eren’s place he would’ve arranged for the MP to come sooner instead of confronting the bandits kidnapping Mikasa.