i realized as drawing these that i forgot to do my pharmacology homework

*stares at clock* *it still reads after midnight*


I’m lookin for Hulk stuff on Netflix and I see this animated Iron Man & Hulk movie and my plan was to watch it and pretend Science Bros is real, but they show little preview pics of the movie when you hover over it w your mouse and THIS WAS ONE OF THEM:

Like he’s probably about to try to crush him but IT LOOKS SO TENDER AND LOVING AND IMMA PRETEND SCIENCE BROS IS REAL :’D


aw, babe

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I’m very tired and stressed and this is some of what I’m dealing with: the unpleasant parts from our latest trip. We’re fine and we’ve made huge progress into working things out but I like to be super honest about my experiences so here goes:

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I really hate the thriller movie trend where there’s two women in a team of scientists or explorers or whatever, and one girl is like a super model scientist with flawless makeup 24/7, while the other is more rough around the edges and has a crew cut and does more physical work, and among the two women the “uglier” one is always the one who ends up dying b/c they want the “prettier” one to have more screen time.

I got re-excited about The Silmarillion today, so here’s a list of the Most Metal Deaths in Tolkien.

Note: the article describes Fingolfin’s story as “the greatest metal song yet unsung,” but Blind Guardian’s song Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill) takes a shot at it.

I’m reading Midnight’s Children and its weird. Tbh Rushdie’s focus on abnormal noses just reminds me of how my family mock me for having a European nose.