T Shirt Designs!

Hey guys! So recently, i was given the idea to use the designs i make and throw them on tshirts and sell them! 

I’ll be opening up an etsy shop sooner or later, but i’ll be starting off with 3 of my designs just to ease things into business (since this is also the first time i’ve ever done anything like this). But i also made a few-lot of designs, and i can’t really choose which three i want to do! 

So i’ll let you guys choose!

The themes of these shirt are kind of elegant and simplistic, mainly due to the fact that it’d be cool to have a really classy fandom shirt that people can appreciate not only for its meaning, but its design!

I’m not quite sure about prices yet, but i’ll create a separate post when the Etsy shop becomes a thing :)

Here are the designs:

See? Simple, yet classy!

Please vote which three designs you’d like to see on a tshirt! I’ll give this a couple of days. 



I know Taylor’s brand targets towards people who have more money, but why does a tshirt need to be $50???? Like I could go to target, buy a tshirt for $5, cut some holes in the sleeves and buy some transfer paper and print the design for $10, I get that it’s a brand so they need to make $$$ like I’m willing to pay $30 for a concert shirt, but $50????

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im pretty much only comfortable wearing oversized shirts because i dont have access to bind or anything of the like, so it helps me ignore my chest. but now that its summer and im going to my dads for a while (which has 40*C weather) she's making me buy new clothes which will likely be properly-fitting, and i also have to get a bathing suit for swimming which i am dreading. But idk how to bring anything up and I don't want to be a bother- esp about the swimsuit problem,, idk what to do aahh

you can email him or tell him its a rly supportive sports bra or s/t? im mostly gonna give you binding alternatives that you can probably get your hands on

for swimming:

for regular binding:

hope this helps some! :)

- emma

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Can you wear binders with tank tops?? Like...I wear tank tops and the a button shirt on top pf them, but I keep it unbuttoned. Does the binder show?? If you don't mind me asking, I don't know who else to ask...

ok um !! it depends on the tank top, like. if u can see the selfies i posted of myself wearing a crop top, u can see my binder peeking out of the top of it sometimes (its white, u can see it in the picture where im facing forward). they generally have high…neck..holes, what are those things called ?? whatever theyre called. the neck holes. the holes ur neck goes through.

but i dont’ worry about them showing too much because they kind of just look like shirts ??? like it rly just looks like im wearing a sportsbra or an undershirt under my clothes. like youd rly have to look hard at it to figure out it wasn’t just a weird bra

but its usually only super visible with shirts that have low necklines or vnecks, so if u have tank tops that arent like that itd probly be be fine ?

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Time and date: 9:00 pm and July 7, 2015
Average hours of sleep: 8-10
Height: 4'11
Birthday: February 5
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Favorite Color: Blue
One place that makes me happy: Office (our computer room)
How many blankets I sleep under: 1
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Fav Baverage: its a tie between Milk and Chocolate drink
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Dream pet: I already have my lil Gift
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Its almost 3 am and i just felt the need to explain that my dead jake cosplay was assembled in one day. I put in the contacts the day before the last day of the con. The blood on my shirt wouldn’t dry so i have to leave it outside for like three hours. I painted the shirt the same day i poured blood on it. I put the contacts in after i put the makeup on. It was a mess. And i love it so much l i ke

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sebastian stan.. i could dream about him forever, and his eyes and lips. he makes me to want to go in Romania to marry some random dude or girl (Colorado, pansexual here). I even browsed about romanian guys and girls and many of them have those magnetic green-blue eyes.

Oh yes I spend many hours daydreaming, but usually that also involves walking around in New York and like accidentally bumping into him at Starbucks or whatever. “Oh no there’s coffee all over my shirt!”, “Don’t worry my appartment is nearby, you can change there!” => sex.

the signs as funny tweets
  • aquarius:"Just woke up from a fever dream in which I killed one of my childhood friends and buried her in the mountains how's your day." (@halseymusic)
  • pisces:"I just slept 14 hours my family thought I died" (@ArianaGrande)
  • aries:"@Luke5SOS get out me ass" (@Calum5SOS)
  • taurus:"Fuckballs shitdicks assnipples cockfuck FUCK" (@Michael5SOS)
  • gemini:"Just bought a $70 grilled cheese sandwich FUCK RULES" (@halseymusic)
  • cancer:"Are u not reading what I'm saying its a SNAKE HABITAT TURN AROUND" (@Real_Liam_Payne)
  • leo:"My dick is in flames" (@ArianaGrande)
  • virgo:"@Louis_Tomlinson remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine ?" (@zaynmalik)
  • libra:"I have flamingoes on my shirt" (@Luke5SOS)
  • scorpio:"Vocal chords look like alien vaginas" (@ArianaGrande)
  • sagittarius:"@Harry_Styles I blame you" (@edsheeran)
  • capricorn:"I can promise I am not engaged this I can promise you. I'm only 17 I love green beans" (@Real_Liam_Payne)

The shirt was three dollars 🌳

(I couldn’t decide if I wanted to show belly or not)

Kris Wu Mentioned in WWD Givenchy’s Men After Party 

Taking in the surroundings, Chinese actor-singer Kris Wu, who had matched his Givenchy star polo shirt with three fake star tattoos climbing up his neck, shared his own design ambitions.

“I’m friends with Marcelo Burlon and Virgil Abloh, so in the future I have plans to collaborate with them,” he said.

“I would love to have my own line. For me, if I can be a part of the fashion business in China and make it better, then why not? China is exciting right now, it’s connecting globally and there are loads of great local designers. Slowly, China will have its place in the fashion business,” added Wu. “All China needs is time.”