this just in on what i do while procrastinating: dramtically lip singing into a water bottle @ 9pm instead of doing a project thats due tomorrow

I haven’t had a crush on anyone in such a long time,and idk if its a good thing or a bad one. It’s nice to be relaxed and chill,and not have to over think about someone’s words or actions.
But on the other hand I find it weird. Like am I dead inside?or does no one intrigue me anymore? I know people don’t interest me as often,and I wish to connect with people on a more emotional level..but is this normal? The only crushes I have its on fictional characters and celebrities.

Is anyone else going through the same?

listen i dont like asking for things but mymusictaste said they’d try to work with IOI fans (since we know IOI’s disbandment is coming up) to try to get them to come to the US one more time so pls vote here and you can read about the mymusictaste clarification here

Day 27

 One thing you would change about the series?

Honestly, I would love it if it had never been specified that Minkowski had a husband. If they had kept it at “married” and only known Minkowski’s spouse as “Koudelka”, their last name. I like how ambiguous Wolf 359 is about stuff, so everyone’s head canons work. It would be nice if it could be more open about Minkowski’s sexual orientation too.

Also bring back the plant monster.

also one guy came up to me & told me to give him a lap dance & if i get dresscoded theyre always like ‘you’re a Slut thats why”  … like its literally Only okay when like. the One nice dude does it because we’re friends & hes really funny about it & i know he doesnt actually think its like. Reasonable ¾ of the time i get dresscoded

wedidthetimewarpagain  asked:

Top 10 compositions by French composers, top 5 movements from the Turangalila symphony by Messiaen

ya know almost ALL of these are going to be organ or choral pieces im awful 

  1. dubois - toccata in g major the most fun organ piece to play ever
  2. fauré’s requiem the Whole Entire Thing but if i had to pick a movement it would be the agnus dei
  3. messiaen - la nativité du seigneur esp the 1st, 7th, and 9th movements
  4. duruflé’s requiem look i just like my french requiems!!!!
  5. messiaen - quator pour la fin du temps
  6. ravel - introduction and allegro i cant be bothered writing out all the instruments but the one with the harp its so nice
  7. guilmant - organ sonata in d minor the first movement of this was possibly TOO strong an influence on my a level composition. it got past the plagiarism gremlins though so i think i was ok
  8. messiaen - turangalila symphony i didnt want to put this on here bc it was another whole question but i had to
  9. saint-saens organ symphony ITS A BANGER!!!! HE PUT AN ORGAN IN A SYMPHONY!!!! HE DID THAT
  10. fauré - cantique de jean racine WE’RE DOING THIS FOR THE ANTHEM IN 2ND WEEK EVENSONG IM SO PUMPED


  1. FINAL!!!! it just does So much… the coda…. the massive F sharp chord at the end…. the fact that whenever i listen 2 it i can just imagine bernstein having the time of his absolute life conducting the premiere…
  2. chant d’amour 1 whenever the rly chill ondes melody comes in i have to strongly resist ruining the mood by screaming JUST FUCK ME UP!!!!
  3. jardin du sommeil d’amour its just really really pretty honestly
  4. developpement d’amour those opening bells are just. so overdramatic i love messiaen but he didnt HAVE to do that!!!!
  5. turangalila 2 mostly i just love how messiaen intended it to “invoke terror” (wikipedia’s words not mine. im watching out for the plagiarism gremlins) like we’ve just had the prettiest movement and suddenly he’s like haha lol FUCK YOU

The official SU page on Facebook posted a clip from the episode with this description and, I dunno, I just really like that they did that