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do you like flying? i'm flying for the first time to pax and i'm fucking terrified :-)

I love flying!! Not the whole travelling part but flying itself is nice. Its the one time I get time to catch up on movies I missed haha

♪ like brother to brother, we’re all for each other ! ♫

a collaboration piece between me and @eyefocusing~ they did the original drawing, and i did lines and color! i had a ton of fun with it, their art is SOOO cute and i love this concept so much!! we hope you enjoy it too! ♡

Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
—  Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star

anyway i think mob would kind of slowly fall in love with teru without even noticing cause the guy gushes over him all the time 24/7, calling him amazing and whatnot and mob thinks hes gotten kind of used to it, but now whenever he does theres kind of butterflies in his stomach that he didnt really feel before like ever, not even with tsubomi who was just a pretty idea but not really a crush, abnd he panics a little bit and thinks ‘oh no what is this its kinda nice tho’

and then one day when teru takes his hand while theyre walking mob is lost in thought and doesnt register but when he finally notices the butterflies go crazy and hes just like. 'oh’

(mob kisses teru first and teru just kinda dies for a little bit and does not compute like 'fcuk i cant handle’. when they finally get together nobody believes they havent already been dating for like a year)

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so i uh,, i noticed a thing with your last drawing of piper (on your ask jason account). she has marks on her tummy that look a little different from any scars on her. are they stretch marks? simply curious bc i have them too and it's nice to dream that one of my favorite artists is drawing some on my favorite pjo character

they’re stretch marks!! i always draw them on ppl but it’s not always obvious bc i used to shade all scars the same colour but now the stretch marks/different scar marks are gonna be different shades to make ‘em more obvious/separate

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare

Schnitzel (2008)

I was checking out the new “107 facts” about the animated show Chowder when i noticed that they had used my drawing of Schnitzel when talking about the character at 7:11. They also showed John Dimaggio, Schnitzel’s voice actor holding a print of my drawing. I didn’t see me credited any where, maybe i missed it but im not really upset its always nice to have ones art noticed.

School Crush


‘Joe Sugg.’ You thought in your head as you sat in your chair, watching everyone enter the classroom on the first day of classes after summer holiday. You didn’t know what it was about that boy but he alway had a way of catching your attention and making you smile. 

You had come to this realization a few years ago, after your friend had pointed it out asking if you like him. You denied it straight away saying that the two of you were just friends - friendly people actually, but your friend didn’t believe you and you began to question yourself too. 

You watched the boy take a seat next to his mates, glancing up at you briefly sending you a smile which you returned before he turned his back to you. You frown and shook your head realizing that you did indeed have a crush on him. 

It was silly really, you were much to old to being have crushes that make your heart sputter when they smile at you. That was the thing that happened when you were in primary school when you would chase your crush around the school yard or after you had had your first kiss and you’d run back to your friends giggling. Maybe because you never experienced those things in primary school, your body was letting you feel them now. Whatever the reason was, you didn’t like it.

Joe seemed to follow you wherever you go, unintentionally of course. You and Zoe worked together and being the nice brother he was, he’d always come and visit her in the café, hunched over the counter chatting with you and Zoe about absolute shit just to keep the two of you company during the slow hours. The two of you had very similar classes and even got stuck together in group projects. No matter what you did, you couldn’t get rid of him so you were pretty much forced to except this crush that had continued to develop over the recent years.

The rest of the first day back had been uneventful. The first day typically means going over class expectations and requirements and thats exactly what happened. You and Joe had a few more classes together, one of which he chose to sit next to you, giving you another smile followed by “Hey, how was your summer.” 

When the end of the day finally came, you couldn’t have been more excited. Not only was the first day back to school boring, it was also tiring. You were ready to go home and relax for a bit before you had to go to work. 

You got into your car, tossing your bag into the passenger seat beside you before starting up your car. 

“Come on.” You grumbled to yourself as you turned the key in the ignition again, hoping that you car would start after the second time. 

When your car still didn’t start, you took a deep breath, letting your body relax in hopes it would somehow would help your car turn over. You turned the key for the third time and with no luck, you let your head fall to the steering wheel in front of you. 

You weren’t sure how long you had been sitting like this but when you were jolted out of your position by the sound of someone tapping on your window, the school car park was almost completely deserted. You looked out the window to find Joe staring back at you, a concerned look on his face. 

“Hey you okay?” He asked after you opened the door.

“Ah my car won’t start and I’m just tired.” You said turning your key once again but was only met with disappointing. 

“Well I could walk you home if you’d like?” Joe ask leaning against your car door as he peered into your car. 

“You didn’t drive?” 

“Nah, I rode with Zoe this morning but she took off already leaving me here on my own.”

“Oh, well its a pretty far walk back to mine and I have work in a bit which I’m going to have to call in for.” You said slightly annoyed that you will no longer have time to relax. 

“We could walk to mine, its not that far and I could drive you back to yours then to work.” You scrunched your eyes brows together at his words. 


“Yeah,” Joe laughed. “Its no big deal, come on.” He said pushing off your door and extending a hand out for you to grab.

“Thanks,” You said taking his hand, a smile growing slightly on your lips when you did. “You really didn’t have to do this.” You said grabbing your bag and locking your car. 

“Honestly Y/N, its no problem. Besides walking alone gets boring I’d rather walk with you and properly get to know you seeing that we’ve never really spoken before.”

“What do you mean? You come in to the café all the time.” You laughed as the two of you headed in the direction of his house. 

“Yeah but I don’t ever get to talk to just you. Not meaningfully anyways. Its always just a ‘hi how are you’ kind of thing.” 

“Today you asked how my summer went, I’d say thats pretty meaningful.” You said causing Joe to make a weird face. 

“Small talk isn’t meaningful love.” He laughed. 

The rest of the walk to Joe’s house was full of laughs and meaningful conversation about your plans after school, something that you haven’t really thought much about but for some reason told Joe everything you had ever wanted to be. 

Joe drove you to your house and waited in the car while you ran into your house, dropping your school things off and changing clothes. He laughed once you got back in his car at how heavy you were breathing after running up and down the stairs in your house and tugging your clothes on quickly. 

“Shut up and drive Sugg.” You said rolling your eyes. 

“A please would be nice.” He said as he kept his car in park. 

“Please, drive, now. I’m going to be late.” You laughed hitting his shoulder lightly as he put the car into drive. 

“See now was that so hard.” He said looking over at you and was met with your stern look which only caused him to laugh. 

“You know,” Joe said after a while of silence. “I had fun today.” 

“Did you?” You asked looking over at him.

“Yeah, getting to know you. This may sound weird but I’ve always wanted to but I didn’t really know how to start.”

“You always wanted to get to know me?”

“Yeah,” He said nervously, “Its actually why I come into the café? Did you really think that I wanted to see my sister that badly?”

“Honestly yes,” You laughed, “I thought you were just being a nice sibling.”

“Its Zoe thats actually the nice one. She texts me you guys are slow or whenever you need some cheering up.” 

You took Joe’s words in. He had occasionally come into the café on days that you weren’t particularly feeling the greatest and he never failed to make you laugh. 

“Well here you are.” He said looking over at you after putting the car in park in front of the café.

“Um thanks.” You said gathering your things but paused when you felt Joe’s eyes still on you.

You hadn’t said anything after he confessed the real reason why he comes into your work and you were sensing his regret but you were actually glad that he had because you secretly hoped part of him came in to see you. 

You turned to look at him, taking note at the slight sadness in his eyes before you cupped his face and pressed your lips against his. You pulled away after a few seconds and smiled at Joe’s shocked expression. 

“Um so I’ll be here when you get off.” Joe said clearing his throat. 

“Yes, at 8 please. Thanks again by the way, for the ride and for coming in to cheer me up.” 

“You’re welcome but you should thank Zoe.”

“Oh I will.” You laughed. 

“You should go before your actually late.” Joe said practically shoving you out of his car. 

“Alright alright I’m going.” You said getting out and giving him a small wave as you walked towards the door of the café. 

“Thanks, Zoe.” You said finding her in the back room. 

“What for?” She asked. 

“For being a good sister.” You said simply, knowing fully well that she will catch on in no time.

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so i'm re-reading the hobbit, and when it described hobbits i couldn't help but imagine kurama in the shire. the hobbits watch in confusion as this strange not-so-big person wanders around, occasionally picking one of them and staring at them intently for a few moments before huffing in annoyance and setting them back down. none of the hobbits realize he's looking for children to adopt/abduct and is getting annoyed by how short everyone is, even if it's nice being the tall one for once.

xD Oh my god that is perfect and I am giggling so hard right now.  


I got a binder from @shapeshiftersinc!

I was a little hesitant to get a binder at first because, as you can see, my breasts are fairly small. I thought I could get away with just using sports bras. But it was getting supremely uncomfortable, so when my sisters didn’t know what to get me for Christmas, I split the cost with them and got the binder I’d been eyeing for so long.

I got the Toothless binder with the racerback and side zipper add-ons because, having never owned a binder, I was worried I would have issues putting it on (I’d heard horror stories). Ordering was super simple, although I had to get help taking my measurements. Just to make sure everything was accurate.

I was very worried with the way my body is shaped (broad shoulders, bit of a tummy, bit of a hunch, but small chest), that the binder wouldn’t fit right or wouldn’t lay right, but it is seriously so much more comfortable than I could have ever imagined! I had my sister help zip me up at first because I was tired, and I kept checking to make sure it was zipped all the way because I kept expecting the extreme tightness I’d been associating with the sports bras. But it feels great! I can tell its there, but I don’t think I’ll be dying to take it off after just 2 hours or so anymore!

It also looks fantastic! It is so pretty, the glitter and iridescence is exactly what I was hoping for.  I can see myself wearing this with so many outfits, whether just as an undergarment or as something to show off a bit of. 

And best of all, it does its job. It flattens very nicely. One thing I never got with the sports bras was the illusion of a masculine chest. I just got flatter breasts. Here, everything is shaped in a way to where, even with that minimal amount of breast tissue sticking out a bit, it looks more like a masculine chest would!

I’m so excited, and I can’t thank the people at Shapeshifters enough, this is more than I could have hoped for!

I guess what the whole Vilde in season four thing comes down to, for me personally anyway, is the feeling of not being taken entirely seriously. I think one of the great strengths of skam is that it rarely underestimates its viewers the way shows aimed at younger people so often do. instead, skam trusts us. trusts us to not need everything spelled out to figure it out, to make up our own minds about people and places and situations, to pick up all of the the bread crumbs left for us and fashion it into something that’s lovely to have for dinner.

anger isn’t shown by swearing and yelling and cursing because skam trusts us to only need a loaded moment of silence to realize just how angry someone is. hurt isn’t shown by a crying fit or a dramatic fall on the bed or walking through the rain in the dark because skam trusts us to only need a single tear to figure out just how hurt someone is. love isn’t shown by a candlelit dinner for two or poems in the moonlight or a serenade underneath a balcony because an early morning dance party in the kitchen is all we need to get how in love someone is.

and that’s what feels off with the Vilde situation. there seems to be no trust that we, the viewers, can figure out something’s up with her and Magnus without making her spit into his mouth. there seems to be no trust that we can realize something’s not right between her and Sana without making her very cruelly roll her eyes whenever Sana shows just a little bit of her world. there seems to be no trust that we can notice Vilde being desperate for other people’s approval without her dumping her closest friends to get closer to the girls who kicked her out of the group in the first place.

and that’s just the slightest bit annoying to me.

so like at my new job i put my name on my tag as david alexander but ive mostly gone by alex. one of the girls caught me so off guard the other day bc she just sat across from me going david. david. david. until i looked up and she laughed like you werent expecting that were you! and its like no! but thats me! hey thats me!! im still not used to hearing people say alex or david but it feels so good when i have that second of ‘oh thats me!’ its great.