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do you like flying? i'm flying for the first time to pax and i'm fucking terrified :-)

I love flying!! Not the whole travelling part but flying itself is nice. Its the one time I get time to catch up on movies I missed haha


favorite k-pop ladies: 13/? lim kim

Q:  How would you describe your style of music and in the future, would you stick to the same style of music or do you want to show more sides of Lim Kim? ‘’I think I’m still very young and it’s not the time for me to stick to only one style. As time goes by, I believe I can specialize in a certain style of music but right now, I want to try out many styles of music and show more sides of Lim Kim as a versatile artist. My voice is going to be keeping it as it is but the style of music would be different. I’m keen on doing experiments and taking chances on different genres of music. That will be something that I would like to achieve.’’

♪ like brother to brother, we’re all for each other ! ♫

a collaboration piece between me and @eyefocusing~ they did the original drawing, and i did lines and color! i had a ton of fun with it, their art is SOOO cute and i love this concept so much!! we hope you enjoy it too! ♡

"You And I And No One Else" Compilation

“You and I… You and I… You and I… and no one else” compilation 

In order:

Phillipa Soo (Kazino 2013)

Denee Benton (Broadway 2017)

Lauren Zakrin (Broadway 2017)

Shoba Narayan (Broadway 2017)

Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
—  Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star

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just wanted to give a quick heads up since you're pretty popular, there seems to be a Bethesda sale right now on steam. The doom games and even new vegas are pretty cheap so it's a good chance


OK so I’ve seen these posts and LOVE them. So I wanted to add a contribution. Im sorry if anyone’s done this one already but.. Yeah. I’ve been thinking about this.

How would they react to abuse.

Like, aliens are always hearing about how us humans bond with just about everything. How we protect our own. But there will always be those sickos who abuse their children, their lover. How would they respond to that? Like, one day, this scrawny, introverted, sad little guy of a human joins a crew. Aliens now understand some of us humans are introverts, but this human is different.

He flinches at any contact, always gives these frightful glances, and always makes these scared little noises. He apologizes for any and everything. He barely eats, never asked for anything, and looks so horrified if he does one thing that could ever be considered wrong.

So one day the aliens ask “ So what’s up human-Jasper? Why do you flinch at everything? Why do you act the way you do? ”

And Jasper slowly starts to tremble, and starts breathing quickly, and whimpers constantly. The aliens freak out until one of them yell “ I know what this is! Its a panic attack! He’s very afraid, and might be having flashbacks! He probably doesn’t even realise where he is! ”

So ya know, they all slowly back off, but not to far just in case he needs them. And once he calms down he quietly whispers an apology. They can see his tremers and hears his small, forcefully muffled sobs, which they have learned are signs of distress.

The bravest approach and try to console him, Jasper himself flinching away at first. Although, as one of them hugs him, he just sinks into it, because of my gosh he needs this comfort so badly, wheather he deserves it or not, and he just knows they’ll be disgusted wierded out of SOMETHING like the others had once they found out, since he knows he’ll have to explain.

And then he just starts. He starts talking about what happened to him, why he reacted like that, because obviously they deserve to know. He tells them about all the verbal and physical abuse brought on by his single father. Then, how his girlfriend abused him in even more ways, his small details horrifying them.

’ Why? Why would a human do this to one of their own? One their supposed to love and protect? ’ Is a common, or at least thoughts that are similar, running threw their heads.

He mumbles about how he understands if they want to kick him off the crew now, because he’s obviously real messed up and could be a real liability. And even though he knows he should back off he just tightens his grip on them.

But instead of yelling or anything, more of the group approach and hug him, and its just sooo nice.

He hears one of them mumble “ I’ve always heard of how strong humans are, but now I know how true it is. Humans can survive the most horrible of things. You, being one of the strongest.. You have been strong long enough, allow us to protect you human. We will never kick you out, simply for reacting to those horrible things logically.. We are here for you, human-Jasper. ”

And Jasper now breaks down in relieved sobbing. At first the aliens fear they did something wrong, but when they see his smile, they relax.

They swear if they ever see his abusers, they will have revenge for their human Jasper.

Because he is now apart of their family, and unlike his other, they will treat him right.

anyway i think mob would kind of slowly fall in love with teru without even noticing cause the guy gushes over him all the time 24/7, calling him amazing and whatnot and mob thinks hes gotten kind of used to it, but now whenever he does theres kind of butterflies in his stomach that he didnt really feel before like ever, not even with tsubomi who was just a pretty idea but not really a crush, abnd he panics a little bit and thinks ‘oh no what is this its kinda nice tho’

and then one day when teru takes his hand while theyre walking mob is lost in thought and doesnt register but when he finally notices the butterflies go crazy and hes just like. 'oh’

(mob kisses teru first and teru just kinda dies for a little bit and does not compute like 'fcuk i cant handle’. when they finally get together nobody believes they havent already been dating for like a year)

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Deku and Kacchan stuck at like a bus stop (or something) in the pouring rain.

“It isn’t letting up, Kacchan.”

“No shit, Deku.”

The two of them stand in silence at the bust stop, the sound of rain being the only thing that’s making any noise between them. 
Izuku grips onto the straps of his backpack, as his green eyes shift from the sidewalk up to Katsuki beside him. It had been a long time since they had to stand so close together. Normally they would have parted ways by now- one of them sitting in the front of the bus, while the other sat in the back… Its strange how their friendship is like that. Most people don’t think of the relationship between them as ‘friendly’, but Izuku knows. He knows better than anyone. He and Katsuki are closer than meets the eye.. now he isn’t sure how to fully describe what they have. But he knows he wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world. Katsuki is special, and Katsuki is important to him. Very important..

“I have an umbrella..” Izuku speaks up finally, sliding his backpack off his shoulders. He begins to unzip it, when Katsuki scoffs.

“So? What the fuck is that gonna do??”

Izuku’s lips curl into a crooked smile as he pulls the small umbrella from his bag. He quickly zips it up again, before swinging the straps over his shoulders once more.

“Well.. I was thinking..maybe we can share it and walk home together?.. um.. we’re close enough..” his words are hesitant and unsure. He sure hopes Katsuki will agree, or at least not bite his head off for the suggestion.

The ash blonde shoots a glare Izuku’s way. He huffs in pure annoyance, as he turns his attention back toward the harsh rain fall. It isn’t too obvious, but there /is/ a light dusting of pink touching Katsuki’s cheeks and ears, as he thinks over Izuku’s request.

“Fuck.. that thing isn’t big enough for two full grown people.. but fuck it. Fine.” Katsuki nods his head, before stuffing his hands deep into his pockets. “Lets get going already, Deku. Hurry up. ”

Izuku’s face lights up in excitement and relief. To have Katsuki agree– its a miracle! With out another moment to spare, Izuku unstraps the umbrella and opens it up for the both of them to walk.

Its tiny. And its cramped. Katsuki is walking shoulder to shoulder with Izuku, and they aren’t speaking to one another… it would be too strange. It isn’t often that that they’re so close, but to their surprise it isn’t awkward. The quiet walk home is warm and comfortable, and Katsuki is secretly thanking the rain. Because its nice to be so close to Izuku.. its nice being beside the one he cherishes most.

I imagine this is pre dating. Katsuki and Deku are crushing hard on each other but too afraid to admit or act on it yet. ♡♡

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare

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so i uh,, i noticed a thing with your last drawing of piper (on your ask jason account). she has marks on her tummy that look a little different from any scars on her. are they stretch marks? simply curious bc i have them too and it's nice to dream that one of my favorite artists is drawing some on my favorite pjo character

they’re stretch marks!! i always draw them on ppl but it’s not always obvious bc i used to shade all scars the same colour but now the stretch marks/different scar marks are gonna be different shades to make ‘em more obvious/separate


Break the cycle, Morty. Rise above; focus on science.

Some more wacky zany characters, romance edition.

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