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How Klance Spends Keith’s Birthday Part 5/5: Stargazing and confessions

Part 1       Part 2       Part 3       Part 4

Happy birthday to my favorite paladin!


Ahhhhhh, it’s done! Did I go a little overboard for Keith’s birthday? Maybe. Was it worth it? OF COURSE IT WAS. Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy this little series as much as I do:)

It’s about time I got around to drawing this. I’ve been meaning to draw this picture for years now. Gravity Falls is my favorite cartoon of the modern age. The writing, the jokes, the visuals, the stories, the setting, it’s all something extremely special and top quality. I originally planned to throw Gideon in the back and possibly other main supporters like Soos, but ultimately decided to do strictly monsters aside from the main three protagonists. I not only love the monsters in this show and mostly wanted to represent them, but also I feel there’s a much greater shortage of fanart of the monsters. Everybody just draws the human characters.I just love how the show generally has that cute art style, but then something that looks like a Contra boss or a Freddy Krueger manifestation can pop out. It’s a shame I’ll never know the experience of watching this show through a child’s eyes, because I believe it would likely be rather terrifying at times for a kid. There’s a few monsters i didn’t have room for. Can you identify them all?

Had to draw my favorite character, Grunkle Stan, though. Practically every line that dude says has me laughing out loud. Great freaking character all around.

I never did it intentionally, but every year when i happened to get back into watching Gravity Falls again, it was always around September and October. That, mixed with its obvious horror connections, have always made this cartoon part of the Halloween season in the past 4 or so years, despite it taking place in summer.


For @sixpenceee‘s Halloween special~

Few years back, my friend was putting together her makeup portfolio and one of the first ones she did happened to fall just before Halloween. Her theme was Classic Movie Monsters and I got the part of the Space Alien. This one had to be one of my favorite shoots I’ve ever done with her and I use these pictures every Halloween on my Facebook!

Makeup: the fabulous Lauren Schulte
Photos: @kuroigames
Model: @sacygnus

pink-wisp  asked:

did i see butterfly soup in the tags?? How about akarsha and noelle?

Yes you did! Bless you for suggesting this, the dynamic between these two is My Favorite Thing Ever™

@daices​ gave me the idea for an outfit/hair swap. They decide to swap looks for Halloween or some spirit day at school (after a lot of coaxing on Akarsha and the rest of the team’s part, of course).

They Aren’t Real

Summary: You take a trip to a haunted house

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Prompt: Ghosts aren’t real

Word Count: 622

Warning: Cuteness and fluff

A/N: This is a request from my Spooptober event from my from @call-me-maddi . I hope you like it bb! I will also make a masterlist for these fics soon!


Originally posted by aweparker

You always looked forward to Halloween. The haunted houses and the dressing up and free candy! What wasn’t there to love about this time of year? The weather was changing and the start of pumpkin spice season came around finally.

But this year your brother decided to take a part-time job as an extra in the haunted house. He was going to be a ghost. Granted you did scare easily, your brother loved to give you a hard time.

You and Peter stood outside the haunted house with Ned and MJ, waiting to get in. You had a bad feeling about tonight. You knew your brother was in the haunted house, just didn’t know where exactly.

As you made your way through the haunted house, you felt a presence behind you, like someone was following you. You made you uneasy and latch onto your boyfriend tighter.

Peter wrapped his arm around your waist and held you close. “What’s the matter?”

“We’re being followed. I can feel someone following us.” You tucked yourself against Peter more.

“You realize that’s some of these peoples jobs? To follow us around and make us uneasy and you know, scare us.” MJ piped up from in front of you.  

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw a very real ghost. Haunted house or not, you have heard and read stories about some places using bones of actual dead bodies. Your mind always goes to the worst and this case it was you assuming the bones were haunted.

“Peter it’s a ghost!” You shove your superhero boyfriend in front of you safe and out of harm’s way. You knew if you were in any real danger, he would be able to sense it. But you didn’t want to trust anything and almost anyone right now.

“Ghost’s aren’t real Y/N. These people won’t hurt you. I’ll make sure your safe.” Peter kept you tucked against him as you still made your way through the haunted house.

Your nerves managed to calm down as you neared the end of the event and felt relieved. No one tried to kill you and the ghost seemed to have left you and your friends alone.

Or so you hoped.

You felt a set of arms wrap around your waist that didn’t belong to Peter, MJ or even Ned. You were jerked back from Peter’s grasp as you screamed, trying to wiggle yourself free. You managed to catch a glimpse of the person behind you and it was the ghost from earlier. You felt yourself start to panic and try hard to break from his grasp till you heard him laugh.

“Oh my god! Y/B/N! Why have you been following me and then snatch me from my boyfriend?” You shriek and elbow your brother in his chest. “You are a jerk! You embarrassed me in from of my friends and boyfriend.” You felt your face heat up from embarrassment.

Your brother was too busy dying of laughter. “You should have seen your face Y/N!” He was doubled over, trying to wipe his tears away.

Peter pulled you close and kissed your temple as you tucked your face in the crook of his neck. “That was a stupid move. You knew she would act this way. Come on Y/N,” Peter lifted your head so you were looking into his dark brown eyes. “How about we hit the ice cream shop and get you a milkshake and maybe a slice of pumpkin pie.”

Your face lit up and a smile broke across your face. He knew how to make you feel better and get out of your moods. You could never pass up a slice of pumpkin pie.



the signs as my favorite parts of autumn
  • aries: cold, rainy days when it's a little bit windy and leaves blow everywhere
  • taurus: comfortable weather for jeans (!!!!!)
  • gemini: apple orchards
  • cancer: hot drinks (apple cider, coffee, tea, hot chocolate)
  • leo: candles (especially ones that smell like pumpkin or cinnamon)
  • virgo: sweaters. wearing them, admiring new ones from afar, stealing them from ur friends in secret (but then returning them!!! must return!)
  • libra: bonfires
  • scorpio: halloween 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃
  • sagittarius: finally wearing the twenty thousand pairs of boots you hoarded throughout the year
  • capricorn: the return of cold weather
  • aquarius: the desserts
  • pisces: going to harvest pumpkins and carving them

CFPromoter’s Castle Ficathon 2017


This is my first time hosting the Castle Ficathon. I’m just doing my small part to help keep Castle Fanfiction alive and going. For those familiar with my Castle Halloween Bash, this Ficathon will be pretty similar to that.

This “contest” isn’t a competition against others, merely a fun way for the Castle fandom and its talented fanfiction writers to generation some awesome stories over the summer.

Participating stories should be posted on Stories will be included in the “favorites” list on the CastleFicPromoter FFN account. Links will also be tweeted through our twitter account and blogged/reblogged on tumblr.

Rules: Since we’re start later than usual all you need to do is break 30,000 words to achieve the Ficathon. To achieve the Mini-Ficathon you’ll need to break 15,000 words. To achieve the Maxi-Ficathon, aim for the standard Ficathon word count of 50,000 words.

Submissions will be accepted starting Monday, June 12, 2017 and ending at midnight on Friday, September 1, 2017 (extended to September 30, 2017). You can start writing/posting on June 12th. Before then, plot and plan away. Anyone can join, experience and new fanfiction writers alike. The main point is to have fun!

Stories are to be posted on your own FFN account, but should have “Castle Ficathon 2017” somewhere in the summary, so that readers can know that the story is a participant. Also, if you post a link to the story on Twitter, make sure you tag @CFPromoter in your post, so that I can easily retweet it. We’ll be using the hashtag “CastleFicathon2017” on Twitter when we tweet. Also on tumblr, please use the tag “CastleFicathon2017” for ease of reblogging.

Need help coming up with story ideas? Feel free to check out the prompt list on our tumblr page, or the many prompts to be found on the Castle Fanfic Prompts tumblr.

Every participant will receive an individualized digital badge of participation at the end of the challenge. Participants will receive an additional badge for the word count level achieved at the end of Ficathon. Those who break 50k will also receive a personalized wallpaper based off the Castle Ficathon 2017 key art.

Don’t stress if you have trouble with updating regularly, the main point is to have fun, so… no pressure.

Questions? Concerns? Contact us!

Message us on tumblr, PM us on FFN, or tweet us.

Have fun everyone, and happy writing!

- Travis (aka Lord of Kavaka​)

well, even though I expected it, at least I didn’t have to wait any longer to learn there’s no new gw2 halloween this year so now I can swallow down my disappointment and get back to enjoying my favorite holiday of the year sooner :|

Halloween Countdown 2017, Day 3

R.I.P., Tom Petty. I’ve been a fan of his music for more than thirty years and in every incarnation: when he was solo, with the Heartbreakers, one of the Traveling Wilburys, in Mudcrutch, etc. His death came unexpectedly and much too soon. I am holding my metaphorical lighter high in the not-so-metaphorical darkness.

It feels right to make a tribute post part of the Halloween Countdown. One of my favorite songs performed by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers yielded a music video that creeped out some of my fellow fourteen-year-olds with its twisted, macabre take on Alice in Wonderland imagery. I loved it in 1985, and I still love it now. (Then again, I don’t scare easy.)

I’m declaring this video Halloween worthy.

I’d like to think there’s an empty car somewhere on a ghostly train traversing the countryside, and in it Charlie T. Wilbury, Jr. is having an epic jam session with Lefty and Nelson.

And it’s all right; they’re going to the end of the line.


From ask event, we’re given one of random halloween themes and mine was “werewolves”
Teen Rufus was a bigger douche than actual Rufus %) Besides, being stuck at home with a noobie bodyguard who happen to be from Wutai is no fun.

Unlike Rufus I love old movies, specially bw ones with its mistique athmosphere and chilling sound. I’d say staying late at night and watching these is my favorite part of Halloween….which I missed this year because of hard case of a cold. Yeah, this is why I submit this so late. Anyway, hope everyone had a great Halloween!

4th time

Tonight was my fourth time seeing the revival of spring awakening and I just can’t believe how much this show has changed my life. I saw the original 12 times and it taught me about life and everything. This is teaching me a new language and how different stories are getting told.

Tonight timing was perfect between voice and signing actors, truly unbelievable. Everytime I see the show I find new things to watch during certain parts. I still get nervous Austin may die when on the tables during “The Bitch of Living” or when he slides down the stairs during “Totally Fucked” but he doesn’t and we’re thankful for that. “Touch Me” made me WEEP tonight. Alex Wyse literally murdered his solo and Austin’s acting with Marlee was something I’ve never seen before. When they all make the line at the end of the song and sign it together, so much energy comes from them that you felt it tonight. Tonight’s “Those You’ve Known” was flawless, Austin was sniffling through the last few notes and that just hit me so hard and Daniel and Sandra just kill the acting in that scene every time. “Song of Purple Summer” will forever be one of my favorites. So many times during the song you saw different actors looking and smiling and laughing with each other it was just fantastic watch and so laid back, which is why that song is one of my favorites. 

The house was mostly full, a few partial view seats in orchestra empty and a few mezzanine seats which makes me really thankful because the show’s numbers haven’t been the greatest, once holiday time rolls around the numbers will skyrocket.

Stage Door was great tonight. They were rushing a little bit because they have White House tomorrow but only a few people didn’t come out. When I went on Halloween, I had everyone sign my phone case that says “Touch Me” except Austin. Tonight Austin signed it and its now perfect. The funniest part of the stage door was Andy who was right behind Austin in line, Austin was signing my stuff and Andy is watching and says “oh my god, we were wondering who signs like Oprah and it’s you, you’re fucking Oprah” I almost peed me pants from laughter then I said “Clearly Austin is the next Oprah” which made him laugh. Austin then asked Andy if Oprah’s signature was really like that and he said yeah and Austin couldn’t stop laughing after that. Definitely one of my favorite experiences at the stage door was that interaction. 

This cast just makes me so happy and I am so sad there is only 10 weeks left of this show so if people can get to see this show please do it and if you already have seen it, see it again. There are never enough times to see this show. I am already planning my next few times to see it.

There’s my little Spring Awakening story for tonight, sorry it was so long but I just needed to remember this and write it down.

My 20 Favorite Horror Films

20. The Cabin in the Woods

What makes this work so well is the expert subversion of genre tropes, while still clearly respecting, and having love for the genre they are making fun of. Plus the last act is masterful insanity.

19. A Nightmare on Elm Street

The best of the 80s slashers, because of 2 factors: trying something different with the sub-genre, there is creativity in a very hollow field; plus it has Wes Craven making his best film.

18. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Made a couple years before Halloween, so its not part of the wave of slashers that followed. Tobe Hooper makes the film so realistic and gritty, that every aspect and scare works.

17. The Babadook

The most recent film to create a classic monster, and its the first film I’ve seen in a while that actually kept me up at night.

16. Rosemary’s Baby

One of the best endings in the history of the genre. And its all the more effective due to the slow-build of the rest of the film.

15. The VVitch

Roger Eggers makes one of the best horror debuts, there is no flaws in the direction, plus he creates such a great mood throughout that once the tension finally breaks, its is completely effective.

14. The Blair Witch Project

I know this is a controversial choice, but even if there are moments where not much is happening, it all creates a mood, which leads to a great, and scary ending.

13. The Thing

This film works because of the style, the direction, and the great concept, that is utilized perfectly by Carpenter.

12. The Fly

Whats amazing about this film, is the balance between body horror, psychological fear, and the actual emotion, you feel for Jeff Goldblum’s character.

11. The Silence of the Lambs

Jonatan Demme, Anthony Hopkins, and Jodie Foster elevate a simple murder mystery, into one of the best horror/ thrillers the genre made.

10. Suspiria 

Dario Argento, has an amazing ability of bringing class to, what could be very silly stories. When he is on he elevates whatever he is involved in, and this is his best.

9. Carrie

The closing shot, is simply, the best jump scare in the history of cinema.

8. Shaun of the Dead

This could be my favorite horror comedy, a loving satire of the Romero zombie movies, plus the perfect comedic touch that Edgar Wright brings, makes this phenomenal

7. Alien

In my opinion the best of the Alien series, and one of the best multi-genre horror films.

6. Halloween

The film that gave birth to an entire sub-genre that could never reach these heights again, also creates the first slasher icon. This is on top of being one of the most tightly constructed horror films 

5. Psycho

Some would argue the real, first slasher film. Hitchcock brings his signature suspense, and perfect technique into a genre he was always touching the edge on, and makes his most famous film.

4. Evil Dead 2

When it comes to fast pace, throw everything at the viewer and hope they catch it type of pure entertaining horror, Evil Dead 2 is above them all.

3. Eraserhead

David Lynch is a genius, and while this may not be a traditional horror, it is an uneasy a watch as any film you will ever see.

2. The Shining

The best directed horror film of all time. The Shining has an incredible ability to stay creepy and get under your skin each time you watch it.

1. The Exorcist

What more can be said about this, no other horror film has been able to capture what makes the genre great the same way the Exorcist does. The film gets everything right, and has a mood and tension, no other film on this list has.

i know that a lot of people are going to disagree with me, but i just need to say it: the best part about halloween is the fact that candy corn comes back. spent all year missing that shit and now i’m in my glory with its return. judge me all you want. i don’t care. anyways, what’s your favorite halloween candy? i need to know so i can consume it all within the next few weeks and let my dentist down. 

So this is part of what has been taking up my time lately! The kid asked to be LEGO Batman for Halloween and wanted me to be LEGO Batgirl… I’ll post more when they’re completely finished (and we can actually wear them). I’m pretty proud of how they turned out considering I don’t think I’m very artistic 😊


My favorite Camren moments ll Part 32

New Movies Watched in 2018 Part 7

Twenty-five more! As always, favorites are bolded!

  1. Star 80 (A great true crime thriller, based on the murder of Dorothy Stratten.)
  2. The 25th Hour
  3. La Strada (I think this will be my favorite Fellini film!)
  4. Murder Party (I love Jeremy Saulnier’s versatility. Lol. Save this one for Halloween.)
  5. Johnny Belinda
  6. Lady Psycho Killer (Exactly what it says, and a refreshing take of a woman killing for something other than revenge.)
  7. The Night Visitor (Revenge at its finest, courtesy of a crazed Max von Sydow.)
  8. The Bye Bye Man (Must catalogue the Columbine reference.)
  9. Operation Finale
  10. The Autopsy of Jane Doe
  11. American Animals
  12. The Most Assassinated Woman in the World (What I wouldn’t give to be her.)
  13. Legend
  14. Thieves Like Us
  15. The Nun (The most ambient tale yet in The Conjuring universe.)
  16. Frankenstein’s Army (A very nice prelude to the release of Overlord, I would say!)
  17. All I See is You (Spiteful.)
  18. ATM
  19. A Simple Favor
  20. Tomorrow, the World!
  21. Disobedience
  22. Marrowbone
  23. Beast
  24. White Boy Rick (It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.)
  25. Whore

brightpinkpeppercorn  asked:

🍁 🎆 🐾🌸

Go figure as soon as I post that, I get busy! 🙈 sorry for the delayed answer, but thanks for the ask @brightpinkpeppercorn! 😘

🍁Favorite season? Fall, hands down. Even though Florida doesn’t have pretty colors like the northern states it’s still my favorite. Nature is shedding its skin and getting ready for the coming seasons.. it’s beautiful. ♥️🥀

🎆Favorite holiday? Halloween for sure! I love getting to dress up with my hubby and kids every year.. we have a blast! 🎃💀

🐾Favorite dog breed? Beagle! I’ve always wanted one!

🌸Favorite flower? Daffodils! You only see them during the spring, but that’s part of the reason I love them so much.. having to wait a year to have them makes me appreciate them even more… plus they’re pretty and they smell good!! 😊


Character Appreciation Post Halloween Special: The Hex Girls

It’s the month of October, a time when we all celebrate the things that go bump in the night. So, what better time to talk about some of my favorite side characters from a franchise I hold dear. The Scooby-Doo franchise is one that’s been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and I’m still surprised at how well its been able to stay alive as the years go on.

However, one of the biggest moments in the franchise for me was the late 90s when they started making direct to video movies, several of which were WAY BETTER than they had any right to be (the first one, Zombie Island, remains my absolutely favorite Scooby-Doo story to date). The second of these films,”Scooby-Doo and the Witch’s Ghost”, introduced the characters I’m talking about today, The Hex Girls.

The Hex Girls (Thorn, Dusk and Luna) were a band of self-proclaimed “Eco-Goths” from the in-universe town of Oakhaven, Massachusetts who were set to be the musical entertainment for the town’s Harvest Fesitval but, as per usual Scooby-Doo formula, get inadvertently wrapped up in the gang’s latest mystery (the Ghost of Sarah Ravencroft).

Given that they’re a band, they of course had two musical numbers over the course of the film (with their first song, “Hex Girl”, being a straight up awesome song and made even better with Jennifer Hale’s amazing vocals). Their songs, coupled with their fantastic designs and various Gothic mannerisms really made them one of the highlights of the movie.

Now, while most Scooby-Doo characters are general introduced just for their particular story and never heard from again after the fact, The Hex Girls are one of the rare exceptions to that rule and got popular enough to reappear in future stories, returning for the film “Scooby-Doo and the Legend of the Vampire, the 2002 series “What’s New Scooby-Doo?” and the 2010 “Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated”.

While it isn’t really surprising that The Hex Girls got so popular initially, given that the 90s was a prime time to get in touch with the dark (what with shows like Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Big Wolf on Campus and Tales From the Cryptkeeper) but the fact that they’ve remained popular enough to reappear in show that came out 12 years after their introduction is something that, for Scooby-Doo characters, is a fantastic milestone and all the more reason these bad girls are worth mentioning.