its work yo


Kyungsoo is always in fight mode

seventeen hogwarts houses

this has been done so many times but I can never seem to find one I really agree with so I’m making my own with justifications ok.

this ended up at 1.8k which is more than i wrote for my last essay and if that doesn’t say something about my priorites and motivation then idk what does.

also last thing i promise but i do mtls for seventeen, bts, exo and knk so ask me stuff pls i rly enjoy doing it :)

alternatively; a surprisingly effective method of first learning about a kpop group, 10/10 would recommend.

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something along the lines of :
chikara - ‘how come your bike keeps breaking down?’
tanaka - ‘i dunno, the dude must’ve sold me a crappy one’
chikara - ‘uh huh’
chikara ain’t no fool

my thingy for the @hqrarepairexchange, my person was Ria (@rainbowbarfeverywhere) !!! you asked for anything ennotana and something small business AU, well i went with garage bc i am a total sucker for these 2 and motorbikes. hope you like it! <3

me in middle school: maybe i’ll find someone when i’m in high school

me in high school : maybe i’ll find someone when i’m in college

me in college : maybe i’ll find someone when i’m in grad school

me in grad school, probably : maybe i’ll find someone when i start working-


I’ve been anxious to type this since I thought it up, but it happened while I was in class so here goes. Also hold on for a bit, I promise it gets better as it goes on.

So after the whole Northwest Mansion Mystery episode, Mabel sees that Dipper doesn’t hate Pacifica as much anymore. She assumes it’s due her brother having a possible crush on her and is like “OHMYGOSH POSSIBLE MATCH?!” So Mabel tries to get the two closer, but Dipper is like “Uh, no thanks?” And in the process Mabel and Pacifica end up bonding more. Like, Pacifica ends up having a lot more in common with her than she thought, but she’s still snooty.

So after two years have passed and they’re relaxing after another hangout session, Mabel realizes that she’s the one who has a crush now and rushes to tell Dipper. So one day when she and Paz are chilling on the couch, Dipper comes up to her and whispers in her ear “Possible Match?” and Mabel just nervously laughs and starts chucking pillows at him leaving Pacifica all confused as to what the heck just happened. And it’s great.

To the young lady over there–
The space next to me is free, you see? (Don’t be shy~)

Translated tweet: “I drew him for the first time in a while, who the heck is this?”

Credit: Yamamori Mika’s Twitter, translation by @senpaitranslations

when ur trying to present a group project with ur bros but they have no chill

a selection of some of my professors’ responses to the whole “getting into a phd program” thing: “yeah!” [it should be noted that there was more in this email but like “yeah!” is a pretty strong start] and “you made my day. no my week”

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– - do you happen to be a metamorphmagus ?  ” lily wondered out loud after watching the other for a few silent moments. the question left her lips before she could stop it, the possibility of muggles being around to eavesdrop suddenly FORGOTTEN.

I’d just like to point out that Link’s rule of personal space between married couples is designed to work flawlessly with the height difference between him and Rhett. When the knees align, so do the faces. On them, this rule reaches exact perfection. This distance is meant to be for them.