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sorry if its been asked before but i cant seem to find it; nightmares are mentioned a lot in this blog, and i was wondering what kind of nightmares are believable? straight up reliving of the incident; things vaguely related to what happened; a glimpse of good times until the incident, whatever it is, comes and ruins it, etc? i realize some of those sound a bit cliche so i wanted to know if they're grounded in reality. thank you!

In general I find ‘straight up reliving’ nightmares to be…. on the rarer side. I didn’t know many folks who dealt with that, though it definitely did happen.

More frequently nightmares looked sort of like the following:

- Realistically Could Happen Lead Up Events to the abuse.  So, if a messy kitchen sometimes starts arguments that lead to the abuse? That character might have nightmares of coming home to find that the kitchen is a never ending mess and no matter what they do they can’t fix it. There’s always more.

- Non-scary dreams of an abuser. There’s nothing actually happening in this nightmare. They’re having dinner or going to a play or driving in the car. This one has two flavors, where even in the dream there’s a feel of ‘everything is about to go wrong’ or where the aftereffects is the focus. The dreamer is left feeling guilty or like maybe they made it up.

-Non-abuser being abusive/yelling/being violent. Sometimes this is ‘this person did something that sort of vaguely reminded me of when x happened and now my brain is spinning out of control’, sometimes this is ‘brain being scared of trusting people/assuming abuse is inevitable.’

- Nothing. The character can’t remember anything but wakes up knowing something bad has occured while they slept. Feeling gross and unsettled and being unable to place why.

-Non-abusive but tense/scary/out of control dreams. Not necessarily just a PTSD thing, some of y’all might have had the whole ‘trying to drive from the passenger/back seat’ dream as well. But things like that.

Hope that helps a bit, 


If you want to support a project - support it

If you don’t want to support it - don’t

If you want to give people the benefit of the doubt - go for it

If you believe TS is a legendarily shitty company and will never trust them again, despite it being years since the lawsuit - that’s fine too

If you love and support the boys and enjoy their music - you’re a BABY no matter what, end of. And if anyone tries to tell you otherwise-

So just do whatever puts your mind at ease and makes you happy. ^^

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On an unrelated but maybe actually kind of related note: why do people keep saying Bucky’s paranoid? Being on high alert when the entire world literally is out to get you and possibly kill you isn’t being paranoid, it’s just being sensible. There’s literally not one instance of Bucky overreacting to a perceived threat in all of CACW.

I finally finished Punisher last night/this morning. Another great Marvel Netflix show. Overall I was happy with the show. I struggled with the last couple episodes because it got super duper violent. Between the intestines, torture, and face across the glass it was almost too much for me. I honestly thought I might get sick. While it was violent here and there throughout the show, the last couple episodes just went nuts, which makes sense for a final showdown.

It was also a very heavy show, which was to be expected as well. Frank’s whole lifestyle/motto/creed, whatever you want to call it, his sense of justice is a whole discussion of its own. David Lieberman even tells Dinah Madani that he used to believe in finding justice through the law but he’s learned otherwise and that she will one day too. It’s the question of if the law can’t do anything, or won’t, but you can, is that right or wrong? Was Frank wrong to kill the people who killed his family? If that was the only justice he would get, because the law wouldn’t find those people guilty, then does he deserve to take that justice? And if we let one person do it, become a vigilante, how do we keep everyone from doing the same?

The show also dealt with PTSD and how returning soldiers are treated by our government and the public. I loved Curtis. He’s kind of the new Sam Wilson but he has no interest in getting back in the fight. And he’s trying to help others come home as well. I was going to be very pissed if Curtis died and I was afraid he would several times. O’Connor made me angry because he was lying about his service and I felt like it almost cheapened what happened to the other veterans; it was disrespectful and he was so vocal and tried to speak for all veterans but had no right to. Lewis is more of a struggle for me, because I feel bad that he’s struggling with real life but his actions are not acceptable and not ok. 

Then you have everything about the government doing illegal things in other countries and buying/selling drugs and assassinating innocent people. Rawlins was absolutely insane and completely lost the plot by the end of the show. I mean he just went totally nuts. And Billy really did as well. I was so mad when he killed Sam. I thought they were good villains in terms of why they were doing things and so completely believing they were in the right even though they weren’t.  

As always, Karen Page is a queen. I really expected her to be in the show more so that was a little disappointing but her scenes were amazing as usual. And I was a little wary of Madani at first, didn’t really like her, but she turned out to be another wonderful woman. I’m really in love with the women in the Marvel Netflix shows. They are tough and smart and beautiful and kind. I’m glad Madani has been added to their number. I’m still waiting on my all-ladies show.

I loved the relationship between Frank and David. I didn’t like David at first but as you learn more about him and why he’s doing all this, he grows on you. I loved the parallels between his family and Frank’s, and that at least one of them was able to get a happy ending with their family. I’m glad Frank was finally able to get some closure regarding his family. He’ll always miss them but I’m happy he’s able to live his life now. I’m interested in seeing where Frank goes from here and hopefully next time seeing more of him and Karen. 

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Hey ! I really like your blog and the art is really cute too ~ Can I request somthing ? If its okay with you , could you draw something undertale themed ? That'd be really awesome if you did that :3

ahh im sorry but i dont do requests often im so sorry

So my school is doing Japan in the summer and I️ really wanna go and I’ll probably use my fafsa for it but the problem is….I️ have to take CBD oil for my illness like I have to have that on the trip and I️ know it’s like a grey area and I️ know you can get it in Japan but like….idk….does anyone know if I️ can bring that with me or should I️ just get it there….I️ just don’t want to be without it for a second and what if I️ can’t find it there….I️ read that if you have paperwork proving it’s non psychoactive you can bring it on planes but idk…anyone know anything about this?

tumblr user: *sees post gushing about how hot an underage/over 30 pairing is*

tumblr user: *writes under the call out comments about how yucky that is* “I support all ships and pairings and respect fic writers for whatever they want to write and never kink shame uwu”

me: Wow its so amazing that you support underage/over 30 ships and porn you’re so Open Minded and Advanced and not at all normalizing pedophilia and just generally being gross

She’s the betta half of the two

If he's so smart, why is he so handsome?
Justin Roiland (Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith)
If he's so smart, why is he so handsome?

Source: The Science of Rick and Morty Panel at San Diego Comic Con 2017!

Rick : He’s so handsome, uhhhh… He’s so handsome. He’s a dreamboat. He’s a real dream boat. 

Morty: Take it easy, Rick. Take it easy. 

Rick: No, Morty. Not this time. I’ve restrained for far too long.

Morty: Alright. Well, you do your thing.


but it’s better if you do - panic! at the disco

                                      [ P O I S O N E D   B Y   R E D ]

twenty two

when richie tozier was nine, his father hit him for the first time. it was out of rage, as richie had thrown a stuffed toy back at him a little too hard.

when richie tozier was ten, his mother told him he was stupid. that she was trying to understand him, but he was too stupid for her to succeed.

when richie tozier was eleven, he had a stupid fifth-grade “relationship” with a boy in his class and they held hands a lot.

when richie tozier was twelve, his parents tried to send him to a gay conversion summer camp. he stayed in his best friend’s basement all summer instead.

when richie tozier was thirteen, he fell in love with his best friend.

when richie tozier was fourteen, he started showing up to school in baggier clothes, but they were the same clothes he wore the previous year.

when richie tozier was fifteen, he got suspended for three days and came back with a broken arm because his father was pissed that he’d have to deal with richie’s teachers.

when richie tozier was sixteen, he bought his truck. when he was sixteen and a half, he moved out of his house and lived in that truck.

when richie tozier was seventeen, he had to move in with his best friends. he’d almost died during a storm, and none of them knew what was going on. he’d switch between their houses weekly.

when richie tozier was eighteen, he started gaining his weight again. he started eating better. he stopped smoking as much.

when richie tozier was nineteen, him and his friends moved out to a bigger city and lived together.

when richie tozier was twenty, he cried in his best friend’s arms because it had been seven years since he fell in love and nothing helped ease it.

when richie tozier was twenty one, he stood at the altar, looking into the eyes of the boy he’d once pined for.

when richie tozier was twenty two, he was okay.

headcanon ;; Race characteristics for LotR that aren’t just ‘( short/tall ) human with different ( beards / feet / ears )’ –

  • Elves have a second, clear eyelid that gives them the appearance of “sleeping with their eyes open” when they close it in order to rest. They do not often blink.
  • While Hobbits are known to have large feet, few know that they also have disproportionately large and powerful thigh and calf muscles. They can jump higher, in terms of their weight and size, than any other race.
  • Orcs and Uruk-hai feel very little pain, and as such, they tattoo and scar themselves in honor of their gods. Sauron is not one of them. 
  • Dwarves’ eyes have a very small sclera. Instead, the iris is almost all that can be seen. Their pupils can expand in the dark until their eyes are an empty black, enabling them to see in the dark better than any other race. In some kingdoms, blinding a Dwarf by leaving them in the dark for days before flooding them suddenly with light is used as a punishment. 
  • Hobbits have almost twice the number of taste buds as humans. 
  • The ears of Elves can move and tilt towards noises, although the range of their movements is limited. 
  • Dwarves may often be born with six toes. Those that do are called stone-bound, and are said to have a deeper connection to the earth. 
  • Many humans have reported a feeling of being watched when they are with Elves, even when alone with them. This is caused by the Elven fëa / fae / spirit, which is separate from – but linked to – the body, giving some sensitive non-Elves the feeling that there are two people present instead of one. 
  • With age, a Hobbit’s hair may become mossy green. This is due to faint pigments in their shampoo that collect, very slowly, over the years. 
  • Small sensory organs in Dwarves’ hands and feet help them detect vibrations and minute details in anything they touch. These organs are slightly raised and look similar to callouses. 

The Freedom Fighters never turn down people in need, not even in the real world!  As I’m sure you all know, the states of Texas and Louisiana have recently been hit with a Category 4 hurricane, Hurricane Harvey.  Among the affected areas was Houston, one of the biggest cities in the US.  Simple fact is, not everyone can escape from such a huge storm in time, and even if they can they’ll most likely have to leave many things behind.  The hurricane has since regressed to a tropical storm, but the damage has been done- thousands of houses destroyed, countless precious belongings damaged beyond repair, hundreds of thousands of people flooded out of their homes and stuck in overcrowded shelters.  As if that wasn’t enough, another major hurricane, Irma, is currently preparing to rage the Caribbean Islands and may even reach the East Coast.  For the affected areas to truly recover from these disasters will take many years, but in the meantime there are innocent victims that need our help.

So where do we at ASO come in?  This October, we’re planning to hold a Sonic gaming stream to raise relief money!  Hosted by a member of our staff, @ian-pk, watch us play Sonic games that you audience members vote for!  Of course, as this is still a non-profit project, 100% of the donations generated during this event will be instantly transferred to trustworthy charities that will ensure that the victims of both storms are given the proper care.  Our project may currently be small and humble, but we still want to do our part to help out a good cause.  We have no idea how well the stream will go, but it’s our hope that our beloved audience will do their best to spread the word and help this endeavor be as successful as it can be!  And of course, we do have incentive- we have some exclusive ASO previews for the more generous donors!

As of right now, there are still quite a few details that need to be worked out, but you can all look forward to some updates soon!  Even the Freedom Fighters can’t tackle this tragedy alone- we need your help!  Whether it’s through spreading the word or donating during the stream, every little bit helps!  It’s times like these when the true power of teamwork makes itself known, so let’s do it to it!  

Art by @drawloverlala