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Can we get please... Riverperson X Muffet?

I’m sorry hun, but this blog is not a general Underswap blog but is a blog about an certain story within a Underswap AU. All ships and relationships that have been featured in comics and doodles on this blog are set ships for the story. You can ask for more pictures/doodles of an established ship or character but we wont make anything for ships that aren’t canon (or potentially canon) for the Royalblue story. 

River is with Gaster for a very important reason. Their relationship is extremely crucial to story and one of the most important ships this blog has. Without them, most of Royalblue wouldn’t exist. They are more than just important to the skelebros story, but they are also extremely important to Toriels own story and the shaping of the underground. River more so than Gaster, but their relationship still has a very important role. So Riverperson x Muffet is not a thing for the Royalblue story. 

Plus, with the timeline we have for this blog, Muffet was a teenager when River fell into the void. They would have had no time to develop anything. Especially since Muffet didn’t live in the city like River did and ever since River got the position of Royal Science many centuries ago, they have been a workaholic. Gaster worked in the labs with them, giving them time to develop something and Gaster to work on Rivers workaholic tendencies. They also had a while to develop a relationship between them and go through a lot of ups and downs. With how River is… Time is needed. 

Also Muffet is a candidate for Paps affections in Royalblue anyhow. Along with two others. Her relationship with him is very important too, whether they end up together or not. You’ll actually get to see that soon.

And once you get to better know our River, you’ll probably see how River and Muffet wouldn’t work out personality wise. Not everyone has the stamina to handle the ball of energy and wild emotions that is River. And Muffet is a little too chill for someone like River.

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just a little reminder on your dash as finals approach:

  • you have gotten through it before and you will get through it again.
  • you have worked hard this semester and i’m proud of you.

  • get as much sleep as you can.

  • stay hydrated and don’t forget to nourish your body.

  • breathe.

dear theodosia makes me cry @linmanuel

+ click full view to see phillip’s freckles!

Lin, thank you for everything. HAPPY 36TH !!!

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My OT -Tree 

inspired by the collab  @amazingphil@sprinkleofglitr @danisnotonfire did cause they were v adorable

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But epiphany is such a cliche / There’s plenty of fish in the wrong sea / Like there’s a premium on mystery again…



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flora’s quotes about tony stark meme:  ‹‹ They hate him … they hate him for all he is. Rich. Arrogant. Insensitive. But I love him … I love him for all he is. Kind. Self-sacrificing. Growing. ›› quotes by allisonscott.

the way alycia brightens up when she talks about being insanely busy with her work and the way she rambles on about it just makes me fall in love so much more i mean you can literally see the passion in her eyes and it’s so rare someone loves what they do so much and has the courage and strength to pursue their dreams i mean she left home and everyone, and went across half the globe all by herself to further her acting career and it breaks my heart when she talked about how lonely and hard it was and how she had no friends and had to make friends of friends of friends and still she pushed through and continue to fight for her dreams even till this very day when she’s already achieved it her passion still burns so bright she’s honestly too good too pure for this world she doesn’t deserve all this shit that has happened to her