its weird huh

I just realized something slightly weird about season 12: I can’t recall a single depiction of a happy couple all season.

Like, not even in one of their bit-part interviews, or any of the victims. I can’t even recall any couples in the background (although I don’t watch the background as close as some others do). The couples they did meet were all on the outs, or one side was twisted, or they were about to break up… 

(Honestly, the closest we got were pretty much Dean/Cas and Sam/Eileen, and neither of those couples were actually couples… and… well.)

And yeah, that seems weird after season 11, where we had a fair number of happy couples. And when I say happy, I mean just the surface level stuff - things we could see.
11x02 - Amara’s vessel’s parents?
11x08 - little girl’s parents
11x16 - queer couple! :D
11x19 - queer couple! :D
11x20 - couple with the baby, other background Dean/Cas mirror couple 

Season 10?
10x05 - queer couple PLAYING DEAN AND CAS
10x07 - Hannah’s vessel and her husband? (I guess)
10x19 - couple that got killed by the Werther box

Am I just having a massive brain fart and missing some glaringly obvious happy couple in season 12?

And at the last minute before I post this, I feel like I’m coming up with another blank. Were there any happy couples in season 9? (I know they were all over 8.)

                     UNDEFEATED,  riding high,  and the nicest guy;  not conceited!
     He was a   nothin’,  a zero!  Now he’s a  HOT SHOT;  he’s a  hero!
                                      He hit the  heights  at  b r e a k n e c k   s p e e d, 
                                                          from  ZERO  TO  HERO !!

independent // rocket raccoon & groot
8 yrs. exp. // oc friendly

              As far as villains go, Cass thought, the Red Hood wasn’t so bad.  Yes, he killed people, and that was inexcusable, but at least he didn’t kill innocents.  Plus, having once been Robin had to count for something, right?

              Which is why Cass didn’t turn around and leave when she saw Jason Todd sitting in the café on the corner of 15th and Larimer right where her “blind date” was supposed to be.

              The date had been Stephanie’s idea.  Cass needed some “normal socialization,” according to her, and Barbara had agreed.  So the three spent an afternoon taking photos of Cassandra from every angle and describing her in flattering half-truths (“How do you spend your free time?” “Fighting criminals.” “… Studying martial arts sounds better.”).  It didn’t take long for people to start contacting her, which Cass quickly learned was not always a good thing.  Quite a few people – mostly older men – sent her some very unsavory messages, often accompanied by unwarranted images of their supposedly impressive genitals.  One man in particular, a 54-year-old named Brad, had sent a message so vile that Cass had to physically restrain Stephanie from tracking him down and smashing his face in.

              Several people, though, had sent nice messages and seemed to genuinely want to get to know Cass. She got to chatting with most of them, and found that she actually enjoyed conversing with these strangers, though the textual communication was downright aggravating.  More than a little bit was lost when body language and emotion couldn’t be read.

              So when one of the strangers, who used the moniker ‘noprideallprejudice’ suggested meeting up in person, Cass jumped at the chance.  They agreed on a time and location, and Cass spent the morning being poked and prodded by Stephanie, who’d insisted on helping her friend get ready.

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A short, painfully fluffy blurb co-written by my darling @verryberryharry x


You turn, nuzzling your head into the crook of his neck. He smiles, emitting a nasally laugh.

“Yes, baby?”

“I think I’m drunk.”

Harry full on laughs this time; adjusting himself on the couch to wrap his arms around you. “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah… Sorry…”

Your empty wine glass sits on the table next to his nearly-empty one. He smiles, kissing your forehead softly. “Nooo, don’t worry about it. I like it. S'cute.”

“YOU’RE cute,” you say, grinning widely and kissing his neck.

His fingers trace lightly through your hair, causing shivers to run down your spine. “Yeah?”

“Yeah. The cutest.”

Harry bumps his nose lightly against yours. “Says who?”

You kiss his smile and it only widens, his dimple appearing and disappearing just as quickly as it arrives. “Says me,” you say quietly.

“Well,” he says, pausing to kiss you softly again. “You’re wrong.”

“I’m never wrong.” Kiss.

Your tongue traces lightly against his bottom lip and you can feel his smile deepen. “S'that so?” He says.

You nod and can only manage a hum in response. You aren’t necessarily kissing, but your lips continuously brush against one another’s and your eyes flutter closed every time you feel his nose bump yours.

Harry sighs softly into the kiss. “You’re an angel,” he murmurs against your mouth. “But I think we should get you to sleep soon, hm?”

Your face twists up into a pout that makes him smile and bump his nose against yours once more. “I don’t wannaaa,” you whine, scooting a bit closer to him. “Wanna snuggle.”

He smiles. “We can snuggle in bed, mm? C'mon.”

You whine like a child and he giggles as he stands up. “C'mon,” he repeats, extending his hand down to you. “Lets go. Up.”

“Ooooh,” you say, wiggling your eyebrows. “I like when you’re all demanding with me.”

He rolls his eyes but the smirk on his face does not go unnoticed. “You think y'so cute,” he says quietly, more to himself than to you.

You take his hand and pull yourself to your feet, accidentally losing balance and stumbling against him. You slam into his body, feeling his plush tummy against your own while his big hands work to steady you. He giggles out an “Easy, love.”

You ignore the stumble, smiling as seductively as you can manage back up at him. “Y'wanna know a secret?” You purr.

“Tell me,” he says. He keeps one hand on your shoulder to keep you steady and the other goes up to push a strand of hair behind your ear.

“I think… I like…” And then you stop yourself. The alcohol is making your thoughts swim and everything is fuzzy and glowing around the edges– including his face. Your bottom lip finds its way between your teeth, and his nose wrinkles up.

“What, baby?” He asks, twirling the same strand of your hair around his finger.

“I want you to… I mean… I think…” Your face is growing redder by the second and the way he’s smirking at you is sobering you up a bit. At least that’s how it feels.

His hands make their way to your neck, bringing his face nearer to yours. “Hmm,” he hums pressing his nose to yours once more, “Spill it, bug, don’t leave me hanging.”

You hesitate, deciding that it has to come out sooner or later. And you ARE drunk, so what the hell. You take a deep breath and let it all out at once; eyes squeezed shut in fear of his reaction.

“Youshouldtiemeupsometime okay anyways I’m really sleepy let’s GO GO GO,” you say, grabbing his hand and tugging towards the doorway.

He doesn’t budge. Of course he doesn’t. He stays firmly planted, and you’re tugged back immediately when you try to walk away. When you turn to look at him, you can’t even meet his eyes.

But he’s smirking and god, you feel like you could faint. Did you actually just tell him that?

One hand comes up to play with his bottom lip as he stares at you in awe. “Really?”

“No I was kidding,” you say quickly, still not meeting his eye. “It was nothing. I’m… It’s fine. We’re fine. Lets go snuggle.”

But still he doesn’t budge. In fact, his voice remains still and smooth. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“It’s WEIRD, HARRY.. it’s a weird thing to think about so… just… Nevermind please forget it because I’m…. I don’t know why I told you. I’m sorry. It’s dumb.” You’re blushing, avoiding eye contact as much as possible, but his hold on you won’t let up.

“You think about this… You want me to tie you up one day? Nice and tight?” He asks with a grin, tugging your wrist tightly.

You’re still avoiding eye contact, even though you can feel his eyes practically burning holes into you. You stutter through an explanation. “Yes…. I mean… kind of. Yes. Sorry. Its weird, huh? Forget I told you.”

But Harry is not going to forget. He makes that very clear when you feel him grip one of your hands in his and guide it down against the growing bulge in his pants. He gives you a moment to process the feeling beneath your fingers before he speaks. “Does it feel like I think it’s weird, baby?” He leans forward, nudging your nose one more time and pressing his lips to yours. “S'not weird. Just wish you’d told me sooner.”

He presses his lips to yours gently, with a soft kiss that you know has the potential to lead to more. You stay there for a while, allowing his tongue to explore between your lips gently until you can’t help but whine.

He smiles the minute he hears the noise, pulling away just a bit but pushing his forehead against yours. “C'mon, love,” he says quietly. “We’ve still got to get you in bed.”

You allow him to pull away softly, interlacing his fingers with yours and tugging you behind him as he walks towards his room. “But this is like… a drunk confession,” you say. “I’m gonna be embarrassed tomorrow but like… God Harry, I think about this a lot. And you don’t… like…think it’s weird?”

He doesn’t turn back to look at you as he walks, but you can hear the smile on his face when he talks. “Wish I could show you how… not weird I think it is. You’ve got me proper hard, don’t you? Reckon it’ll last till the morning, won’t it?”

You arrive in his bedroom stumbling over your apologizes and offers to help him out with his ‘situation’ and he lazily flips the light switch on. He lets go of your hand, turning to face you and ignoring your jumbled sentences. He mumbles a quick, “Stay,” before going to rummage through one of his drawers for a t-shirt for you.

You don’t say anything as he searches through the drawers, but it isn’t an awkward silence. Not to him at least. You, on the other hand, know he’s still thinking about it. And you’re dying to know what he’s thinking.

He arrives in front of you once again with a grey t-shirt in his hands. “Lift,” he instructs for you to reach up while he gently pulls your blouse from you in exchange for his shirt. “Are you sure you’re ready for it?” He muses while pulling the shirt over your arms. “Can be frustrating, yeah?”

“YES YES I’D BE FINE I THINK,” you respond once your head pops through the neck of the t-shirt. He smiles, and he can’t help but kiss your forehead; you’re his cute, drunken little bug asking to be tied up and it’s destroying him inside. You let out a yawn that’s long and deep and he’s zoned into your eyelashes, pressing soft sleepy pecks to each.

Minutes later, as sleep is soon to take him over, he’s whispering promises of the morning into your skin. Pinching your sides whenever you whine. Muttering, “Stop tha’.. s'gonna feel good for both of us.”

You, still his little ball of energy to his side, can’t stop squirming under him. “Keep squirmin’ an’ I’ll tie you up to the headboard right now.”



There’s a moment of silence in which you let out a frustrated little sigh, trying to stay as still as possible for him. After a while, however, you have to speak.


“Yes, my love?”

“I’m sorry I made you hard. That’s a jerk move, huh?”

“Mm-mm. Love the feeling.. s'how I’m gonna feel tomorrow morning too, baby.”

“OH.. oh.. so this is a done deal. It’s happening. Real life. True life: My Boyfriend Ties Me Up with His Silk Gucci Scarves.”

He lets out a high pitched laughing hum and leans in closer to you, “Oh baby.. like I’d ever put those in danger of ripping.” He pauses briefly to kiss your mouth. “You’re going to be good for me in the morning? Just like you are now, sleeping snuggled next to me just how I asked.”

“Mhm. I’m good. I’ll be good for you,” you say rubbing your nose against his cheek, kissing ever so softly. Next thing you feel is his warm, minty breath on your neck, lightly grazing his stubble back and forth.

“Let’s go to sleep, my sweet girl. It’s time now.”

“But I’m not sleepy,” you say, mid-yawn. He smiles, pulling you a bit closer.

“F'course you’re not. But you are a bit drunk, love. And if you don’t sleep now, you’re gonna be grumpy in the morning. And we definitely can’t have that, can we?”

Your face twists into a pout. “I won’t be grumpy. I’m never grumpy.”

He chuckles. “All m'saying is you need to rest up for tomorrow, mm? Gonna have a busy morning.”

Your stomach flutters at his words and he kisses your head as if to finish his sentence. “Goodnight, princess,” he whispers. “M'glad you told me.”

And though you may not exactly remember it in the morning, he knows he will. And he struggles to fall asleep while lying in anticipation of the morning that awaits you.

He loves you. He loves you with everything in him. And moments later, when he feels the soft rise and fall of your chest and hears the slow, stuffy breathing coming from your slightly parted lips, he thanks his lucky stars that you’re his. His to love. His to tie up and make feel good. And that he is lucky enough to be the first person you’ve ever told about this.

He loves you a lot. And nothing is going to change that.


i showed this design to my friend and they thought Ladybug looked kinda like Ant Man and i just couldn’t pass up the opportunity


anyway do you ever look back at things you’ve written and characters you’ve created and realize how much you can see yourself reflected there, sometimes to the point that you can chart your progression and/or some stages of life through it

name???? what name lmao idk what to call this
name???? what name lmao idk what to call this

for my music class we had to use FL studios to make a 32 bar composition so this is what i came up with and i kinda like it??? it was a lot of fun to make and i ended up using like 5 different instruments and idk what to call it so any name suggestions are welcome!!!!!! also this is the first time i’ve done anything like this so any suggestions/improvements would be nice (pls be nice abt it tho aaa ;-;)