its weird being cute


ToDae 💕

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You should make a sea angel mermaid! They're my favorite :)

Here ya go : D 


Ahren and his penguin bf in target
(Pls don’t take gifs or remove caption)


good news: yixing gets to “high-five” kyungsoo again

bad news: he must face the consequences of his actions

That was the first ASC I’ve watched live for a really long time. It may be 12 am, but it was worth it to see my boy Samuel 💛


pictured: hal and dirk’s ability to holo-project urgent messages (and stabbing)

also pictured: hal’s gross limbs, and rose and kanaya being rose and kanaya

not pictured: me screaming about this gemstuck AU


True love should always win.

[TakaKuro] Affective name

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here some TakaKuro fluff. ~

Title: Affective name

Summary: Takao would like to be called by his first name.

“Tetsu-chan! Hey, Tetsu-chan! ~”

“Takao-kun, I am busy.”

“That’s why I’m talking to you!”

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